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Below is a complete Extraordinary People episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Extraordinary People episodes are listed along with the Extraordinary People episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Extraordinary People episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “The Man With Someone Else's Face,” “The Tiniest Girl in the World” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Extraordinary People episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Man Who Paints the Future Mar 28 2003 - David Mandell predicts the future from his dreams. To record his dreams, he paints the event and then takes a photograph of himself and the art in front of a bank showing the date and ...more

The Woman Who Dives the Deepest Apr 02 2003 - Extraordinary People reports on Tanya Streeter as she attempts a world record for diving without scuba tanks.

The Child Who's Older than Her Mother Apr 02 2003 - The story of Hayley Okines, a four-year-old with a rare disease which causes her body to age eight times faster than the normal rate.

The Woman with the Mysterious Brain Apr 21 2003 - A follow up story on Sharon Parker who had most of her brain removed surgically as a child.

The Woman Who Lost Her Face

Losing One of My Giant Legs This episode tells the story of Mandy Sellars, who suffers from a mysterious condition that means her legs have never stopped growing. When Mandy's illness took a new turn she had to have one of ...more

The Eight Limbed Boy Six-year-old Deepak was born with an extra body growing out of his chest. His extra set of limbs belong to an identical, parasitic twin that did not fully form or separate from Deepak in the ...more

World's Oldest Teenager

The Girl with 90% Burns

The Baby with a New Face

The Boy They Call Fish

Archie - The Six Stone Baby Oct 11 2004 - Archie is just two years old and weighs almost six stone, or 84 pounds. He has a rare genetic disease called MOMO syndrome, which belongs to the family of overgrowth syndromes. This disease has ...more

The Man Who Swears He's Normal Oct 25 2004 - This is the story of three young men who suffer from Tourette's Syndrome. Some of the symptoms of this disorder are involuntary muscle twitching, tics, and even loud verbal outbursts.

The Woman with Seven Personalities Oct 18 2004 - Helen has a multiple personality disorder, probably caused by childhood abuse. Helen's lifelong friend, Dr. Ruth Selwyn, investigates the different personalities, ranging from childish to

The Boy with a Tumour for a Face Nov 11 2004 - Novemthree, five years old, was born on November 3, in Indonesia. When he was three, tumors started growing in his face. They became so large, his face was distorted and he could hardly breathe ...more

Bodies Out of Control Nov 08 2004 - In this episode of Extraordinary People, a group of people suffer from a rare condition called Dystonia. Dystonia is a neurological muscle disorder that causes uncontrollable, painful spasms ...more

The Boy with the Incredible Brain May 23 2005 - Extraordinary People looks into "savants" which are geniuses capable of calculating complex mathematics and feats of memory.

The 46-Year Pregnancy Mar 23 2005 - This episode is about Zahra, a 75 year old woman from Morroco, admitted to the hospital for abdominal pains. To the surprise of the doctor, the pain was due to a baby, mummified in her womb from ...more

The Child Who's Older than Her Grandmother May 09 2005 - This episode of Extraordinary People is an update on the documentary from two years ago, titled "The Child Who's Older Than Her Mother." This is the tragic story of Hayley Okines, a ...more

Born Without a Face May 16 2005 - Juliana Wetmore was born with a genetic disease called Treacher Collins syndrome. This is her story of her severe facial disorder.

She Stole My Foetus Jun 06 2005 - Extraordinary People investigates abductions of unborn babies from pregnant women. This episode follows the story of Elijah Evans who was brutally cut from his murdered mother's belly.

The Woman with the Remarkable Body Jun 13 2005 - In this episode, Alison Lapper stands up for the rights of the disabled. Herself, born without arms or legs, is an artist, mother and spokesperson for the handicapped.

A Hundred Orgasms a Day Jul 21 2005 - In this episode, Extraordinary People tells the story of three women tormented 24 hours a day by the need for orgasm.

The Woman Who Lost 30 Stone Mar 13 2006 - In this episode of Extraordinary People, Onnie Jackson of Nashville, Tennessee endures complicated surgery to removed excess skin from her body after losing more than 400 pounds!

The Girl Whose Muscles are Turning Into Bone Nov 07 2005 - Luciana Wulka's is just seven years old. She was diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia Ossifcans Progressiva, a rare disease, which is progressively changing all of her muscle tissue into bone.

The Woman with Half of a Body Nov 14 2005 - In this story, the deformed legs of Rosemarie Siggins were amputated when she was a child. Today, she works on cars and cares for her family in Pueblo, Colorado.

Joined at the Head Nov 21 2005 - Extraordinary People reports on conjoined twins, Josie and Teresita Alvarez, and, Lori and Dori Schappell, who were surgically separated as children. However, it did not go as well for the adult ...more

The Real Rain Man Feb 27 2006 - In this episode, Extraordinary People reports on the savant Kim Peek who has an amazing recall of facts and information. He can remember everything he has ever read. His condition combines a ...more

The Twin Inside Me Mar 06 2006 - How can it be that DNA testing proves that Lydia Fairchild cannot be the mother of her own children? In this episode, Lydia was found to be a "chimera" where at her own conception, two ...more

The Seven Year Old Surgeon Mar 20 2006 - In this episode of Extraordinary People, Akrit Jaswal, just twelve years old, is studying at the University of India to be a doctor. He travels to Britain to be studied by scientists at the ...more

The Girl Who Makes Miracles Apr 03 2006 - Audrey Santo has been in a coma since she was three years old, back in 1987. Since then, she has undergone stigmata manifestations, and religious statues in her room even cry with blood and ...more

The Boy with a Tumour for a Face (Update) Apr 10 2006 - Extraordinary People presents an update on the Indonesian boy named Novemthree, who underwent radical surgery in Taiwan to remove a huge, facial tumor. One year later, his tumors have grown and ...more

The Couple with 27 Children Apr 16 2006 - A generous couple from Atlanta, Georgia, have adopted 23 handicapped children. John and Jeanette Murphy, together with their own four children, take care of the huge family. This is the story of ...more

Identical Quads Apr 24 2006 - In this episode of Extraordinary People, four identical quad girls are followed in their growth in the Mathias family home.

The Musical Genius Sep 25 2006 - Extraordinary People reports on Derek Paravicini. Derek is autistic, blind, retarded, and yet, is a genius at the piano. He can play anything he hears just once. This reports follows him to a ...more

Britain's Identical Quads Oct 09 2006 - José and Julie are about to become parents of identical quads in Britain. The story by Extraordinary People covers the risky pregnancy and birth of the quads.

The Twin Within the Twin Oct 23 2006 - Extraordinary People reports on the phenomena of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, which occurs in developing twin fetuses, when one of the twins dies and is enveloped by the other or where ...more

The Boy Who Lived Before Sep 18 2006 - Cameron, ever since he was just a toddler, talks about another family he used to live with, called the Robertsons. Cameron knows the names of his previous family, where they lived, and can even ...more

The Four Year Old Who Ran 40 Miles Oct 02 2006 - Budhia Singh is just four years old when his coach, Biranchi Das enters Budhia into a controversial 40 mile run for media exposure. Budhia was an orphan, always running, as much as 20 miles a ...more

Building a New Face Oct 17 2006 - This episode of Extraordinary People takes a look at Juliana Wetmore, who was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic craniofacial disorder. This disease prevented her face from forming ...more

The Girl Who Survived Rabies Oct 30 2006 - This documentary of Extraordinary Poeple is about 15 year old, Jeanna Giese, from Wisconsin in the USA, who survived rabies thanks to an innovative and desperate treatment tried out on her by ...more

The Man with No Past Jan 22 2007 - In this episode of Extraordinary People, David Fitzpatrick experienced sudden inexplicable total memory loss at the age of twenty-five. The report follows David as he tries to regain his ...more

The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes Jan 29 2007 - Ben Underwood has taught himself to use echo location to navigate around the world. Ben is blind, but has managed to do some truly extraordinary feats.

The Twins Who Share a Body Mar 15 2007 - This episode by Extraordinary People contains a rare look at Abby and Brittany Hensel, dicephalus conjoined twins, having two heads and sharing one body.

The Boy Who Can Never Grow Old Oct 08 2007 - Horizon looks at 19 year old Stuart Wickison, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The condition is usually fatal by the time those affected reach their early twenties. In spite of ...more

Outlaw Births Jul 09 2008 - In this story, Extraordinary People follows three women as they prepare to give birth without medical attention, anesthetics, or professional intervention. Known as freebirthing, it is becoming ...more

7/7 - The Man Who Should Be Dead Sep 03 2007 - Extraordinary People looks at Danny Biddle, who was sitting only a few feet away from suicide bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan on the London Underground when Khan exploded his bomb. He talks about ...more

The Man Who Dreams the Future Sep 10 2007 - This report by Extraordinary People looks at Chris Robinson, from Dunstable in Britain, who has pre-cognitive dreams, often of disasters, and who dreamed about planes crashing into tall ...more

The Real Sleeping Beauty Sep 17 2007 - Extraordinary People investigates the story of Sarah Scantlin, who was injured in a car accident in 1984 and awoke from a coma twenty years later. She was able to speak and think clearly, and ...more

The Tiniest Boy in Britain Sep 24 2007 - This episode of Extraordinary People centers on Alex Connerty from Liverpool, England, who was born with the rare genetic condition primordial dwarfism. This disease severely stunted his growth ...more