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Below is a complete Dragon Booster episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Dragon Booster episodes are listed along with the Dragon Booster episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Dragon Booster episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Framed” and “Paynn Rising.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Dragon Booster episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Into the Fire Nov 06 2004 - The dragon racer Pyrrah, normally one of the cleanest racers on the street, falls under the power of black mind-control gear developed by Word Paynn, and abducts Artha's younger brother in order ...more

Opposing Force Nov 13 2004 - A bank hiest implicates the Dragon Fist crew as responsible, and Moordryd challenges Phistus, the crew's leader, for control of the Down City Council, using a type of dragon developed by his ...more

Fanning the Flames Nov 20 2004 - Word Paynn challenges the Down City crews to recover an ancient artifact called the Furox, and Kitt Won, angry at not being thanked for helping Artha win a street race, is used to retrieve it.

The Stand Dec 04 2004 - Artha, exhausted from both street racing and his training as the Dragon Booster, accepts a sponsor to help him win an upcoming race, but the sponsor is actually Word Paynn, and the new gear he ...more

The Horn of Libris Jan 15 2005 - Moordryd wins a race by cheating, and acquires its prize -- an ancient horn whose call summons a legendary grey dragon whom his father plans to use for inciting a new war.

All Is Not Lost Jan 22 2005 - Artha falls into a trap set by Word Paynn and finds himself deep below Dragon City where he meets the short, reclusive leader of the Dragon Keepers crew. But he is also near the lair of an ...more

Three Times a Hero Jan 29 2005 - When Artha is simultaneously required to participate in a street race, speak to the Down City Council, and Dragon City Security, Lance and Parmon volunteer to help him out by posing as the ...more

The Lost Track of Doom Feb 05 2005 - During a marathon race, Artha and his friends fall into a trap by Moordryd and land in the ancient Track of Doom, realm of the ancient, warlike Dragon Prophets; they must convince the dragons ...more

Pride of the Hero Feb 19 2005 - Moordryd challenges a prideful Dragon Booster for ownership of the legendary dragon Beau, secretly planning to use the Furox artifact to control Beau and deliver the dragon of legend to his

Misjudged Mar 05 2005 - Artha misjudges Kawake, retired champion of the sport of drag-ball, after which Word Paynn tricks Kawake into mining for black draconium directly below the city's support columns.

The Chromatic Dragon Apr 09 2005 - Artha begins to doubt himself as a leader, even as Word Paynn is capturing dragons of every element to synthesize an artificial legendary dragon of his own.

If It Ain't Broke May 21 2005 -

The Rules of Power Jun 04 2005 -

The Choosing (1) Oct 23 2004 - Artha's father, Connor Penn, has successfully bred a gold dragon, a breed considered extinct and spoken of only in ancient legends. The gold dragon Beaucephalis must choose a rider, but Word ...more

The Choosing (2) Oct 30 2004 - The gold dragon chose Artha as its rider, but his friends are attacked by members the Dragon Eyes crew. Meanwhile, Artha is taken to an underground temple and given an ancient gauntlet that ...more

The Leap of Lorius Oct 01 2005 -

Still Waters Freeze Nov 07 2005 -

The Mechanist Nov 14 2005 -

When Darkness Falls Nov 21 2005 -

The Return of Drakkus (1) Dec 03 2005 -

The Return of Drakkus (2) Dec 31 2005 -

Rules of Power Jun 04 2005 - Word Paynn gives Khatah a map to the bone-mark of an ancient blue dragon, but Parmon falls under its influence instead.

Leap of Lorius Oct 01 2005 - Moordryd has set a trap in an upcoming rookie race, and the only way to avoid it is for Artha to attempt a legendary shortcut, and somehow convince other racers to do the same.

Darkness Falls Nov 20 2005 - Artha misplaces his golden amulet; Lance is tasked with recovering it while Artha tries to stop a plan by Word to breed an army of pure black dragons.

The Return of Drakkus, Part 1 Dec 03 2005 - Mortis detects a powerful energy surge beneath Dragon City, and Artha insists on investigating it despite being warned that it is too powerful even for the hero of legend.

The Return of Drakkus, Part 2 Feb 12 2006 - Mortis intervenes to save Artha from an elite warrior named Drakkus, but is injured during the fight; Mortis reveals himself as Artha's father (contradicting earlier official information that ...more

The Wraith Booster Oct 08 2005 - Artha Penn (a.k.a.: The Dragon Booster), and his dragon, Beaucephalus, are lured into a trap - turning them into the evil Wraith Booster! They travel across Dragon City, turning the citizens to ...more

Still Waters Freeze Nov 05 2005 - The Dragon Booster is given an ancient device for safekeeping, but Moordryd learns what the device is and steals it to use against the Dragon Booster.

If It Ain't Broke May 21 2005 - Artha is given rare deflection gear to help him win an upcoming race, but Moordryd plans to steal it, Parmon swaps it out for homemade gear of his own, and Lance replaces it with an outright

Broken Bonds Sep 17 2005 - Beau is poisoned by liquified black draconium from Word Paynn, which gradually turns him into a black dragon under Word's control.

Faster Than Fear Sep 25 2005 - Moordryd and Cain kidnap Lance to lure the Dragon Booster into an ancient cave known as the "Shadow Track"; all four of them become trapped inside, and subjected to their own fears.

Artha the Drac Oct 15 2005 - Artha gains media recognition and begins work as an actor for television commercials and even an upcoming film, but there is more going on behind the scenes than it appears.

Prophet's Motive Oct 22 2005 - The orange dragon Propheci appears in Dragon City to ask the Dragon Booster for help in stopping a civil war amongst his clan, but it is really a plot to draw the Dragon Booster away from the ...more

The Mechanist Nov 12 2005 - A member of the Mechanists, who seems to be on no one's side but his own, appears in Dragon City to find and take the Horn of Libris.

Venomcorp Oct 28 2006 -

Silthercorp Oct 28 2006 - A new company by the name of Slithercorp is training riders directly into the elite class, bypassing the academy. Kit signs up after losing a race and getting dropped out of the academy running. ...more

No Paynn, No Gain Oct 07 2006 - Word sets a trap to turn Artha and his crew into zombies; but the plan backfires on him.

The Changelings Sep 16 2006 - Artha and Beau accidentally get their minds switched by Word's Mind Gear.

Paynn Rising Sep 09 2006 - Connor's vendetta against Word threatens Artha's chances of winning the sole spot at the prestigious Academy.

Framed Sep 23 2006 - Fistus gets framed, Again. Artha and Kit get framed as well. Breakout from Dragon City Precinct is staged with the help of Academy Racer Chute. Will the trio prove their innocence?.

The Eye Of The Dragon Sep 30 2006 - Moordryd finds a black draconium bone mark called the Vysox and Decepshun absorbs it permanently, growing more powerful. Moordryd also finds a map leading to the Bone Marks of the League of ...more

When Opposites Attract Oct 14 2006 - Propheci returns to Dragon City looking for revenge and has captured Stewardd to be his slaved rider.

The Defiant Oct 21 2006 - A dangerous mag blast causes the season to officially end and gives Moordryd the Academy right, but Artha rallies the other races and promises he'll race without any blasts if they keep the ...more

The Mouth That Roared Nov 04 2006 - Lance finds out about Moordryd's plan to use illegal elite gear in the upcoming Survival Dome Academy Race but nobody believes him. Will the group trimph or will they end up paying the ultimate ...more

Professor Stubborn Nov 11 2006 - The group go to an ancient Green draconium Stronghold where the rest disappear and Parm is tested to see if he is worthy of a great power.

Cain's Mutiny Nov 18 2006 - Cain and a bunch of the Dragon Eyes bail on Moordryd and start their own crew. What will happen to Moordryd now?

Battle For The Ages Dec 09 2006 - In the final elimination race, Armeggadon tries to destroy Artha and Beau. Moordryd and Artha find out each others secret identities and join forces along with drakkus and Mortis to defeat ...more

Dec 16 2006 - Only one more Academy event remains: the Dragon City Academy Dragball Elimination Challenge, but Artha gets badly hurt fighting with the Shadow Booster. Will he take part or will he quit. Find ...more