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Below is a complete Dragon Tales episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Dragon Tales episodes are listed along with the Dragon Tales episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Dragon Tales episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “To Fly With Dragons / The Forest of Darkness” and “Finders Keepers / Remember the Pillow Fort.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Dragon Tales episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Emmy's Dream House / Dragon Sails Sep 23 1999 - #10901 ""Emmy's Dream House"" The gang decides to build a treehouse in the branches of Sid Sycamore. Emmy, however, keeps bossing everybody around, and pretty soon, they ...more

Don't Bug Me / Over and Over Apr 28 2000 - #14001 ""Don't Bug Me"" Everybody in the gang is impressed with Quetzal's amazing butterfly collection. From what they can tell, he has one of every kind of butterfly in ...more

Wheezie's Last Laugh / Frog Prints Jan 21 2000 - #12501 ""Wheezie's Last Laugh"" Max wants to play soccer, but Emmy explains that she can't. Dad's mowing the lawn. But perhaps they can play in Dragon Land! They go there, ...more

Crash Landings / The Big Cake Mix-Up Jan 24 2000 - #12601 ""Crash Landings"" Max and Emmy are in the playroom, Emmy dressed as a coach complete with a whistle. She's going to coach the dragons for the big relay race that's ...more

Eggs Over Easy / A Liking to Biking Sep 24 1999 - #11001 ""Eggs Over Easy"" Cyrus the sneaky serpent tricks our friends so that he swipe a Rhyme Bird egg. Cassie feels guilty and shy because she can't seem to speak up about ...more

Bully For You / The Great White Cloud Whale Apr 26 2000 - #13801 ""Bully For You"" Quetzal introduces the gang to a new dragon named Spike, who turns out to be something of a bully. When he's partnered on a dragonberry picking ...more

The Jumping Bean Express / Get Offa My Cloud Jan 18 2000 - #12201 ""The Jumping Bean Express"" In the playroom, Max and Emmy are playing with a miniature basketball set. Emmy shoots and scores a 3-pointer. Suddenly Dragon Scale glows ...more

Zak and the Beanstalk / A Feat on Her Feet Oct 05 1999 - #11201 ""Zak and the Beanstalk"" Emmy and Max bring Zak & Wheezie breadcrumbs and binoculars. Zak is convinced that something bad's happened to the do-re-mi birds. ...more

It Happened One Nightmare / Staying Within the Lines Oct 18 1999 - #11601 ""It Happened One Nightmare"" Max is stacking bottles in the playroom. Emmy enters and asks if Max is ready to go to Dragon Land. Max tries to knock the bottles down, ...more

Jan 25 2000 - #12701 ""Quetzal's Magic Pop-Up Book"" It's Storytime, but everybody has their own story that they want Quetzal to read. Quetzal can't read them all, so he introduces them to ...more

My Emmy or Bust / Light My Firebreath Jan 28 2000 - #13001 ""My Emmy or Bust"" Max finds himself in a real situation when he's summoned to Dragon Land while Emmy is off at the store. He reluctantly goes and finds that even ...more

The Greatest Show in Dragon Land / Prepare According to Instructions Jan 20 2000 - #12401 ""The Greatest Show in Dragon Land"" The show opens with Max playing on a slide made out of pillows. Emmy enters the room. Max asks her if she is interested in playing ...more

Up, Up and Away / Wild Time Apr 20 2000 - #13401 ""Up, Up and Away"" Max and Emmy join the dragons in a game of ""Pop the Bubble."" It's great until Ord breaks the bucket. While Zak, Wheezie, ...more

Sky Pirates / Four Little Pigs Oct 04 1999 - #11101 ""Sky Pirates"" Max and Emmy find a box of their Mom and Dad's old toys and decide they're quite boring. They figure that there are better toys in Dragon Land. When ...more

Ord Sees the Light / The Ugly Dragling Apr 24 2000 - #13601 ""Ord Sees the Light"" Max has found his frog friend Hoppy and enjoys a reunion, but Hoppy hops away. Now, he and our other friends must search for him in a dark cave, ...more

Zak Takes a Dive / Under the Weather Jan 27 2000 - #12901 ""Zak Takes a Dive"" The gang's having a fun time swimming, but Zak doesn't know how to swim. After meeting a new friend, who he teaches to fly, he gains the ...more

Quibbling Siblings / Wheezie's Hairball Oct 20 1999 - #11801 ""Quibbling Siblings"" Zak is excited about trying to find a rare Jugglebug for school Sharing Time. But Wheezie's being a real pain - she makes noise when he's trying ...more

Sand Castle Hassle / A True Blue Friend Jan 26 2000 - #12801 ""Sand Castle Hassle"" Emmy and Max are eager to help out the dragons in creating sand castles for Turtle Dragons, who will then lay their eggs in them. It's something ...more

Pigment of Your Imagination / Zak's Song Sep 10 1999 - #10501 ""Pigment of Your Imagination"" Max is having fun with a toy plane and ends up knocking down a block structure that Emmy was making. He's upset because he broke the ...more

A Tall Tale / Stormy Weather Oct 21 1999 - #11901 ""A Tall Tale"" Max is playing with blocks in the playroom, but he finds that he's too short to reach the top of his block structure. He complains about being too ...more

The Giant of Nod / The Big Sleep Over Sep 21 1999 - #10701 ""The Giant of Nod"" Zak and Wheezie are performing in a big Dragon Land concert, but find themselves bickering over song-choice. Their bicker wakes the Giant of Nod, ...more

To Kingdom Come / Goodbye Little Caterpoozle Sep 07 1999 - #10201 ""To Kingdom Come"" Emmy and Max are going to a beach party in Dragon Land. when they get there, Max is willing to let Ord try on his hat, but Ord won't share his ...more

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words / The Talent Pool Sep 22 1999 - #10801 ""A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words"" The dragons call Emmy and Max to Dragon Land. Ord's looking for giggle flowers, lots of them. They're his Mom's favorite and he ...more

A Cool School / Max's Comic Adventure Oct 08 1999 - #11501 ""A Cool School"" We open the show with Emmy bringing in a pair of backpacks into the playroom - one for herself and one for Max. She can't find Max anywhere and so ...more

Bad Share Day / Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On Apr 21 2000 - #13501 ""Bad Share Day"" Max wants to try playing Emmy's keyboard, but Emmy won't share. Max whines to Mom, who suggests Max do something else. Max grabs the dragon scale and ...more

Do Not Pass Gnome / Treasure Hunt Jan 17 2000 - #12101 ""Do Not Pass Gnome"" As we open the program, Emmy is playing with a yo-yo. Max wants to play, but Emmy says no - he might break it. She puts the yo-yo up somewhere ...more

Knot a Problem / Ord's Unhappy Birthday Sep 08 1999 - #10301 ""Knot a Problem"" Emmy loves new shoes, but Max thinks getting a balloon is better. One of the dragons calls them to Dragon Land. They go and we observe Ord holding ...more

Backwards to Forwards / Sounds Like Trouble Jan 19 2000 - #12301 ""Backwards to Forwards"" It's a mixed-up backwards episode, as Max, Emmy and the dragons play a game and end up being sprinkled with a special type of water that ...more

Follow the Leader / Max and the Magic Carpet Apr 17 2000 - #13101 ""Follow the Leader"" A squirrel appears at the window of Max and Emmy's playroom and both make the same comment on it at the same time. Emmy declares that Max is ...more

Not Separated at Birth / A Kite For Quetzal Oct 06 1999 - #11301 ""Not Separated at Birth"" Zak and Wheezie are growing quite irritated with each other over the things each does that annoy the respective sibling. After a problem ...more

Follow the Dots / A Smashing Success Oct 19 1999 - #11701 ""Follow the Dots"" Max and Emmy are working on activity books in the playroom. Max sticks a sticker of two airplanes next to the number 3, then realizes that he has ...more

To Do or Not To Do / Much Ado About Nodlings Apr 27 2000 - #13901 ""To Do or Not To Do"" Cassie, the dragons, Emmy and Max have been playing an ill-advised ball game in a grove of trees. Cassie didn't want to play there becuas they ...more

Tails You Lose / Calling Dr. Zak Sep 09 1999 - #10401 ""Tails You Lose"" Max is trying to amuse Emmy with an imitation of Ord, but she's not interested. She's upset because she lost a soccer game. She declares that she's ...more

Dragon Drop / Cassie Loves a Parade Oct 07 1999 - #11401 ""Dragon Drop"" It's the day of the Dragon Fair and one of the fun activities is a game called Sackberry Toss. Sackberrys are a lot like water balloons, but unlike ...more

Out With the Garbage / Lights, Camera, Dragon Apr 25 2000 - #13701 ""Out With the Garbage"" Zak has a big surprise for Wheezie, but to his own surprise, she does not lovvvvvvve it! It turns out that he cleaned up her side of the room, ...more

Snow Dragons / The Fury Is Out On This One Sep 20 1999 - #10601 ""Snow Dragons"" Max and Emmy are dressed warmly, as Quetzal is taking them to Snowy Summit. Max wants to bring along a lot of toys, but Emmy explains that you don't ...more

Blowin' In the Wind / No Hitter Oct 22 1999 - #12001 ""Blowin' in the Wind"" Max and Emmy are in the playroom, singing variant of ""Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush"" that replaces ...more

Small Time / Roller Coaster Dragon Apr 19 2000 - #13301 ""Small Time"" Max is practicing to drive the bumpercars at Funland. He and Emmy are going on Saturday. Emmy's not sure if he'll be tall enough to drive the ...more

Rope Trick / Baby Troubles Apr 18 2000 - #13201 ""Rope Trick"" Jump-roping can be fun, but not when the rope takes on a life of its own. This happens to Zak and Wheezie when they accidentally spill a bottle of ...more

To Fly With Dragons / The Forest of Darkness Sep 06 1999 - #10101 ""To Fly With Dragons"" Max and Emmy (especially Max) aren't too happy about moving into their new house. Inside, there's a nice playroom and all of their toys have ...more

Room For Change / The Sorrow and the Party Sep 24 2002 - #22201 ""Room For Change"" Emmy and Max are playing with toy cars and trucks. Emmy's car breaks down, so Max offers the services of his tow truck. Then, the dragon scale ...more

Hide and Can't Seek / The Art of Patience Sep 11 2001 - #21701 ""Hide and Can't Seek"" Ord is not good at hide-and-seek and find himself not enjoying the Doodle Fairys' game of it. Some tips from his friends help him to make his ...more

A New Friend / Have No Fear Jun 18 2001 - #20601 ""A New Friend"" The gang meets a new dragon, Lorca, who uses a wheelchair to get around. He shows them a treasure map, and they go off to look for the treasure, ...more

Let's Start a Band Mar 02 2003 - ""Let's Start a Band"" Nina, the babysitter, introduces herself and says that sometimes she thinks morning comes too soon. However, she says that the sooner she gets up, the ...more

Sneezy Does It / Try It You'll Like It Sep 13 2001 - #21901 ""Sneezy Does It"" Max, Emmy and the dragons are out for some kite flying. Unfortunately, the wind in Dragon Land seems to have died down completely. It turns out the ...more

So Long Solo / Hands Together Sep 12 2001 - #21801 ""So Long Solo"" Zak and Wheezie are practicing for a talent show. Zak needs a Jugglebug for his act, but Wheezie's practice with her trumpet keeps scaring it away. At ...more

Cassie Catches Up / Very Berry Jun 05 2001 - #20201 ""Cassie Catches Up"" Cassie finds herself having a lack of confidence when she can't seem to win a prize at the Dragon Land fair. She learns from her friends that she ...more

Lucky Stone / The Mefirst Wizard Jun 04 2001 - #20101 ""Lucky Stone"" When Max gets to Dragon Land, he finds Max's lucky stone. He doesn't realize what is however, and tries to use it as a skipping stone. It ends up ...more

Finders Keepers / Remember the Pillow Fort Jun 06 2001 - #20301 ""Finders Keepers"" Max and Emmy are excited to get to Dragon Land as today is the big opening of the Dragon Land Aquarium. It's an exciting place, with food and rides ...more

On Thin Ice / The Shape of Things to Come Sep 10 2001 - #21601 ""On Thin Ice"" Everyone's invited to Willie the Snow Seal's birthday. It's like a typical birthday party, but one of the required activities is ice skating, which Zak ...more