TV Episodes Full List of ECW Hardcore TV Episodes

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Below is a complete ECW Hardcore TV episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual ECW Hardcore TV episodes are listed along with the ECW Hardcore TV episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. ECW Hardcore TV episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “ECW TV - 2/22/1994” and “ECW TV - 5/17/1994.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the ECW Hardcore TV episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

ECW TV - 4/5/1993 Apr 05 1993 - Hell Riders vs. Super Destroyers Salvatore Bellomo vs. Tommy Cairo Tony Stetson vs. Rockin' Rebel Jimmy Snuka vs. Larry Winters Sal Bellomo vs. Ernesto Benefico

ECW TV - 4/12/1993 Apr 12 1993 - Johnny Hotbody vs. Glenn Osbourne Samoan Warrior/Chris Michaels vs. Larry Winters/Tony Stetson Kodiak Bear vs. Sandman JT Smith vs. Eddie Gilbert

ECW TV - 4/19/1993 Apr 19 1993 - Super Ninja/Canadian Wolfman vs. Super Destroyers Tommy Cairo vs. Jimmy Snuka Glenn Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert Glenn Osbourne vs. Jimmy Snuka

ECW TV - 4/26/1993 Apr 26 1993 - Larry Winters/Tony Stetson vs. Super Destroyers Glenn Osbourne vs. Salvatore Bellomo Tommy Cairo/JT Smith vs. Suicide Blondes Hellriders vs. Jimmy Snuka/Don Muraco

ECW TV - 5/4/1993 May 04 1993 - JT Smith/Glenn Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert/Magnificent Muraco Larry Winters/Tony Stetson vs. Super Destroyers Salvatore Bellomo vs. Sandman Ernesto Benefico vs. Rockin' Rebel Johnathan Hotbody ...more

ECW TV - 5/11/1993 May 11 1993 - Larry Winters/Tony Stetson vs. Super Destroyers JT Smith/Max Thrasher vs. Eddie Gilbert/Jimmy Snuka Canadian Wolfman vs. Salvatore Bellomo Johnathan Hotbody vs. Tommy Cairo Tigra/Rockin' Rebel ...more

ECW TV - 5/18/1993 May 18 1993 - Super Destroyers vs. Tony Stetson/Larry Winters Jimmy Snuka/Eddie Gilbert vs. JT Smith/Max Thrasher Suicide Blondes vs. Tony Stetson/Larry Winters Don Muraco vs. Glen Osbourne Rockin Rebel vs. ...more

ECW TV - 5/25/1993 May 25 1993 - Sal Bellomo vs. Super Destroyer #3 Suicide Blondes vs. Tony Stetson/Larry Winters Don Muraco vs. Ernesto Benefico Canadian Wolfman/Max Thrasher vs. Tommy Cairo/JT Smith Glen Osbourne vs. Jimmy ...more

ECW TV - 6/1/1993 Jun 01 1993 - Suicide Blondes vs. Tony Stetson/Larry Winters Super Destroyer #1 vs. Salvatore Bellomo Glen Osbourne/Tommy Cairo vs. Jimmy Snuka/Eddie Gilbert JT Smith vs. Max Thrasher Sandman vs. Don Muraco

ECW TV - 6/8/1993 Jun 08 1993 - Samoan Warrior/Don E. Allen vs. Road Warrior Hawk 16-man battle royal Suicide Blondes vs. Glen Osbourne/Tommy Cairo

ECW TV - 6/15/1993 Jun 15 1993 - Jimmy Snuka vs. Road Warrior Hawk Suicide Blondes vs. Super Destroyers Herve Renesto vs. Eddie Gilbert Dark Patriot vs. Terry Funk

ECW TV - 6/22/1993 Jun 22 1993 - Don Muraco vs. Tommy Cairo Dark Patriot vs. JT Smith Rockin Rebel/Tony Stetson vs. Sandman/Larry Winters Suicide Blondes vs. Super Destroyers/Sal Bellomo

ECW TV - 6/29/1993 Jun 29 1993 - Herve Renesto/Glen Osbourne vs. Ivan Koloff/Vladimir Koloff Tony Stetson vs. Larry Winters Tommy Cairo vs. Jimmy Snuka Richard Michaels vs. Sal Bellomo

ECW TV - 7/6/1993 Jul 06 1993 - Super Destroyers vs. Suicide Blondes Sandman vs. Ivan Koloff Tommy Cairo/Larry Winters vs. Eddie Gilbert/Dark Patriot Chris Candido v. Sal Bellomo

ECW TV - 7/20/1993 Jul 20 1993 - Suicide Blondes vs. Super Destroyers Rockin' Rebel vs. Larry Winters Terry Funk vs. Jimmy Snuka

ECW TV - 7/27/1993 Jul 27 1993 - Canadian Wolfman vs. Terry Funk Sir Johnathan Hotbody vs. Sandman

ECW TV - 8/3/1993 Aug 03 1993 - Dark Patriot vs. JT Smith JT Smith/Glen Osbourne vs. Dark Patriot/Eddie Gilbert

ECW TV - 8/17/1993 Apr 17 1993 - Ivan/Vladimir Koloff vs. Headhunters Don Muraco vs. The Metal Maniac Sandman/Sal Bellomo vs. Richard Michaels/Tony Stetson Stan Hansen vs. Jimmy Snuka

ECW TV - 8/24/1993 Aug 24 1993 - Eddie Gilbert/Dark Patriot vs. JT Smith/Tommy Cairo Shane Douglas vs. Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal Terry Funk vs. Canadian Wolfman Don Muraco vs. Tito Santana

ECW TV - 8/31/1993 Aug 31 1993 - Ivan Koloff/Vladimir Koloff vs. Sal Bellomo/Sandman Dark Patriot/Eddie Gilbert vs. Super Destroyers Headhunters vs. Miguelito Perez/Mr. Danger Tito Santana/Stan Hansen vs. Don Muraco/Shane ...more

ECW TV - 9/7/1993 Sep 07 1993 - Ivan/Vladimir Koloff vs. Sandman/Sal Bellomo Super Destroyers vs. Eddie Gilbert/Dark Patriot Headhunters vs. Miguelito Perez/Mr. Danger Stan Hansen/Tito Santana vs. Shane Douglas/Don Muraco

ECW TV - 9/14/1993 Sep 14 1993 - Tony Stetson vs. Tommy Cairo Headhunters vs. Miguelito Perez/Mr. Danger

ECW TV - 9/21/1993 Sep 21 1993 - Jimmy Snuka vs. Metal Maniac Jason Knight/Ian Rotten vs. Public Enemy

ECW TV - 9/28/1993 Sep 28 1993 - Tony Stetson vs. Tommy Cairo Salvatore Bellomo vs. Wolfman

ECW TV - 10/5/1993 Oct 05 1993 - Public Enemy vs. Gino Caruso/Silver Jet Sabu vs. Tazmaniac Sandman vs. Metal Maniac Jimmy Snuka vs. Terry Funk

ECW TV - 10/12/1993 Oct 12 1993 - JT Smith/Abdullah the Butcher/Terry Funk vs. Don Muraco/Kevin Sullivan/Jimmy Snuka Milaya Hosaka vs. Molly Shane Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond vs. Bad Breed Rockin Rebel vs. Chris Michaels

ECW TV - 10/19/1993 Oct 19 1993 - Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond vs. Public Enemy Jimmy Snuka vs. Chad Austin Sandman/JT Smith vs. Tony Stetson/Johnny Hotbody Tazmaniac vs. Tommy Dreamer

ECW TV - 10/26/1993 Oct 26 1993 - Bad Breed vs. Don E. Allen/Chad Austin Don Muraco/Jimmy Snuka vs. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond Shane Douglas vs. JT Smith

ECW TV - 11/2/1993 Nov 02 1993 - Shane Douglas vs. Sabu Bad Breed vs. Chad Austin/Todd Shaw

ECW TV - 11/9/1993 Nov 09 1993 - Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond vs. Public Enemy Don Muraco/Jimmy Snuka vs. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond Public Enemy vs. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond vs. Bad Breed

ECW TV - 11/16/1993 Nov 16 1993 - Sandman vs. Jim Neidhart

ECW TV - 11/23/1993 Nov 23 1993 - Kevin Sullivan vs. Keith Fury Tony Stetson/Johnny Hotbody vs. Sandman/JT Smith Mr. Hughes vs. Kyle Fury Tommy Cairo vs. Chris Michaels

ECW TV - 11/30/1993 Nov 30 1993 - Sabu vs. Taz Tony Stetson/Johnny Hotbody/Hunter Q. Robbins vs. Sandman/JT Smith/Peaches

ECW TV - 12/7/1993 Dec 07 1993 - Mr. Hughes vs. Stormin Mike Norman Johnny Hotbody vs. JT Smith Bad Breed vs. Kevin Sullivan/Tazmaniac Mr. X vs. Lumberjack

ECW TV - 12/14/1993 Dec 14 1993 - Sal Bellomo vs. Don E. Allen Taz/Kevin Sullivan vs. Tommy Dreamer/Shane Douglas Sandman vs. Tony Stetson Mr Hughes vs. Chad Austin

ECW TV - 12/21/1993 Dec 21 1993 - Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer Taz/Kevin Sullivan vs. Mike Norman/Mike V Sandman/JT Smith/Sal Bellomo vs. Terry Funk/Axl Rotten/Ian Rotten

ECW TV - 12/28/1993 Dec 28 1993 - Gary Wolfe vs. Chad Austin Rockin Rebel vs. Don E. Allen Sabu vs. Terry Funk

Jan 18 1994 - Kevin Sullivan/Tazmaniac/Johnny Hotbody vs. Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka/Tommy Dreamer Chad Austin vs. Sabu's Handler Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas

ECW TV - 1/25/1994 Jan 25 1994 - Duane Gill/Don E. Allen vs. Public Enemy Dr. Disaster vs. Tommy Dreamer Mikey Whipwreck vs. Mr. Hughes Terry Funk vs. Pat Tanaka Tazmaniac/Kevin Sullivan vs. Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond

ECW TV - 2/1/1994 Feb 01 1994 - Mikey Whipwreck/Sheara vs. Kevin Sullivan/Tazmaniac Johnny Hotbody vs. Chad Austin Duane Gill vs. Paul E's newest find

ECW TV - 2/8/1994 Feb 08 1994 - 911 vs. Mikey Whipwreck Chad Austin vs. Johnny Hotbody Pat Tanaka vs. Keith Sheara Jimmy Snuka vs. Tommy Dreamer

ECW TV - 2/15/1994 Feb 15 1994 - Shane Douglas vs. Sabu JT Smith/Tommy Cairo vs. Pitbull/Rockin Rebel Hack Meyers vs. Mr. Hughes Tony Stetson/Johnny Hotbody vs. Bruise Brothers Kevin Sullivan/Tazmaniac vs. Young Dragons

ECW TV - 2/22/1994 Feb 22 1994 - Mike Awesome vs. Mikey Whipwreck/Keith Sheara Tony Stetson vs. Don E. Allen Jimmy Snuka vs. Kyle Sheara Pat Tanaka vs. Sabu

ECW TV - 3/1/1994 Mar 01 1994 - Tommy Dreamer/Sal Bellomo/Tommy Cairo vs. Jimmy Snuka/Rockin Rebel/Pitbull Bad Breed vs. Sabu/911 Kevin Sullivan/Tazmaniac vs. Bruise Brothers

ECW TV - 3/8/1994 Mar 08 1994 - 911 vs. Mikey Whipwreck/Paul Lauria Bad Breed vs. Johnny Hotbody/Tony Stetson Chad Austin vs. Sandman Hack Meyers/Chris Ford vs. Bruise Brothers Public Enemy vs. Tazmaniac/Kevin Sullivan Pitbull ...more

ECW TV - 3/15/1994 Mar 15 1994 - Tommy Dreamer/Tommy Cairo vs. Jimmy Snuka/Sandman Shane Douglas/Public Enemy vs. Terry Funk/Crash/Kevin Sullivan Tazmaniac vs. Sabu

ECW TV - 3/22/1994 Mar 22 1994 - Bruise Brothers vs. Damien Stone/Chris Ford Rockin Rebel/Pitbull vs. Young Dragons Pat Tanaka vs. Shane Douglas JT Smith vs. Tazmaniac

ECW TV - 3/29/1994 Mar 29 1994 - Public Enemy vs. Bruise Brothers

ECW TV - 4/5/1994 Apr 05 1994 - Bruise Brothers vs. Mike Norman/??? Tazmaniac/Kevin Sullivan/Crash vs. Tony Stetson/Pitbull/Rockin Rebel Sal Bellomo vs. Sandman Chad Austin vs. Hack Meyers Shane Douglas vs. Paul Diamond

ECW TV - 4/12/1994 Apr 12 1994 - Public Enemy vs. Mikey Whipwreck/Mike Norman Ray Odyssey vs. Jimmy Snuka Tommy Dreamer vs. Sandman