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Below is a complete Diagnosis: Murder episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Diagnosis: Murder episodes are listed along with the Diagnosis: Murder episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Diagnosis: Murder episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The 13 Million Dollar Man” to “A History of Murder” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Diagnosis: Murder episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Amnesia Nov 05 1993 -

Unaired Pilot

Vanishing Act (2) Dec 17 1993 - The same gang involved in the Schroeder murder kidnaps Mark's underworld friend, Gus Benedict. Jack and Mark try to save Benedict before time runs out.

Reunion with Murder Feb 04 1994 - A tell-all book written by one of Amanda's vindictive old college roommates contains embarrassing secrets of all four roommates. Dr. Sloan tries to discover what happened when the author is ...more

Lily Mar 04 1994 - A prostitute, who tells Jack of her plans to blackmail her clients, is found dead of an apparent drug overdose. Dr. Sloan interviews her clients to discover the real cause of death.

Nirvana Apr 08 1994 - Chet Brooks, one of Jack's old friends, shows up on the run from gamblers, begging for help. Jack reluctantly loans Chet his car, only to have Chet and the car explode in a fiery wreck. Jack ...more

Shaker Apr 29 1994 - A Los Angeles earthquake apparently causes an armoire to topple over on top of a good friend of Dr. Sloan's, Martin Garfield, killing him. The dry-eyed Sloan goes to work and discovers that ...more

Amnesia Nov 05 1993 - Security is increased at the hospital when Senator Robert Bassett undergoes an operation. Drs. Sloan and Stewart are preoccupied when a beautiful young amnesia patient is brought in. Unbeknownst ...more

The Restless Remains Jan 14 1994 - Financier Robin westlin dies in Dr. Sloan's house, but when the paramedics at the scene, the body's gone. Everyone is certain the event was a figment of Mark's imagination. Dr. Sloan goes on a ...more

Murder at the Telethon Nov 12 1993 - When an abrasive, washed-up comic is found dead at a Community General benefit telethon, suspicion is cast on everyone from his son to his former writers.

Murder with Mirrors Jan 21 1994 - A team of Magicians Clark & Madison, breaks up when Paul Madison decides to go solo. Mark jumps to his friend Clark's aid when Madison turns up dead with Eddie Clark the main suspect.

Sister Michael Wants You May 13 1994 - Dr. Sloan goes undercover at a convent when mysterious circumstances surround a murder.

Vanishing Act (1) Dec 10 1993 - A group of crooked cops frame Steve for murder after he gets too close to their robbery operation. Jack visits some past friends, now mobsters, to dig up information.

Shanda's Song Jan 07 1994 - Dr. Sloan treats a famous singer,then takes her into his home as a homicidal closes in.

Miracle Cure Oct 29 1993 - A priest kills his would-be blackmailers and does everything he can to cover his tracks. Dr. Sloan investigates when details don't quite add up.

Inheritance of Death Nov 19 1993 - Mark's cousin, Jonathan Nash, bequeaths his million-dollar fortune to Community General Hospital. His three dastardly children are the main suspects after Nash dies suspiciously... before he has ...more

The 13 Million Dollar Man Dec 03 1993 - After a dying man gives Dr. Sloane a winning lottery ticket, the deceased's family and creditors swarm him, claiming the ticket is theirs.

Flashdance with Death Jan 28 1994 - Steve's latest girlfriend, a dance instructor, is a suspect in a murder investigation when a dance club's owner dies mysteriously.

Guardian Angel Apr 01 1994 - An unhappy politician's wife guns down her husband in an underground garage. Mark sees through her alibi and attempts to confirm his suspicions.

Broadcast Blues Apr 15 1994 - A convict, being treated at County General, manages to take a hostage and demand news coverage. When the newscaster covering the event is shot down, Dr. Sloan takes it upon himself to figure out ...more

The Plague May 06 1994 - A gangland 'protector' under surveillance by Steve becomes infected with the plague when a medicine bottle is mysteriously switched. Dr. Sloan tries to find the source of the virus before the ...more

The Busy Body Oct 07 1994 - Dr. Sloan's birthday is less than festive when he discovers the body of a prominent divorce lawyer in the Hospital pharmacy. When Steve arrives, the body is nowhere to be found. Mark and Jack ...more

Georgia on My Mind Nov 04 1994 - Jack and Steve vie for a young woman's affections as she leads them in an investigation of a PI's death.

The Last Laugh (1) Nov 11 1994 - A plastic surgeon dies due to an overdose of laughing gas... with no shortage of suspects. Mark campaigns furiously to exonerate Bonnie Valin, the victim's wife, while Steve makes a solid case ...more

The New Healers Jan 13 1995 - When an unpopular actor on a hot new medical drama (being filmed at Community General) suddenly dies, Mark suspects everyone from the writer to other cast members.

Call Me Incontestable Jan 20 1995 - A rash of murders made to look like suicide leads to a dating service and its beautiful customers.

My Four Husbands Oct 14 1994 - A famous actress, a patient at Community General, is implicated in the murder of one of her four ex-husbands. Against everyone's advice, Mark believes in her innocence and sets out to prove it.

The Last Laugh (2) Nov 18 1994 - Realizing that he's been duped, Mark goes all out to thwart the murderer's plans. Amanda and Jack go after Wallace Sterling, the crooked financier and art lover by selling a forged painting of a ...more

Death By Extermination Dec 02 1994 - The body of a dead real estate agent is found in the walk-in closet of Mark's sister's new house. Mark and Steve have to work around Dora Sloan's annoying habits while investigating the murder.

Standing Eight Count Dec 09 1994 - The newly crowned boxing champion is found murdered shortly after the bout. Jack and Amanda investigate the deceased's former trainer, his opponent, and his opponent's manager to find a way ...more

A Blast From the Past Feb 03 1995 - One of Steve's old ""collars"" gets out of prison and comes looking for revenge.

Sea No Evil Feb 17 1995 - IRS Agent Gretchen McCord returns when her lifeguard nephew is accused of murder.

A Very Fatal Funeral Sep 23 1994 - Suspicion is cast on Norman Briggs after the chairman of a philanthropical medical group of which Norman is a part, is murdered. Steve and Mark attend the funeral to nail the culprit, who ...more

Woman Trouble Sep 30 1994 - Two women involved in a love triangle plot to murder a man, take his millions, and leave the country. Dr. Sloan investigates after his friend's mysterious disappearence.

You Can Call Me Johnson Oct 28 1994 - At Jack's request, Mark operates on a Godfather-like mobster, Albert Bartell... and faces retribution from the man's son when Albert dies suddenly.

My Baby is Out of this World May 05 1995 - The death of a popular musician raises suspicious questions. The musicians' pregnant wife, who claims to be carrying an alien's child, complicates matters.

Naked Babes Mar 31 1995 - When Amanda's friend Angela is kidnapped immediately after giving birth to quadruplets, Amanda feigns pregnancy and goes undercover at an adoption agency to locate Angela. Jack and Dr. Sloan try ...more

Many Happy Returns Sep 16 1994 - Dr. Sloan is under suspicion after his tax preparer is killed with Mark spotted 'hovering' over the body.

Murder Most Vial Oct 21 1994 - A cantankerous patient at Community General is given a double injection of his medication, eventually leading to his death. Jack suspects a doctor he's had a grudge against for a long time. ...more

The Bela Lugosi Blues Jan 06 1995 - Mark has some unorthodox theories when several dead bodies are found drained of blood with puncture marks on their neck.

Playing for Keeps Feb 10 1995 - Dr. Sloan investigates the murder of an antagonistic pro volleyball player. Steve searches for an alleged stalker while Amanda and Jack keep an eye on her teammates, none of whom are ...more

How to Murder Your Lawyer Feb 24 1995 - After Steve's night school law teacher is nearly run down in the parking lot, he and a paralegal investigate shady dealings in their law firm.

Death in the Daytime Apr 28 1995 - Amanda wins a guest role on The Young and the Restless and walks right into a murder.

The Pressure to Murder Feb 09 1996 - Amanda's cousin falls to his death when his motorcycle suddenly veers off the road. Amanda leads the investigation when it's discovered her cousin was drugged immediately before the accident.

Murder in the Dark Mar 08 1996 - A visiting surgeon must deal with his alcoholism after a fellow docter is murdered during one of his blackouts.

Murder by the Book Apr 19 1996 - The daughter of one of Mark's friends writes a juicy tell-all expose of the most prominent public figures. Mark takes her in after a crazed stalker starts threatening her and her co-authors.

FMurder Apr 26 1996 - Mark investigates a perky morning television personalty for the murder of a Howard Stern-like radio host.

Left-Handed Murder May 03 1996 - Dr. Sloan is the executor of his friend, Preston Michael's, estate after Michaels is found in the body of a shark. Things turn interesting after traces of poison are found in Michaels' body and ...more

Murder on the Run (1) Jan 05 1996 - A man wrongfully convicted of murder takes Dr. Sloan hostage. Dr. Sloan hears his story and works to prove the man's innocence. Jesse works feverishly to rescue Mark.

Misdiagnosis Murder Jan 26 1996 - An exhausted Jesse, coming off a 48-hour stint in the hospital, witnesses a man die in the parking garage. Jesse returns with help only to find the man alive. While everyone believes Jesse to ...more