Full List of Ford Models

This list of all Ford cars and models is your one stop Ford vehicle model list, including photos of Ford vehicles along with release dates and body types. Make sure to also check out the most popular Ford Mustang models. Among the Ford automobiles listed below are the Ford Contour, Ford Expedition, and any of the Ford company latest models. A truly American company, Ford revolutionized auto manufacturing and set the stage for car culture in the United States. Old Ford cars were some of the first on the road, and the list below has them, too! Old Fords and new, you'll find plenty of information here.

This list of car models made by Ford includes Ford sports cars, SUV models, Ford compact cars, and even classic Ford cars. Fords shown below can be hovered over, or you can click on the names of the Ford brands to get more information on any of them. Ford types also have car class information available if you click on their names and go to their dedicated page.

Ford trucks have a loyal fanbase and community, and their fans will find them on this Ford cars list too. An American icon, you'll find all you need to know about the types of Ford cars and other vehicles right here. But if you're a Chevy truck guy, you'll need to look at this Chevy models list instead.


  • Ford Fiesta
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    The Ford Fiesta is a supermini car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 1976, now in its seventh generation. The Fiesta has been manufactured in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, and South Africa. In 2010, the sixth generation Fiesta was introduced worldwide, making it the first Fiesta model to be sold in North America since the Fiesta Mark I was discontinued at the end of 1980. The Fiesta has sold over 16 million units since 1976, making it one of the best selling Ford marques behind the Escort and the F-Series.
    • Class: Supermini
  • Ford Pinto
    Photo: JOHN LLOYD / Flickr
    The Ford Pinto is a subcompact car produced by the Ford Motor Company for the model years 1971–1980. Initially offered as a two-door sedan, hatchback and wagon models followed in 1972. With over 3 million sold over a 10-year production run, the Pinto competed in the U.S. market against the AMC Gremlin and Chevrolet Vega — outproducing both by total production as well as by highest model year production. The Pinto also competed against imported cars from Volkswagen, Datsun, and Toyota. A rebadged variant, the Mercury Bobcat, debuted in 1974 in Canada and in March 1975 in the US. The Pinto/Bobcat and the smaller, imported Ford Fiesta were ultimately replaced by the front-wheel-drive Ford ...more
    • Class: Compact car, Hatchback, Subcompact car, Coupé, Station Wagon
  • Ford Focus
    Photo: dez / Flickr
    The Ford Focus is a compact car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 1998. Ford began sales of the Focus to Europe in July 1998 and in North America during 1999 for the 2000 model year. In Europe, North and South America, and South Africa, the Focus replaced the various versions of the Ford Escort and Ford Laser sold in those markets. In Asia and Australasia, it replaced the Ford Laser. As of the first half of 2012, the Focus surpassed the Toyota Corolla to become the world's best selling automobile nameplate. The Focus has been considered one of the 50 greatest cars of the past fifty years by British magazine CAR. Pope Francis is known to use a Ford Focus.
    • Class: Compact car, Hatchback, Sedan, Station Wagon
  • Ford Explorer
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    The Ford Explorer is a sport utility vehicle produced by the American manufacturer Ford since 1990. The Ford Explorer went on to become one of the most popular sport utility vehicles on the road. The model years through 2010 were traditional body-on-frame, mid-size SUVs. For the 2011 model year, Ford moved the Explorer to a more modern unibody, full-size crossover SUV/crossover utility vehicle platform, the same Volvo-derived platform the Ford Flex and Ford Taurus use. It is slotted between the traditional body-on-frame, full-size Ford Expedition and the mid-size CUV Ford Edge. Although outwardly similar, the fifth generation Explorer, Ford Edge and Ford Escape do not share platforms. The ...more
    • Class: Sport utility vehicle, Crossover SUV