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Below is a complete Evening Shade episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Evening Shade episodes are listed along with the Evening Shade episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Evening Shade episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Wood and Evan's Excellent Adventure” to “Chain of Fools” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Evening Shade episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Wood and Ava and Gil and Madeline Jan 07 1991 - Wood and Ava are asked to dinner by a married couple—who turn out to be swingers into spouse-swapping.

The Wood Who Stole Christmas Dec 17 1990 - Tired of his kids' materialism, Wood gives their presents to a needy family.

Into the Woods Feb 18 1991 - On Wood's annual deer-hunting trip, a local legend deer drops dead in front of his cabin—outside official hunting grounds.

Hooray for Wood Dec 10 1990 - Wood gets a bit part when a movie company and its temperamental star arrive to shoot a Civil War mini-series.

The Moustache Show Oct 02 1990 - Ava's high-school flame visits; Will shaves off half of Wood's moustache.

Far from the Madden Crowd Apr 29 1991 - Ava goes into labor the night of the Booster Club Sports banquest, to which Wood has invited his football archrival Terry Bradshaw.

Whatever Happened to Clutch Newton? Oct 05 1990 - On seeing an old game film, Wood discovers his most celebrated high school touchdown catch was actually out of bounds.

Herman and Margaret Sitting in a Tree Apr 08 1991 - Herman's relationship with Margaret hits a snag when she refuses to be seen with Herman on a formal ""date"".

Wood's Thirtieth Reunion Jan 21 1991 - At his 30-year high school reunion, Wood hooks up with two old pals and one old flame.

Something to Hold Onto Nov 19 1990 - Wood and the rest of town tutor the football players in algebra so they won't fail their classes and be barred from a big game.

Fast Women Oct 29 1990 - Ava asks Wood to talk with both their son, Taylor, and her father about their choice in dates.

Chip Off the Old Brick Feb 04 1991 - Herman's big, blustery father comes to visit, but talks football with Wood and chases after Frieda more than he sees his son.

The Baby Show May 06 1991 - Ava rides in the back of Ponder's catering truck on a chaotic ride to the hospital.

I am Wood, Hear Me Roar Apr 01 1991 - Two female students attempt to join the football team.

Mr. Mom Nov 26 1990 - With Ava's prosecutorial work taking her away from her household duties, a miserable Wood has to take up the slack.

Sadie Hawkins Dance Oct 16 1990 - During Sadie Hawkins week, the football team begins a seven-day series of pranks on Coach Newton.

All for Charity Nov 09 1990 - Hoping to win Wood's favour, Herman, at a fundraiser, bids for and wins a weekend with Wood and his family.

Vote Early and Vote Often Jan 28 1991 - Wood and Ava recall how friends rallied to help her get elected Prosceuting Attorney over her opponent Jim Guy Puckett.

Sex Education Mar 24 1991 - An in-over-his-head Herman substitute teaches a class in sex education, and calls in ""expert"" Wood.

A Day in the Life of Wood Newton Sep 21 1990 - On his birthday/wedding anniversary, an innocent Wood is photographed with a stripper; and Prosecuting Attorney candidate Ava discovers she's pregnant despite Wood's vasectomy.

Gambler Anonymous Mar 04 1991 - Wood tries to keep secret the presence of his guest: old acquaintance country-music singer Kenny Rogers.

There Once Was A Boy Named Wood Sep 28 1990 - Frieda babysits, and fills in for Evan on poker night when he has a date with Miss Beausoleil.

Nothing to Fear But Harvey Lujack Feb 21 1991 - A convict who'd threatened prosecutor Ava when she had him put away escapes and heads toward town.

The Trials of Wood Newton Feb 11 1991 - Wood must testify against Evan, who's being defended by his daughter Ava.

I Do, I Don't Nov 18 1991 - Taylor and Aimee decide to marry.

Hasta la vista, Baby May 04 1992 - Herman takes humiliating work after losing his teaching job due to budget cuts.

Play Herman For Me Mar 09 1992 -

Taylor Buys A Car Apr 06 1992 -

Busted Dec 09 1991 -

Goin' to the Chapel (Part 3) Mar 02 1992 - Fontana decides to proceed with the wedding; Merleen meets her daughter. (Part 3 of 3)

The Getaway Jan 06 1992 -

Rear Window Dec 16 1991 - Wood gets stuck in the bathroom window.

The Thanksgiving Show Nov 25 1991 -

No Pain, No Gain May 18 1992 -

I'm With Stupid Sep 30 1991 - Molly caves in under pressure from her boyfriend and agrees to take part in a beauty contest.

Miss Emily's Wild Ride Oct 14 1991 -

Three Naked Men (Part 2) Sep 23 1991 - The women begin to feel guilty about having abandoned the men naked in the woods. (Part 2 of 2)

Three Naked Men (Part 1) Sep 16 1991 - War breaks out between the women and the men on a segregated camping expedition after Wood scares the girls with his bear costume and gets whacked with a shovel—and culminates with the ...more

The Au Pair Affair Jan 27 1992 - Ava feels displaced by the Newstons' talented au pair girl.

Callous Hearts of Rage Mar 23 1992 -

Goin' To the Chapel (Part 2) Feb 24 1992 - Fontana calls off the wedding. (Part 2 of 3)

The Road Trip Oct 21 1991 -

Herman In Charge Jan 13 1992 - Wood and Ava leave Herman alone with the kids.

The Perfect Birthday Party, Sort Of May 18 1992 -

Where's My Watch? Nov 11 1991 -

Cousin Readith May 11 1992 - Wood learns his bully cousin plans to visit.

Goin' To the Chapel (Part 1) Feb 03 1992 - Wood must express the family's concern over Evan's wedding. (Part 1 of 3)

Tying the Knot Oct 07 1991 - Wood accompanies Will to the hospital when the boy needs a tonsillectomy—and decides that while he's there he might as well have a vasectomy.

Ava Takes a Shower (1) Feb 01 1993 - Ava hosts Fontana's baby shower, and wants Herman, who has joined Reba McEntire's security team, to get her to entertain.

She What?! Mar 01 1993 - Taylor's girlfriend elopes with the school hunk.