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Below is a complete Felony Squad episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Felony Squad episodes are listed along with the Felony Squad episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Felony Squad episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Fear Below” and “The Love Victim.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Felony Squad episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Streets Are Paved With Gold Sep 12 1966 - Detective Jim Briggs breaks up a parking lot quarrel between a valet and a hot-shot lawyer who offers money and is arrested for attempted bribery. When Gorman fakes an injury and accuses the ...more

A Walk to Oblivion Sep 19 1966 - A death-row inmate Joe Caslin points out the similarity between a current crime and his conviction, which in turn sets about a turn of events to save Joe.

The Broken Badge Sep 26 1966 - An Internal Affairs investigation on fellow detective Bill Ehlers is done when he is suspected of stealing money recovered from a bank robbery. He refuses help from his fellow officers and sets ...more

Strike Out Oct 03 1966 - Jim poses as an inside man at the baseball stadium's payroll window to nail a gang of thieves disguised as security guards.

A Date With Terror Oct 10 1966 - A deluded Korean War Veteran breaks out of an Army Hospital and stalks a beautiful housewife, whom he believes is a USO dancer he fell in love with during the war.

Flame Out Oct 17 1966 - An argument leads to a senseless murder in an all-night diner, putting the officers on a trail of two thrill-seeking punks who are now plotting an extortion scheme against a woman.

The Immaculate Killer Oct 24 1966 - Captain Nye is critically wounded in an elevator, Stone and Briggs must search for a well-dressed hit man before he makes a second attempt on the Captain's life.

Death of a Dream Oct 31 1966 - During a spell of excruciatingly hot weather, Stone and Briggs turn up the heat to find two murderous muggers. Unbeknownst to Sam, they've forced their way into the home of Albie Froehlich, one ...more

Prologue to Murder Nov 07 1966 - Bizarre death threats, an imagined murder, and sibling rivalry add up to a bizarre case which finds Sam and Jim trying to prevent a murder.

Killer With a Badge Nov 14 1966 - Jim's girlfriend Cloris introduces him to a man she says is her brother. He's really her ex-husband convict who's shaking her down for money to get out of town. He steals Jim's gun and badge and ...more

Between Two Fires Nov 21 1966 - Stone's attempts to bust paramilitary leader Flagg are hampered by the man's embittered former second-in-command, who wants revenge for being thrown out of the group.

The Terror Trap Nov 28 1966 - Jim is framed for bribery and murder as a part of a plot to discredit his testimony against a drug dealer.

The Killer Instinct Dec 05 1966 - Bull, a former football star is accused of murder, but Sam suspects that arrogant team owner is the real killer.

Fear Below Dec 12 1966 - Jim is wounded and left for dead in the city's sewer system while chasing a burglary suspect, and Sam puts pressure on the crook, Layton, to try and find his injured partner.

A Penny Game, a Two-Bit Murder Dec 19 1966 - Stone and another cop are critically wounded, Briggs must pursue a murderous punk who's passing bad checks.

Miss Reilly's Revenge Dec 26 1966 - Sam persuades the beautiful girlfriend of a brutal extortionist to stop acting as his punching bag and turn evidence against him.

A Death for a Death Jan 02 1967 - After Jim shoots and kills an armed robber, the man's father retaliates by kidnapping Jim's father Dan.

The Deadly Partner Jan 09 1967 - Sam refuses to believe it, but all the evidence in two murders points to his former partner, now a hot-shot Lieutenant.

The Night of the Shark (1) Jan 16 1967 - Sam refuses to believe it was an accident after the beautiful young girlfriend of powerful millionaire Adam Langley is found dead in his swimming pool.

The Night of the Shark (2) Jan 23 1967 - Langley thwarts all attempts to investigate Betty Barnes's death, even going so far as to nearly kill Sam and Dan, so Sam comes up with a new plan which involves the tycoon's fear of germs.

The Strangler Jan 30 1967 - A man suspected in an attack on a woman years ago is suspected of committing a similar near-fatal assault on another woman, but Sam is skeptical.

Breakout Feb 06 1967 - After syndicate leader Blaisie is taken into custody, his minions attempt a jailbreak with Dan as a hostage.

The Desperate Silence Feb 13 1967 - Frightened victims of high society burglars give false information to Sam and Jim, hindering their investigation. When the crooks pursue the victim's daughter at Marineland, the Squad must race ...more

Target! Feb 20 1967 - Sam is suspicious when deposed syndicate leader Harry Majeski offers to testify against his successor, Vic Durrant, and is then abducted from police custody during an ambush.

Echo of a Killing Feb 27 1967 - Sam is subjected to public scorn when he apparently kills an innocent teen while pursuing a robbery suspect.

Live Coward, Dead Hero Mar 13 1967 - A war hero, who saved Sam's life in Korea, thinks the smugglers he's aiding are trafficking uncut diamonds. What they're really smuggling is pure heroin and Sam must work to extricate his friend ...more

A Blueprint for Dying Mar 20 1967 - Sam suspects that Martin Lynch, a suave security expert is behind murder and industrial espionage at an aircraft company.

The Fear Merchant Mar 27 1967 - A frightened builder is killed in an explosion after talking to Stone and Briggs, and Sam tries to shake Maitland a building inspector in the pocket of racket boss Koster.

The Savage Streets Apr 03 1967 - Stone and Briggs are hindered by frightened residents of a tough waterfront neighborhood, as well as a gang of thugs.

Debt of Fear Apr 10 1967 - A murder witness identifies Dan as the killer and his bizarre behavior hinders Sam and Jim's attempts to clear him. Dan is trying to protect his crippled ex-partner Tony and Tony's daughter Ani, ...more

Let Him Die! Aug 31 1967 - An assassin critically wounds a visiting dignitary and Stone and Briggs must thwart the killer's plan to finish the job.

The Counterfeit Cop Sep 05 1967 - Stone goes undercover to catch a gang of counterfeiters but his cover is soon blown.

A Most Proper Killing Sep 14 1967 - The squad entertains a visitor from Scotland Yard, Inspector Murchison, who's trailing jewel thief Dandy Phelps. What they don't know is that the real Murchison was murdered upon arriving at the ...more

The 30-Gram Kill Sep 20 1967 - Sam and Jim keep close watch on a playboy pharmaceutical salesman and his timid buddy, whom they suspect in a theft and murder at a drug laboratory.

The Death Bag Sep 26 1967 - The critically injured survivor of an auto accident has a bag with a huge sum of money in his possession, and Sam suspects that he's a syndicate courier. When thugs threaten to kill the man's ...more

The Deadly Junkman Oct 03 1967 - Sam persuades Terry Carew, a former football star turned pitiful junkie, to help him nail pusher Braden.

The Pat Hand of Death Oct 19 1967 - A player in a poker game aboard a yacht bets his life and loses, and Jim and a policewoman pose as high rollers to enter the game and nail the killers.

Hit and Run, Run, Run Oct 26 1967 - Sam's suspicions are aroused when a hit-and-run driver returns to the scene of the crime to confess, but no body can be found.

Time of Trial Nov 01 1967 - A beautiful woman disappears before she is to give a damning testimony against racketeer Arnie Kale in a murder trial, and Sam and Jim suspect that she has been lured into a trap.

Who'll Take Care of Joey? Nov 08 1967 - Sam reacquaints himself with an old girlfriend, whose charming but troubled brother is involved in a jewel theft and murder.

My Mommy Got Lost Nov 15 1967 - A boy tells Sam that his mother, a nurse, got lost while they were playing hide-and-seek, and a subsequent investigation reveals that she's been kidnapped by a deranged country singer who wants ...more

Ordeal by Terror Nov 24 1967 - Sam and Jim aid a department store manager whose wife and son were kidnapped after a robbery went awry.

An Arrangement With Death (1) Dec 01 1967 - Sam and Jim travel to Central America to bring back deposed syndicate chieftain Stengl so he can testify against his successor and brother-in-law Luther, but unwittingly walks into an ambush.

An Arrangement With Death (2) Dec 07 1967 - While traveling back to the states with Stengl, Luther's men take Dan and Stengl's comatose daughter hostage.

No Sad Songs for Charlie Dec 14 1967 - Sam and Jim witness a boat explosion that killed a veteran cop, but their suspicions are fueled when no body can be found, and it's also discovered that the dead man was working as a private ...more

Bed of Strangers Dec 21 1967 - Sam and Jim must pursue a harried executive who flew into a murderous rage after discovering his wife's affair with a tennis instructor.

Killing, Country Style Dec 28 1967 - Sam and small town Sheriff Cal Cable pursue the same girl for different reasons, Sam needs her testimony to convict mob boss Gus Mills for murder, while the corrupt sheriff wants to silence

The Flip Side of Fear (1) Jan 04 1968 - The body of the manager of singer Julie Brown washes up on the beach, and Sam and Jim take on ruthless record executive Ollie Olds, who is out to sign the young singer to a contract.

The Flip Side of Fear (2) Jan 11 1968 - Jim's concern for Julie almost costs him his life, and he and Sam must prove that Olds is trying to control her through massive doses of LSD.

The Love Victim Jan 25 1968 - A beautiful but naive heiress is led to believe that a potential suitor wants to elope with her, unaware that he's really a kidnapper out for a big payday. Her rich and powerful father hinders ...more