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Below is a complete Eastbound & Down episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Eastbound & Down episodes are listed along with the Eastbound & Down episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Eastbound & Down episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Chapter 2: Training Day” and “Chapter 1: Career Errors.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Eastbound & Down episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Outtakes Mar 29 2009 - Outtake reel.

Schaeffer Motors Commercial 1 Mar 29 2009 - A commercial for Ashley Schaeffer Motors with Will Ferrell and others in character.

Making Eastbound & Down Mar 29 2009 - A making-of look at the show with cast and crews opinions on working on set.

Kenny Powers Greatest Hits Mar 29 2009 - Audition tape of Powers displaying his wares to Major League Scouts.

Schaeffer Motors Commercial 2 Mar 29 2009 - Another commercial for Ashley Schaeffer Motors with Will Ferrell and others in character.

Deleted Scenes Mar 29 2009 - Fifteen deleted scenes including a funny sequence with McBride and a middle school boy.

Stevie's Dark Secret Mar 29 2009 - Stevie tells his dark secret of raping a 90 year old who's dating his grandfather.

K-Swiss Jul 11 2011 - Kenny Powers exercises his stock options and becomes the new MFCEO of K-Swiss in this funnyordie short.

Chapter 1: Career Errors Feb 15 2009 - Series premiere. Burned out and broke, former big-league pitcher Kenny Powers returns home to North Carolina to teach PE at the local middle school he once attended. Wreaking havoc at school, ...more

Chapter 2: Training Day Feb 22 2009 - Kenny tries to make extra money by pitching himself as spokesman for a luxury car dealership; Kenny and his driver make an appearance at the middle school dance.

Chapter 4: Kenny's Pitching Clinic Mar 08 2009 - Kenny attends a BBQ at April and Terrence's house where his romantic feelings for April intensify. Later, Stevie puts together a DVD of Kenny's greatest moments in the hopes that the major ...more

Chapter 6: Getting It On With April Mar 22 2009 - Kenny gets an offer from a professional team and is forced to say goodbye to his family and teaching job.

Chapter 3: Out of the Box Mar 01 2009 - Stevie gets a scoop on Kenny's possible competition when he hears of a promising young high school pitcher. Cassie wants to sell off all of Kenny's baseball memorabilia on the computer. ...more

Chapter 5: Beginning A New Audio Book Mar 15 2009 - Kenny decides to give up on his dream of returning to professional baseball. Meanwhile, arrogant car dealer Ashley comes back into the picture.

Chapter 7 Sep 26 2010 - Kenny Powers heads to Mexico to lick his wounds and start a new, more anonymous life. Befriended by a neighboring Mexican family and a sultry bar singer named Vida, Kenny emerges from "the ...more

Chapter 8 Oct 03 2010 - Charros owner Sebastian Cisneros agrees to pull out all the stops in promoting Kenny Powers’ return to organized baseball, but Kenny loses motivation after learning a secret about April from an ...more

Chapter 13 Nov 07 2010 - Kenny confronts his future.

Chapter 9 Oct 10 2010 - Puzzled by the Mexican fans’ lukewarm reception, Kenny starts a grassroots PR campaign to burnish his image. But it takes a vintage Powers flare-up to bring the fans to their feet. Kenny makes ...more

Chapter 10 Oct 17 2010 - Though Charros fans respond to Kenny, he is warned by Roger about the perils of showboating. Kenny finds he has serious competition in his courtship of Vida. Stevie finds short-lived romance.

Chapter 11 Oct 24 2010 - Kenny considers a new full-time life working in Mexico.

Chapter 12 Oct 31 2010 - Kenny settles his debt with Sebastian; later, he settles a score with Aaron and Hector, and bids adios to Vida. Kenny passes a final test with the Charros team.

Chapter 14 Feb 19 2012 - In the third-season premiere, Kenny finds himself in Myrtle Beach, S.C., as the closer for a minor-league baseball team, but he also has a reunion with April for his son's first birthday in his ...more

Chapter 16 Mar 04 2012 - Pro scout Roy McDaniel asks Kenny to take a promising Russian pitching prospect under his wing; Stevie takes stock of Shane's status while negotiating his return to Kenny's entourage.

Chapter 18 Mar 18 2012 - Kenny gets surprise visitors, and tries to regain control of the team by throwing the mother of all Fourth of July parties. Meanwhile, Stevie frets over delivering bad news to Maria.

Chapter 20 Apr 08 2012 - Kenny hopes to get back on his coach's good side and return to his spot on the pitching staff, but his bumpy ride on the road to redemption continues. Meanwhile, Stevie tries to make things ...more

Chapter 21 Apr 15 2012 - As Kenny adjusts to the new realities of his life, a twist of fate alters his future with the Mermen.

Chapter 15 Feb 26 2012 - Kenny tracks down Stevie, who's working at Ashley Schaeffer's car dealership, when he heads north with the baby to find April.

Chapter 17 Mar 11 2012 - Kenny thinks his son, Toby, is cursed, and might be to blame for a recent run of bad luck; and later tries to bond with Shane's puritanical family. Meanwhile, Stevie is racked with guilt.

Chapter 19 Mar 25 2012 - Kenny tries a new pitch while attempting to be a better man and more responsible father; Stevie can't shake his feelings of remorse.

Chapter 22 Sep 29 2013 - In the Season 4 premiere, Kenny Powers is now a family man—with his wife, April, two little kids and a home in the suburbs—but a night out with a former teammate and current TV star has him ...more