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Below is a complete Fillmore! episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Fillmore! episodes are listed along with the Fillmore! episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Fillmore! episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “A Wurm in Our Midst” and “Test of the Tested.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Fillmore! episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Nov 23 2002 - Mrs. Cornwall's Pre-Algebra final exam looks like it's going to be a tough one; however, four of her students have decided to take more extreme measures beyond studying. Fillmore sleeps over in ...more

May 17 2003 - The heat is on from Student Council Representative Peabody to get illegal term papers off the street, but the perps always seem one step ahead of the Safety Patrol. After a botched raid and the ...more

Cry, The Beloved Mascot Oct 05 2002 - Someone has stolen X Middle School's beloved mascot Lobstee the Lobster. Time is running out for both Lobstee and the Bocce Team, and the key to finding him before time runs out might be X's ...more

Feb 15 2003 - Mrs. Lawson's field trip to the Modern Contemporary Natural History, Art, Science and Miniature Museum takes a horrifying turn as someone draws a mustache on the priceless painting "The ...more

Nov 09 2002 - Duappy, a virtual pet - the virtual pet kept alive the longest - has been stolen, and it is up to Fillmore and Ingrid to find X's pride and joy before a reporter comes to X to do a story on ...more

May 10 2003 - X Middle School's best hope to break a losing streak is Checkmatey, a flamboyant rapper who is X's finest chess player. Unfortunately, somebody is out to get him - is it Tyson Pelarez, leader of ...more

Red Robins Don't Fly Oct 12 2002 - During an undercover sting operation, boxes of Band candy were accidentally discovered in the lake. The candy is traced back to the Red Robins - seemingly a school club in the same manner as ...more

Sep 14 2002 - X Middle School's bathroom renovation project teeters on the brink of disaster as the new tagger "STAINLESS" strikes at will. Out of leads, Fillmore and Ingrid turn to Randall Julian, ...more

Two Wheels, Full Throttle, No Breaks Feb 22 2003 - Scooter thefts are up, and the Safety Patrol faces a challenge from student activist Derek Minna, who establishes B.A.G.A.S.T. (Boys And Girls Against Scooter Theft), a scooter and rollerblade ...more

Next Stop, Armageddon Nov 02 2002 - Who sabotaged the Model Train Convention? The R/C Car Club, or was it an inside job?

Nov 16 2002 - Fillmore's partner moves away to Tennessee, and he is partnered up with Brad Parnassus, the smartest kid at X Middle School. Rebellious and super-smart new student Ingrid Third doesn't take her ...more

A Wurm in Our Midst Sep 28 2002 - The Library's books have disappeared, and Tony Clementina, X Middle School's local heavy, is all too eager to take credit for it. Meanwhile, an empty can of Carbee Cola leads Ingrid back to the ...more

Test of the Tested Sep 21 2002 - Vallejo's nearing his second term test for Junior Commissioner, and in the meantime, a crime crops up involving 'The Shredder'- an anonymous criminal who shreds people's pet projects. Here's the ...more

The Currency of Doubt Sep 20 2003 - Tina and Toby are the stars of the school at both dancing and smoit-collecting. Smoits are tokens found on dairy bars and packets of chips used to buy basically anything a kid could want once ...more

South of Friendship, North of Honor Oct 11 2003 - Spring Break has arrived, so Fillmore's taking the time to visit his former partner, Wayne Liggett. In Wayne's new school, something about the Safety Patrol stinks - so much that Emily had to ...more

Immune to All But Justice Oct 18 2003 - X Middle School has gone Canada Crazy - and the ambassador is staying over, along with his assistant Penny Madrid, who happens to be an old partner in crime with Fillmore. Winston Kotter, the ...more

The Nineteenth Hole is a Shallow Grave Nov 01 2003 - Something's down at the X Middle School Open - professional golfers are failing at games, and foul play is suspected. Normally, Fillmore would be all-up for an undercover job like this, but ...more

Links in a Chain of Honor Nov 08 2003 - Ein Neuer ist ins Securtity-Team gekommen: Peter. Schon seine drei großen Brüder haben erfolgreich im Securtity-Team gearbeitet. Jetzt sollen Fillmore und Ingrid den Neuling anlernen. ...more

The Unseen Reflection Nov 15 2003 - Vampirita, a series of novels about an astronaut vampiress, has attracted a huge following at X - and none moreso that Torrey and Terri. The next instalment of the series will be released in a ...more

Code Name: Electric Haircut Jan 02 2004 - Fillmore and Ingrid have to investigate the mysterious vanishing of a student named Alexis, only to find that all reports of her have vanished from the school, and she's even been taken out of ...more

Play On, Maestro, Play On Jan 01 2006 - The Ultrabox, the hottest new game system on the market, makes its debut at X, and everyone wants one - including "The Maestro," a gaming mastermind who will stop at nothing to get it. ...more

This Savior, a Snitch Jan 09 2004 - Facing expulsion under Princpal Folsom's new 'Three Strikes, You're Out' rule, Fillmore must protect the only evidence clearing his name to a crime he has been framed for, the destruction of a ...more

A Dark Score Evened Jan 16 2004 - Four victims - Wilbur, Grover, Becca and Stella. Four bullies - Rochelle, Bryan, Fiona and Horace. Someone's fed up of people being made to feel small and scared and is targeting each victim's ...more

Field Trip of the Just Jan 23 2004 - Guildenstern, the Science Department's tarantula mascot, has been poisoned, and the prime suspect, Eric Orben, has escaped into the city. Fillmore is given a license to go out and track him ...more

Foes Don't Forgive Oct 04 2003 - Reformed thug Linus Santiago wows the crowd at the X Middle School Talent Show with his magic act. Unfortunately, his disappearing trick with Dewey Hubble's robotic dog Barcode goes horribly ...more

The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes Sep 27 2003 - Vallejo's nearing his second term test for Junior Commissioner, and in the meantime, a crime crops up involving 'The Shredder'- an anonymous criminal who shreds people's pet projects. Here's the ...more