TV Episodes Full List of Dungeons & Dragons Episodes

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Below is a complete Dungeons & Dragons episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Dungeons & Dragons episodes are listed along with the Dungeons & Dragons episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Dungeons & Dragons episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “The Garden Of Zinn,” “P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Dungeons & Dragons episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Entering the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons Documentary about the making of the series.

Interview with Michael Reaves

Requiem: Radio Show The script for the final, never animated episode. The children finally have a chance to return home - but is it worth the risk?

The City at the Edge of Midnight - Storyboard

The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow - Storyboard


P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster Dec 10 1983 - Presto bungles yet another spell, and he and Uni must face enormous danger to rescue both their friends and the last of the Golden Dragons from the infamous Brooklyn Giant and his slimey pet

Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior Nov 12 1983 - Venger's enslaved skeleton warrior, Dekion, reports that he has found the Circle of Power, but it is held in the Lost Tower of the Celestial Knights. Only those with the pure of heart and could ...more

The Garden Of Zinn Nov 19 1983 - The kids are starving, and unable to catch any food. Even fishing results in catching a hydra, prompting the kids to defend themselves. But Bobby is poisoned by it's bite and the kids seek ...more

The Lost Children Dec 03 1983 - While searching for a mysterious ship that will take them home, the kids team up with another gang of lost children to save their elder, Alfour, held prisoner in Venger's castle along with the

The Night Of No Tomorrow Sep 17 1983 - Dungeon Master sends the children northward to the town of Helix to attend a local dragon-banishment celebration. On the way they meet Merlin in his magnificent sky castle. The wizard offers to ...more

Valley Of The Unicorns Oct 08 1983 - The kids come to the aid of a unicorn named Silvermane, the leader of the last unicorn herd, who under attack by wolves. But when their attention is diverted, an old wizard named Kelek kidnaps ...more

The Hall Of Bones Oct 01 1983 - The magical weapons the children use run out of power on them. Dungeon Master tells them they can recharge the weapons at the Hall of Bones. Venger learns of the children's difficulties and ...more

The Box Nov 26 1983 - A sudden earthquake splits the ground the kids walk on and Hank falls in. When the kids come to his aid, they find a box. The Dungeon Master informs them that it is Zandora's Box, a magical ...more

Servant Of Evil Nov 05 1983 - It's Bobby's birthday, but Venger's lizardmen crash his party and kidnap his companions. Now, aided only by Uni and Dungeon Master's magical amulet, Bobby must befriend the reluctant giant Karox ...more

Prison Without Walls Oct 29 1983 - The kids are sent to a valley where a village of gnomes reside. However, the gnomes are enslaved by Venger to mine the mystic gems out of the walls of the valley. When the kids attempt to free ...more

Beauty And The Bogbeast Oct 22 1983 - The kids must seek out the river that rains upside down. Once a year the river reverses it's course and rains upwards for 60 seconds. And those who are in it can go whereever they desire. ...more

In Search Of The Dungeon Master Oct 15 1983 - While taking a lesuirely ride through the forest, Dungeon Master is attacked by a Warduke, a bounty hunter who possesses a sword that covers that which it is struck against with ice. He strikes ...more

Eye Of The Beholder Sep 24 1983 - The children come across a knight named Sir John, who helps save them when they are being chased by a giant scorpion. When Dungeon Master sends them to battle a beholder in a distant valley, the ...more

The Traitor Sep 29 1984 - While resting in the Moon Forest, they're awakened during a sneak attack by Venger's Orc Army. Bobby and Hank are captured and Shiela tells everyone that she's going to follow the Orcs to see ...more

Child of the Stargazer Oct 27 1984 - The kids stumble upon a young man, sick from exhaustion and hunger. His name is Kosar and he has escaped imprisonment by a demon called Queen Seris. She wanted Kosar out of the way so she can ...more

The Last Illusion Oct 13 1984 - The children come to a cursed village in the middle of the Swamp of Darkness. Venger is using a wild talent illusionist called Varla to keep the village in a permanent state of decay. The ...more

The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow Sep 08 1984 - The children meet a girl who has been swept into the Realm, as they have, on a rollercoaster car. The girl, Terri, has the ability to dream the future. Together they set out to find the portal ...more

Day of the Dungeon Master Oct 06 1984 - After an attack by a swarm of wasps, the Dungeon Master greets the kids. Eric expresses that Dungeon Master's presence is always convient for him and his power is going to waste. The Dungeon ...more

The Dragon's Graveyard Oct 20 1984 - After another attempt at getting home is foiled by Venger, the frustration is too much for the kids. They decide to take the fight to Venger and finish things once and for all. Their idea: ...more

The Treasure Of Tardos Sep 15 1984 - Dungeon Master sends the Young Ones to the walled city of Tardos Keep to save Queen Solinara and her people from Venger's besigement. But the evil wizard has a wicked surprise for the ...more

City at the Edge of Midnight Sep 22 1984 - Back in the real world, a boy named Jimmy is pulled under his bed and vanishes. In the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the kids are lost. The Dungeon Master tells them they have to find the City ...more

Cave of the Fairie Dragons Nov 09 1985 - Tasmira, queen of the Faerie Dragons, is held prisoner by the greedy King Varen, an evil warlord who desires their treasure. Aided by the sassy little dragon Amber, the gang must free her and ...more

The Winds Of Darkness Dec 07 1985 - The Darkling, a skeletal creature of darkness, kidnaps Hank. The kids have to convince the kindly Martha to help rescue their leader, before the Darkling claims his final victim and his Winds of ...more

The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn Sep 14 1985 - Eric and Bobby retrieve a box for Dungeon Master. Dispite the fact that they were under strict orders not to open it, Eric gets curious. Just as he pulls the pin from the lock, Dungeon Master ...more

Citadel Of Shadow Oct 12 1985 - After getting yelled at by Eric for botching up a thieving job, Sheila is anxious to prove her worth by befriending Karena, a young woman who is more than she appears to be. Soon the gang finds ...more

The Time Lost Sep 21 1985 - Venger's got a new idea for eliminating his annoying young enemies, and pulls both a futuristic plane and a WWII Nazi fighter pilot into the Realm using his Crystal of Chronos. Venger intends to ...more


Odyssey of the 12th Talisman Sep 28 1985 - A lonely but smart orphan, Lorne, finds a lost amulet that leads him into big trouble. He and Eric become fast friends through the usual exchange of insults and bad-mouthing, and the gang teams ...more