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Below is a complete Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds episodes are listed along with the Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “The Chase” and “The Jungle Adventure” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Chase Feb 07 1982 - As Dogtanian practises his swordsmanship, Aramis rides up to tell him that there is a vacant place in the Musketeers and Dogtanian must compete against other hopefuls to win it. Treville ...more

Dogtanian is Put to the Test Feb 14 1982 - Notorious pirate and thief The Blue Falcon is coming to Paris. The citizens lock their doors and windows, and the streets are deserted except for the brave Musketeers - and Widimer, who's drunk ...more

Marco's Mission Mar 14 1982 - Dogtanian, Pip and the Three Muskehounds set off for Spain. Widimer tries to stop them by sabotaging a high bridge. Pip spots that the rope has been cut and the friends make it to the other side ...more

Monsieur Treville, Captain of the Musketeers Nov 13 1981 - Still chasing the Man with the Black Moustache, Dogtanian bumps into Athos, who is showing off his fancy new baldric to an admiring guard. In the scuffle with Dogtanian it is revealed that the ...more

Dogtanian's Dream Comes True Dogtanian and his friends arrive back in France. Richelieu has decided to get rid of Dogtanian once and for all. Though Rochefort protests, the Cardinal gives Widimer poison and instructs him to ...more

Dogtanian Meets The King Nov 27 1981 - While Dogtanian dreams of his beloved Juliette, she is at the Palace being given instructions by the Queen to take a message to the Duke of Buckingham. If he and the Queen are found conspiring ...more

The Journey to England Jan 31 1982 - Dogtanian and Buckingham ride to the port, where they discover that Milady has already set sail for France. They give chase in the Duke's own small boat. Milady cuts their sails down with some ...more

The Impostor Mar 21 1982 - The Muskehounds cross the Pyrenese mountains into Spain, unaware that a mysterious horseman has sent a carrier pigeon warning of their arrival. They arrive in Madrid on the day of a bull-fight, ...more

The Shipwreck Feb 28 1982 - Dogtanian and Pip venture into the jungle in search of food. They find a baby elephant stuck in mud and rescue him from a crocodile, and are pursued by a tribe of native black panthers led by a ...more

The Great Getaway Dec 11 1981 - Dogtanian, Planchet and Sandy are still searching for Juliet. On the run from the Cardinal's Guards, she meets Planchet and begs him to lend her Sandy. She returns the horse but promptly ...more

Dogtanian's Trance Dec 18 1981 - The Cardinal and his accomplices are still trying to prove that a Musketeer attempted to kill the Queen, in order to disgrace Treville and assume sole command of the King's forces. Porthos ...more

The Three Invincible Musketeers Nov 06 1981 - It is a fine morning, and Dogtanian goes to see Monsieur Treville. He arrives at the Musketeers' headquarters just as Widimer rides up to arrest Athos and Aramis for drawing their swords on the ...more

Juliette's Secret Dec 04 1981 - Dogtanian comes in depressed from his date, for which Juliette never showed up. Her uncle is also worried, and more so when Rochefort rides up to tell him that he is holding Juliette prisoner. ...more

Dogtanian To The Rescue Dec 24 1981 - Rochefort brings the Cardinal bad news: Juliette has disappeared. Richelieu is furious. Back at home, Dogtanian's lunch vanishes. The culprit is Pip, a mouse whose family have lived in the house ...more

Dogtanian's Journey Oct 09 1981 - On the road to Meune, Dogtanian is insulted by a cavalier with a black moustache, who calls him a country bumpkin. Sandy is too slow to catch up to his black horse, but when Dogtanian stops at ...more

The Jungle Adventure Mar 07 1982 - The King decides to give the jewels to the King of Spain, their original owner, as a goodwill gesture. Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds are chosen to deliver them, to Richelieu's annoyance. ...more

The Search for Juliette Jan 10 1982 - Waiting outside the Louvre Palace, Dogtanian and Pip notice a masked man lurking in the bushes. They give chase, and Dogtanian is fighting a duel with him when the Three Muskehounds appear. The ...more

Dogtanian and the Blue Falcon Feb 21 1982 - The Blue Falcon is still at large and wreaking havoc on the high seas. Treville sends Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds after him. Richelieu allows Rochefort to undertake the same mission. ...more

Daggers and Diamonds Jan 24 1982 - The four friends set off for the port to catch a ship to England. Thanks to Rochefort they find their way blocked by a gang of workmen, whom Aramis stays behind to teach a lesson, then by a ...more

Milady's Revenge Mar 28 1982 - Dogtanian and his friends arrive back in France. Richelieu has decided to get rid of Dogtanian once and for all. Though Rochefort protests, the Cardinal gives Widimer poison and instructs him to ...more

Dogtanian Meets Monsieur Pip Jan 03 1982 - The Cardinal's men still have not captured Juliette; Rochefort blames the 'young upstart' Dogtanian. It is imperative that she be prevented from reaching Buckingham. The guards come to ...more

Juliette Kidnapped Dec 11 1981 - Juliette's uncle is kidnapped by the same trio who took Juliette. She, meanwhile, is being held by Rochefort's squire. She outwits him and flees, but Rochefort is already on his way to the ...more

Dogtanian Saves the Day Jan 17 1982 - Dogtanian and Pip are indulging in a little horseplay when they run into a beautiful lady. She turns out to be none other than Milady, and tricks Dogtanian into losing his nice new dagger. He ...more

Dogtanian Meets The Man with the Black Moustache Oct 23 1981 - Dogtanian is walking to Paris, carrying his saddle. On the road he is splashed by a coach and chases angrily after it. The occupant, a pretty young lady, apologises and cleans him off, winning ...more

Dogtanian Meets His Match Nov 20 1981 - Dogtanian sets out for the Musketeers' headquarters, where he is given a hero's welcome. However, Treville tells him he cannot become a Musketeer immediately. As a reward he is taken to the ...more

Paris, the City Of Dreams Oct 30 1981 - Dogtanian is awoken from a dream of Juliette by her uncle, who tells him he was brought into their house unconscious and can stay as long as he wants. He and Dogtanian rush out to watch a fight, ...more

Dogtanian's Journey Oct 09 1981 - The story opens in the small village of Béarn in Gascony, where young Dogtanian and his rival François are duelling with wooden swords. Dogtanian's victory is observed ...more

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