TV Episodes Full List of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Episodes

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Below is a complete Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids episodes are listed along with the Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Habla EspaƱol” to “Pot Of Gold” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Fat Albert Christmas Special Dec 18 1977 - Fat Albert and his friends fight to save their junkyard clubhouse from demolition while also working on a Christmas pageant.

Fat Albert Halloween Special This animated Halloween Special features the antics of Fat Albert and the gang play pranks on Halloween.

Fat Albert Easter Special Apr 03 1982 - Fat Albert and the gang lends a helping hand out to their old friend, Mudfoot, but Rudy decides to play a little joke on the gang which goes haywire when Mudfoot get hurt and is sent to the ...more

The Hero Nov 11 1972 - The Gang looks up to Scrap Iron because he's cool then gets them busted and realize he's not a hero.

The Tomboy Dec 02 1972 - A new Girl named Penny comes to town and tags along with Fat Albert and the Gang playing sports with them.

The Runt Sep 16 1972 - Fat Albert and the Gang meet a guy named Pee Wee who's very small that he feels left out of everything. The Gang and Pee Wee learned that It's not your size that matters but being who you are ...more

Begging Benny Nov 04 1972 - Fat Albert's Cousin Benny comes to visit and mistreats all his friends. In the long run he learns what a real friend is all about.

Creativity Sep 30 1972 - The origin of the Junkyard Band. The gang tries doing odd jobs for money but they only made enough money to buy a broken drumstick but then they realize they could make their own instruments. ...more

The Stranger Sep 23 1972 - Fat Albert and the gang meet a new girl from the south.

Four Eyes Nov 25 1972 - Heywood is the clumsiest person who can't see anything. Once Heywood got his glasses, the gang wanted to be just like him.

The Prankster Nov 18 1972 - Otis becomes the coolest kid on the block with his pranks that he doesn't care who he hurts.

Lying Sep 09 1972 - Edward tells stories about wrestling with alligators. Fat Albert and the gang realize that Edward has been lying to them about everything and gets caught at the end.

Moving Oct 14 1972 - Fat Albert recieves news that he's moving away and the gang kicked him out of the club. The Cosby Kids missed Fat Albert so much that all they wanted was their friend back. Fat Albert moved ...more

The Hospital Oct 28 1972 - Russell has a physical with the school doctor and learns he needs to have a tonsilectomy. In the process, it is discovered that Bill needs one, too. Thinking the operation will take their lives ...more

Stagefright Dec 09 1972 - Fat Albert and the Gang perform in front of an audience and get stage fright. The Gang realized that It's Important to speak up when you're in front of others.

Fish Out Of Water Oct 07 1972 - The Gang goes to Camp Green Lane for the Summer meeting people that are different from them. Fat Albert and the gang learned meeting new people is cool.

Playing Hookey Oct 21 1972 - Fat Albert and the Gang think school is nothing but a waist of time so they decide to play hookey the next day. Dumb Donald told the gang he was going to school and thought he was joking but got ...more

The Bully Sep 08 1973 - Slappy bullies the gang (when Fat Albert's not around) to get attention.

Mom Or Pop Oct 13 1973 - Flora's parents get a divorce.

Mister Big Time Sep 22 1973 - Fat Albert turns Muggles into the police for selling drugs.

How the West Was Lost Oct 20 1973 - Johnny is a new kid who's an American Indian from Arizona. The gang thinks that because Johnny's Indian that he can make a rain storm and do other tricks. Mudfoot tells the gang a fake story ...more

What Does Dad Do? Oct 06 1973 - The Gang makes up stories about what their Dads do and get busted. Mrs Breyfoglye suggest that the gang goes to work with their Dads for a day.

Sign Off Oct 27 1973 - Cool Roy thinks it's awesome to move and change signs. Fat Albert tells him it's dangerous.

Smart Kid Sep 15 1973 - Thurmond is the smartest kid in school who loves to study but is terrible at sports. Thurmond shows Fat Albert and the Gang that studying is cool and they show him how to improve in sports.

The Newcomer Sep 29 1973 - Dumb Donald gets the shock of his life when his parents tell him that they're going to have another baby, and this news isn't sitting well with Donald at all. The gang tries to help smooth ...more

The Fuzz Sep 06 1975 - A guy named Parker has no respect for people in a uniform.

Ounce Of Prevention Sep 13 1975 - The gang tries to help Lucius, who has a problem with alcohol.

Fat Albert Meets Dan Cupid Sep 20 1975 - Fat Albert falls in love but is afraid to admit and the gang picks on him.

Little Tough Guy Oct 11 1975 - Dwayne is the new kid in school with a foot problem and Fat Albert and the Gang try to hide it.

Take Two, They're Small Sep 27 1975 - Fat Albert's cousin, Justin, starts shoplifting. Harlow is a thief who tricked Justin into stealing. Justin realized it was wrong and helped the gang turn him into the police.

The Animal Lover Oct 04 1975 - Dulcie lets her dog Sanford free with no leash or collar. Fat Albert and the Gang are so upset that Dulcie doesn't care what happens to her dog. Sanford gets taken to the pound. Dulcie gets ...more

Junk Food Oct 30 1976 -

Readin', Ritin' and Rudy Sep 25 1976 - Monroe spends all his time watching Tv that he lets it ruin his life.

TV or Not TV Oct 16 1976 - Slim and Fat Albert eat too much junk food. Fat Albert decides to start eating healthy, but Slim continues to eat junk food and it slows him down.

Little Business Oct 09 1976 - Slim and Fat Albert eat too much junk food. Fat Albert decides to start eating healthy, but Slim continues to eat junk food and it slows him down.

The Shuttered Window Oct 23 1976 -

Suede Simpson Oct 02 1976 - Undines Uncle passes away and has a hard time accepting death.

Smoke Gets In Your Hair Sep 11 1976 - Suede Simpson looks good but smells bad. Fat Albert and Russell have to tell Suede Simpson that it's important to keep yourself clean.

What Say? Sep 18 1976 - The Gang goes into business so they can win a bike but then get tricked.

Readin', Ritin' And Rudy Sep 25 1976 - Rudy can't stand school and his teacher so he drops out.Then Mudfoot talks to him about how Important it is to be in school and thanks him.

Soft Core Oct 27 1979 - Rudy's friend Dustin gives Fat Albert and his friends the wrong sources on sex education.

Sweet Sorrow Sep 29 1979 - Fat Albert's ice skating friend, Roberta, offers to help the kids with their ""hockey skills""(if you can call it that). Unfortunately, she seems troubled by other things on ...more

The Secret Sep 13 1980 - The gang's friend, Darrell, has been feeling tired and sickly, but doesn't think he needs to see the school nurse or a doctor. A concerned Fat Albert speaks to Darrell's parents, who make him go ...more

The Mainstream Oct 13 1979 - A neighborhood band challenges Fat Albert and his friends to a competition, the winner gets the clubhouse.

Poll Time Oct 06 1979 - 2 Candidates in the school election, Hugo and Baron, both of different color, play race politics until Fat Albert and the gang come up with an alternative

Free Ride Oct 20 1979 - Dumb Donald starts cheating in school to get better grades. He soon finds out the consequences.

In My Merry Busmobile Sep 08 1979 - The gang is bussed to an integrated school, finding it difficult to make new friends.

Little Girl Found Nov 06 1982 - Beau and Francie are brother and sister. However, Beau lets it slip that Francie was adopted by their parents. After she confronts them, the parents indeed admit they adopted her when she was a ...more

The Dancer Sep 15 1979 - Fat Albert and the gang meet a new kid, who is in dance class. Fat Albert joins the class and finds out he's not so graceful.

Spare the Rod Sep 22 1979 - Mr. Tyrone wants to sell the junkyard, which could spell the end for Fat Albert and the Gang's clubhouse. Can they convince him to keep it.