TV Episodes Full List of Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater Episodes

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Below is a complete Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater episodes are listed along with the Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “So Young the Savage Land” to “No Man Living” is featured on this list, so cast your votes below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Three Graves Jan 04 1957 - A gunman moves into a sleepy western town with the intention of taking it over for himself. But a pretty young woman sets her sights on him as a prospective husband.

The Long Road Home Oct 19 1956 - A man returns to his Texas home with his mind set on accomplishing two things, he wants to avenge his brother's death and also settle an old feud.

A Time to Live Apr 05 1957 - A dance-hall singer tries to dissuade the man she loves from seeking revenge on a man who shot him and left him for dead.

Death Watch Nov 09 1956 - After his troops are killed Captain Warling decides to face the Indians alone, they turn and flee when they realize that the Captain is no longer in his right mind and they fear evil spirits may ...more

Vengeance Canyon Nov 30 1956 - After his son is murdered Joe seeks revenge on his killer.

A Quiet Sunday in San Ardo Nov 23 1956 - Retired gunfighter wants to live a peaceful quiet life but there are those that won't let that happen.

Return to Nowhere Dec 07 1956 -

The Necessary Breed Feb 15 1957 - Bounty hunter, Link returns to the town where he once lived, killing a man the town thinks is innocent of the crime they demand he pay for the crime.

Back Trail Feb 01 1957 - Ex-gunman John Fallon takes on the town bullies who are trying to get rid of the farmers and take their land.

Badge of Honor May 03 1957 - Returning from the Civil War and tired of violence and bloodshed, Hoby Gilman is shocked to find his hometown in the grip of the cruel and power mad Colonel Boyd Nelson.

Black Creek Encounter Mar 08 1957 - A man is faced with a difficult decision when challenged by a gunman who has searched for him for years. To accept the challenge would mean almost certain death.

The Hanging Tree Feb 22 1957 - The town is out to hang a man without the marshal around, they become the judge jury and executioner.

The Fearful Courage Oct 12 1956 - After witnessing a murder Louise Brandon is then hunted by the gunmen who want to end her life for fear she will testify.

The Lariat Nov 02 1956 - After serving five years for accidentally killing a man with a lariat, Morgan returns to seek justice from the Judge who sentenced him.

You Only Run Once Oct 05 1956 -

Stage to Tucson Nov 16 1956 - Marshal Thorpe has received a tip that bank robber Bide Turley is on the stage from Las Cruces to Tucson.

Stars Over Texas Dec 28 1956 - When a Wagon from Indiana is ambushed and burned by bushwackers, little Annie Morgan loses her family and gains a new one in the Todds.

Courage is a Gun Dec 14 1956 - A gunslinger is wounded by the marshal in a shooting while waiting to settle a feud. He then plots to kill the marshal as well.

Dangerous Orders Feb 08 1957 - Captain Hunter is sent to deliver important orders to the next fort and encounters several disruptions along his way. A turncoat, a drunk, a Confederate spy and Indians.

Black is for Grief Apr 12 1957 - After serving in the Union Army, a young man learns that his wife has been murdered. In trying to find the killer he learns a strange story.

Village of Fear Mar 01 1957 - A traveling book salesman is greeted by a dead man hanging in an alley when he arrives in a deserted Western town.

Time of Decision Jan 18 1957 - A land baron's son provokes a homesteader into a gun fight and ends up dead. The town hates homesteaders but finds a kindly allie in Evan Tapper.

No Man Living Jan 11 1957 - A sheriff gives up his badge to exact personal revenge on an outlaw who has wronged him. The criminal he seeks has carefully disguised himself as a lawabiding citizen.

Muletown Gold Strike Dec 21 1956 - Mason Ward just back from the war discovers his law office destroyed he heads west to a new town and another job. Hired by the mayor as the new schoolteacher, he learns of a treasure map from ...more

The Unrelenting Sky Oct 26 1956 - When the drought causes much suffering in a small town and one man has water but will not let anyone near his ranch or land the citizens take matters into their own hands for survival.

Man on the Run Jun 21 1957 - An outlaw on the run winds up at a ranch run by more outlaws who have taken over the ranch. Duane tries to help the sisters regain control of the ranch.

Until the Man Dies Jan 25 1957 - Cattle rancher Clint Belmet saves criminal Dave Jordan from a lynching determined not to allow mob rule to deprive Nevada of her chance for statehood.

There Were Four Mar 15 1957 - A young man vows to get revenge on a wealthy rancher. He uses lawless methods because he regards an outlaw he knows as a hero. These methods, however, result in his being involved in a rustling ...more

Decision at Wilson's Creek May 17 1957 - The Battle of Wilson's Creek occurred August 10, 1861 along Wilson's Creek, about ten miles south of Springfield. This six hour battle is considered to be the second major battle of the Civil ...more

Fugitive Mar 22 1957 - Fleeing from Union soldiers, an ex-Confederate is helped by a young widow, who believes he's a Union man. The soldier soon realizes he has fallen in love with the widow.

The Stranger Feb 28 1958 - Cort McConnell rides into town, when he sees a man running out of the general store and after he wrestles him down they fight until a shot goes off killing the man. With the shopkeeper dead the ...more

Proud Woman Oct 25 1957 - When Consuela Bowers arrives in the West, she hires a man to work on her father's ranch. She does not know that he is a professional gunman.

Ride a Lonely Trail Nov 02 1957 - The town council decides to retire old Sheriff Larson against much protest from the oldtime sheriff himself who does not want to be put out to pasture. He tries to prove to the town just how ...more

The Open Cell Nov 22 1957 -

Episode in Darkness Nov 15 1957 - Traveling cattleman Ethan Boyan is framed in a frontier town for the slaying of a woman in a stagecoach holdup. The only person present when the crime was committed was Isabelle Rutledge, an ...more

The Bitter Land Dec 06 1957 - A matriarch is adamanant about keeping the Spring Waters for her ranch and endangers her grandson, while other ranchers seek to use the water for their cattle, trouble ensues.

A Man to Look Up To Nov 29 1957 -

A Gun for My Bride Dec 27 1957 - The daughter of a wealthy cattleman elopes with one of her father's ranch hands. Then he learns that her new husband is a fugitive from justice.

Man Unforgiving Jan 03 1958 - Ex-army Medical corp doctor Ben Harper winds up in a town run by a crippled sheriff who holds a personal grudge against the doctor.

Trial by Fear Jan 10 1958 - Gunslinger Tod Owen is on trial for murder, when he is found not guilty, it comes out that the dead man's brother had more reason to want his brother dead.

The Deserters Oct 04 1957 - Sergeant Major Dravo is on the trail of deserters, and his disgust with these traitors has no bounds.

The Doctor Keeps a Promise Mar 21 1958 - Dr. Allan McMurdo tries to save the life of Dave Bechdolt who was shot when he tried to rob a man so that he could buy some seeds to grow his crops for his family.

Man of Fear Mar 14 1958 - The famed gunman Doc Holliday visits a young married couple who are friends of his. He learns that the wife holds her husband in contempt because he is paying protection money to a gang of ...more

Three Days to Death Apr 04 1958 - An Easterner learns that his brother has been killed out West and sets out to find the murderer. He learns that the killer's identity is known, but that the law does not have the men to go after

Blood in the Dust Oct 11 1957 - Yankee Jim Horncuff is confronted by gunman Burke.

Sundown at Bitter Creek Feb 14 1958 - A man arrives in the town of Bitter Creek. Though he is trying to live down his past as a gun fighter the stranger learns that his appearance has a decided effect on three of the town's

Wire Jan 31 1958 - A man who has spent most of his life working other people's property, vows to own land of his own. He homesteads on government land until violence breaks out with ranchers who want the land for ...more

License to Kill Feb 07 1958 - A frontier sheriff finds he is unable to cope with a group of trouble-making trailherders when he breaks his arm. The his younger brother arrives in town and the sheriff swears him in as his ...more

Threat of Violence May 23 1958 - A gunman, tired of violence, hangs up his guns and tries to make a new life for himself as an attorney. But he finds that his reputation as a gunman hinders him. Then he takes the case of a man ...more

Debt of Gratitude Apr 18 1958 - Marshal Cam Tolby faces the enmity of the townspeople when he tries to take an outlaw to Prescott, Ariz., to stand trial for robbery and murder. His difficulties increase when the outlaw, ...more