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Below is a complete Don't Tell the Bride episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Don't Tell the Bride episodes are listed along with the Don't Tell the Bride episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Don't Tell the Bride episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Paula and Rodney” and “Sally & Colin.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Don't Tell the Bride episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Brides' Revenge Apr 21 2010 - In three years of Don't Tell the Bride, dozens of brave brides have handed complete control of the biggest day of their lives to their blokes. In return, their grooms were given 12,000 pounds ...more

2 Dec 20 2011 - 26-year-old Juan from Brighton met 25-year-old Alice England 14 months ago - it was love at first sight during a random night out in London. Alice is from Plymouth but quickly moved to Brighton ...more

Proposals Feb 13 2012 - Lovestruck men and women pop the question in the boldest and most creative ways possible.

All New Greatest Moments Apr 28 2011

Christmas Revenge Dec 13 2011 - The most put-upon brides from series four and five are given the chance to seek revenge on their clueless grooms - a Christmas 'gift' to remind them who is back wearing the trousers. With ...more

Valentines Feb 13 2012 - Daryl wants to make up for forgotten Valentine's Days and give Clodagh a romantic wedding.

Live Apr 29 2011 - The series presents live from the wedding reception of Emma and Aysin. Before that Aysin is given £12,000 to organise the big day and Emma can know none of the arrangements until the big

Best Ever Aug 14 2012 - Confetti at the ready, Don't Tell the Bride is back with a new series. To celebrate the launch of everyone's favourite wedding show, Don't Tell the Bride fan, Radio 1's Scott Mills, presents a ...more

Christmas on Ice Dec 18 2012 - In this Christmas special, Rosie can stamp her feet all she wants... because she has handed over control of her big day to her man with a festive plan. Rosie's fiancé Nick has just three ...more

Christmas Revenge Dec 11 2012 - The most put-upon brides from series four and five are given the chance to seek revenge on their clueless grooms - a Christmas 'gift' to remind them who is back wearing the trousers. With ...more

Goes Global Nov 06 2012 - Sit back, relax and fasten your seat belts for a hilarious new romp through the world of weddings, as Don't Tell the Bride goes global. With countries everywhere now making their own unique ...more

Andy and Serina Dec 06 2007 - Andy Jones and Serina George are engaged but struggling to stay debt free, so they are given 12,000 pounds towards their wedding with the proviso that Andy makes all the decisions and Serina is ...more

Vu and Naomi Dec 13 2007 - Vu Algamaz and Naomi Vane are in love. They have been engaged for a year, but Naomi has been picturing her wedding for a lifetime. Naomi may have champagne tastes, but she and Vu do not have the ...more

JP and Mayita Nov 15 2007 - JP and Mayita have been engaged for a year, but JP has just finished university and is skint and still living at home with his parents. The couple are given 12,000 pounds towards their big day, ...more

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Jason and Cassy Dec 20 2007 - Jason Lewis and Cassy Papantoniou are in love. They've been engaged for two years, but Cassy has spent her whole life planning her wedding. However, big dreams cost big money and they don't have ...more

Sam and Katy Nov 08 2007 - Sam Ollerenshaw and Katy Mills have been engaged for 15 months, but Katy has spent a lifetime planning the wedding. Sam earns a small salary, so the couple are given 12,000 pounds towards their ...more

Lee and Sophie Nov 29 2007 - Lee and Sophie are desperate to get married, but a new baby sees them strapped for cash. They are given 12,000 pounds towards the big day, on the proviso that Lee keeps the wedding details ...more

Stephen and Shelley Sep 30 2008

Pippa and Tony Sep 09 2008

Hollie and James Sep 16 2008

Linda and James Sep 23 2008

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Luke and Lauren Sep 29 2009

Greatest Moments Nov 23 2010

Tom and Lotty Sep 14 2010 - The pressure is on Bristolian brickie Tom (28) to create a showstopper of a wedding for his bride Lotty (30). They've been together for four and a half years, but because Lotty's never had the ...more

Ian and Reanna Sep 07 2010 - The pressure is really on Ian (27) to deliver a big fat Greek wedding for his bride Reanna (26). They've been together for seven years, but with Ian retraining for the merchant navy they haven't ...more

Sally & Colin Aug 31 2010 - Sally (24) and Colin (25) have been together for six years and are desperate to tie the knot. But even though Colin holds down two jobs as a youth worker, planning a wedding has been beyond ...more

James & Charlotte Sep 28 2010 - Cambridgeshire couple, James (24) and Charlotte (22) met three years ago in a local nightclub and have been devoted to each other ever since. But ski freak James wants to thrust his fragile ...more

Nathan & Nicky Oct 26 2010 - Kidderminster country boy Nathan attempts to blow away bride-to-be Nicky with his unique take on a farm wedding. They met seven years ago at a nightclub in Dudley and have been inseparable ever ...more

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James & Mercy Oct 19 2010 - Bedfordshire couple Mercy (28) and James (31) have been together for 13 years and got engaged in 2009. But the stakes are high for James, as Mercy has been dreaming about her wedding since she ...more

Ryan & Fern Aug 17 2010 - Ryan and Fern are head over heels in love. But will Ryan see stars when he tries to pull off a Hollywood wedding to dazzle his bride? Will he remember that he's marrying his bride and not his ...more

Hannah & Andy Aug 24 2010 - Hannah (18) and Andy (28) are madly in love. They have been together for three years and moved in with each other only a week after they started dating. But it is spoilt princess Hannah who ...more

Simon & Kaleigh Sep 21 2010 - Leicestershire couple Kaleigh (24) and Simon (31) have been together for six years and are desperate to tie the knot. However, risk taker Simon decides to gamble his future happiness and ...more

Dan & Mark Oct 05 2010 - Don't Tell the Bride is back this time with its first civil partnership, as daring Dan tries to plan the perfect day for his partner Mark. London couple, Dan (28) and Mark (29) have been ...more

Mitch & Laura Oct 12 2010 - Newquay couple Laura (30) and Mitch (31) have been together for four years and are desperate to walk down the aisle. But there's another love in Mitch's life, one that threatens to come between ...more

Hywel & Beca Nov 02 2010 - Welsh indie muso Hwyel (28) has a whole lotta love for his bride-to-be Beca (29). After just eleven months together he proposed spontaneously at a Blur gig. But can trainee social worker Hywel ...more

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Alex and Kara Oct 25 2011 - Can disorganised skateboarding care worker Alex survive his stag do at his concerned hair stylist fiancée Kara's house and then give her the happiest day of her life?

John and Jackie Sep 06 2011 - Another bride takes a back seat and lets her groom organise their big day, as Scottish country boy John tries to give city girl fiancee Jackie a wedding to remember.

Steven and Kayleigh Nov 01 2011 - Ex-footballer Steve tries to give bride-to-be Kayleigh the WAG wedding of her dreams, but is his plan of a rollercoaster ride at Thorpe Park a huge mistake?

Charles and Lauren Nov 15 2011 - 10/12 Can sci-fi fanatic Charles give bride-to-be Lauren a wedding that's out of this world?

Anna and Sian Nov 22 2011 - 11/12. A 31-year-old support worker from Liverpool hopes to give her fiancee the ceremony of her dreams. However, she struggles to set aside her tomboy tendencies and adapt to the feminine world ...more

Luke and Alex Oct 11 2011 - Party boy Luke wants to plan a hedonistic Ibiza wedding for his fiancée Alex, but she's dreaming of something more traditional, surrounded by her friends and family.

Andrew and Amanda Nov 08 2011 - 27-year-old Essex boy Andrew is a groom torn between two worlds. On one side, his former boss in the Royal Navy and bride-to-be Amanda, who wants Andrew to man up and take charge of the wedding. ...more

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Nick and Vicky Nov 29 2011 - 12/12. Rugby player Nick Royle from Widnes in Cheshire plans his wedding to Victoria Bilio. The couple had a difficult start when the bride was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome - an ...more

David and Lucy Sep 27 2011 - David hopes to impress his bride-to-be Lucy by arranging a wedding based on her favourite book, Pride and Prejudice, despite knowing nothing about the classic text.

Cameron and Sarah Jane Sep 20 2011 - A bride lets her groom organise their big day, as Cameron tries to give Sarah the perfect wedding without stealing Sarah's sister Katie's thunder.

Josh and Stacie Sep 13 2011 - Another bride takes a back seat and lets her groom organise their big day, as Gloucester rugby lad Josh desperately tries to please his demanding fiancee, Stacie.

Harry and Mellissa Oct 04 2011 - South Wales fisherman Harry tries to put his love for the sea into the background while he plans the perfect wedding for his land-loving fiancée Mel.

Nathan & Nikki Aug 28 2012 - Fun-loving Essex girl Nikki Bacon gives full control of her wedding to historical-loving Nathan Bones. Having met on a blind date two years ago, their fairytale romance was straight out of the ...more

Ian and Hayley Oct 09 2012 - Hardworking Hayley is plunged out of her depth when she hands over control of her big day to a man with a crazy underwater plan. Her fiancé Ian has just three weeks and £12,000 to ...more

Mike & Katie Aug 21 2012 - Blackpool boy Mike plans a wedding for his glamorous bride-to-be Katie in just three weeks. The seaside sweethearts met seven years ago under the bright lights of Blackpool, and Katie has been ...more