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Below is a complete Faking It episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Faking It episodes are listed along with the Faking It episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Faking It episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The T4 Specials 2” to “Toolbox to Tolie” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Faking It episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Burger Flipper to Chef Nov 06 2001 - Burger-van proprietor Ed Devlin attempts to pass himself off as a professional chef.

Sheep-shearer to Hairdresser Nov 13 2001 - Farmer's son Gavin learns the basics of hairdressing from legendary stylist Trevor Sorbie.

Ballet Dancer to Wrestler Nov 20 2001 - Ballet dancer Kaspar Cornish is taught how to fake it as a professional wrestler.

Showgirl to Showjumper Nov 27 2001 - Nightclub dancer Shelley learns to fake it as a showjumper under the tutelage of Tim Stockdale and Marianne Trevor-Roper.

Faking It Changed My Life (II) Feb 03 2004 - A second special revisiting previous fakers. Four are featured in depth: Spence Bowdler (still performing as Britney Ferry), Lucy Craig (now working on luxury yachts in Monaco, lucky girl!), ...more

Cycle Courier to Polo Player Feb 03 2004 - Cycle courier Malcolm ""Woody"" Woodcock has four weks to pass himself off as a Polo Player - even though he's never even sat on a horse before.

Chorister to Rock Chick Feb 10 2004 - Clean-living virginal choirgirl Laura-Jane Foley (20) is taught how to fake it as a rock singer. At least, that's the theory.

Management Consultant to Dog Trainer Feb 17 2004 - Management consultant Rob Archer (31) attempts to impress as in the most difficult dog-training discipline - performing to music. But not only does Rob have no experience of the discipline, ...more

Newsagent to Showbiz Reporter Feb 24 2004 - Jatinder Sumal (29) normally works in her family's newsagents shop, but with just four weeks preparation can she fake it as a showbiz interviewer on breakfast television?

Chess Champ to Football Manager Mar 02 2004 - Maximillian Devereaux is already a chess champ, but in four weeks' time he'll be instructing Chalfont Wasps Football Club from the side of the pitch. Does he have what it takes to fake it as a ...more

Physician to Magician Mar 27 2005 -

Physicist to Magician Mar 27 2005 -

Alex the Animal Sep 18 2000 - Alex Geikie, 20, is a softly-spoken Oxford-educated boy from the English shires. Training with kickboxing champion Tony Agastini, he has four weeks to transform himself into a convincing hardman ...more

Lady Lisa Sep 25 2000 - Northern girl Lisa has four weeks to learn how to walk, talk and eat like the upper classes before attending a society function.

Cellist turns DJ Apr 17 2001 - 22-year-old classical cellist Sian Evans has four weeks to transform herself into a club DJ before working the crowd at prestigious nightspot The Cross.

Vicar to Second-Hand Car Salesman Apr 24 2001 - With the help of experienced car dealer Dominic Littlewood, West Country vicar the Reverend Nigel Done learns all about the used-car trade before being let loose on a busy Essex forecourt.

Painter to Artist May 01 2001 - Painter and decorator Paul O'Hare has four weeks to pass himself off as a modern abstract artist.

Faking It Changed My Life Sep 27 2002 - A one-off follow-up programme revisiting previous fakers to find out how appearing on the programme changed their lives.

Faking it... as a Drag Artist Oct 02 2002 - Naval petty officer Spence Bowdler is transformed into a drag queen.

Control Room Operator to Live TV Director Oct 09 2002 - Fire Service operator Lynn Hurst is taught how to direct a live breakfast TV show.

Faking it... as a Garage MC Oct 16 2002 - City lawyer George Lubega, dubbed ""soul man in reverse"" by his friends for his complete lack of rhythm, style and musical ability, has a crash course in rapping and street ...more

Kickboxer to Ballroom Dancer Oct 23 2002 - Black-belt kickboxer and self-professed tomboy Jo Weatherill has four weeks to transform herself into a glamorous ballroom dancer.

Faking it... as a Stuntman Oct 30 2002 - Isurance risk asessor Matt Davies has four weeks to learn the basics of stuntmanship.

Web Surfer to Wave Surfer Nov 06 2002 - Stuart Matheson leaves the comfort of his desk job in the computer industry to learn how to surf.

Faking it... as a Fashion Photographer Nov 13 2002 - Hospital radiographer David Keith is plunged into the glamourous world of fashion photography. Not only does he have to learn how to work the camera, he also has to learn to deal with models and ...more

Faking it... as a Racing Driver Dec 04 2002 - Computer games tester Phil Deane takes to the racetrack for real, with the help of Johnny Herbert and David Coulthard.

Faking it... as a Yachtswoman Dec 11 2002 - Lucy Craig is used to a life on the ocean wave, but can this ferry stewardess manage to fake it in the world of yacht racing?

Punk Singer to Maestro Dec 30 2002 - Chris Sweeney is the lead singer of a punk band, The Dead Pets. How will he fare when called upon to conduct a symphony orchestra?

Ivy League to Big League Mar 01 2003 - Harvard graduate Lesley Townsend has three weeks to pass herself off as a big league cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons. Can she cope with the dance routines, the outfits and, worst of all, the ...more

Toolbox to Tolie Mar 08 2003 - Boston carpenter David Doughtery, whose life revolves around the two bars and six TVs that populate his home, must learn to pass himself off as a Beverly Hills interior designer and put together ...more

Polo to Wrangler Mar 15 2003 - Wealthy polo-playing city-boy Patrick Nesbitt tries to pass himself off as a cowboy to compete with professional wranglers.

Six Pack to Chardonnay Mar 22 2003 - Expert beer-guzzler Bill Krejci journeys to San Francisco for expert training in top restaurants so that he can convince judges he is an experienced wine sommelier.

Drag Racer to Drag Queen Mar 29 2003 - Hard-driving off-road racer Andy Morter from rural Wisconsin must become a New York City drag queen able to convince a panel of judges that he's good enough to be a showgirl.

Toppings to Top Chef Apr 01 2004 - Can pizza chef Brian Casey successfully fake it in the world of gourmet food?

Bibles to Bling Bling Apr 18 2004 - A vicar swaps his parish for a job at Nevada's largest car dealership.

Lectures to Lap Dances Apr 18 2004 -

Hard Work to Hard Body Apr 25 2004 - Welder Todd Farrand has four weeks to learn how to fake it as a model, even though his mentors reckon he's too old, too tall and too heavy.

The Three Rs to Protecting Stars May 09 2004 - Nursery school teacher Stephanie Jones has four weeks to learn the tricks of the bodyguard trade.

Dry Clean to Style Queen May 23 2004 -

On The Range to La-La Land May 30 2004 -

Super Shy to Superfly Jun 06 2004 -

Briefcase to Body Slam Jun 13 2004 -

Simple Life To Social Life Jun 20 2004 - Organic farmer Grace Coffman is transported from Nebraska to New York to pose as a posh socialite.

Snow Hills To Beverly Hills Jun 27 2004 - Beverley Hills real estate is a long way from Kim Constans' normal life as a wilderness guide. A top mother-and-daughter real estate team have four weks to transform her into a ""lady ...more

Computer Geek To Fitness Freak Jul 18 2004 - Cubicle-dwelling computer nerd Meaganne is taught how to be an exercise instructor, but after four weeks' training, can she convince a panel of professionals that her workout is the future of

Lifesaver To Heartbreaker Jul 18 2004 -

The T4 Specials-1 a.k.a. Clog Dancer to RnB Dancer Sep 05 2004 -

The T4 Specials 2 Sep 12 2004 - History of Art undergraduate and lover of fine art, James Sawyer leaves his Suffolk home and is taken to the city to be transformed into a graffiti artist, with the assistance of David Samuel, ...more

The T4 Specials 3 Sep 19 2004 -

The T4 Specials 2 Art Student to Graffiti Artist Sep 12 2004 - History of Art undergraduate and lover of fine art, James Sawyer leaves his Suffolk home and is taken to the city to be transformed into a graffiti artist, with the assistance of David Samuel, ...more