TV Episodes Full List of Four Star Playhouse Episodes

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Below is a complete Four Star Playhouse episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Four Star Playhouse episodes are listed along with the Four Star Playhouse episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Four Star Playhouse episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The Answer” to “The Witness” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Four Star Playhouse episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Knockout Jan 01 1953 - A young middleweight boxer finds at the height of his career that his championship fight has been fixed.

Night Ride May 07 1953 -

Backstage Nov 06 1952 - An actor named Paul is out on an evening stroll when he sees a young woman attempting to jump off a bridge. After a struggle, he discovers her name is Amy and she is homeless. Paul believes $5 ...more

The Lost Silk Hat Oct 23 1952 - After quarrelling with a woman a man loses his hat and winds up being accused of her murder.

Shadowed Jun 18 1953 - Burt Stroude is a virtual shoe-in to be nominate to the U.S. Senate. His future is threatened when an incident from his past comes to the public's attention.

Sound Off, My Love Feb 12 1953 - A wife finally goes to the doctor about her hearing loss and returns home in time to hear her husband plot her death.

The Last Voyage Apr 23 1953 -

The Man Who Walked Out On Himself Mar 26 1953 - After separating from his wife, a wealthy clubman is about to marry a much young woman -- whereupon his mirror image walks out on him in disgust.

No Identity Mar 12 1953 -

My Wife Geraldine Sep 25 1952 - A man learns that he is suspected of murdering his wife, whom he now claims never existed.

Mr. Bingham Jun 04 1953 -

Dante's Inferno Oct 02 1952 -

The Officer and the Lady Dec 18 1952 -

Man on a Train Jan 15 1953 - On a train returning from India, William Langford meets a man who is carrying 75,000 English pounds in his briefcase. Murder becomes a possibility when the man and his money suddenly disappear.

The Man in the Box Feb 26 1953 - Theater-goers are surprised to see actor Victor Sherman at the play, considering what happened a year earlier. As the play proceeds, the man in the box imagines himself playing each of the ...more

Trail's End Jan 29 1953 -

Welcome Home Nov 20 1952 -

The Ladies On His Mind May 21 1953 - A psychiatrist listens to his female patients go on about their troubles. As they talk, he imagines himself within each of their stories.

The Island Dec 04 1952 - A doctor caring for natives on a tropical island is dismissed by the bully owner of the island who discovered a discrepancy in his medical past. Suddenly, the owner is struck with acute ...more

The Bad Streak Jan 14 1954 - An honest professional casino owner runs into bad luck with impending insolvency or sale of his property. He also runs into his ""long-lost"" never forgotten misdirected son ...more

The Hard Way Sep 10 1953 -

Love At Sea Oct 15 1953 - A journalist's wife who, while alone on a sea voyage, becomes the center of male attention.

The Doctor And The Countess Apr 29 1954 - A plastic surgeon helps an Italian count.

Operation In Money Mar 11 1954 -

Out of the Night Nov 05 1953 -

Meet McGraw: Long Count Feb 25 1954 - McGraw, a private eye, is hired by Lila Lamont to protect her from her threatening husband Louis.

Village In The City Apr 22 1954 - An artist turns detective to find out who murdered his favorite model and left the body in his studio.

Moorings Nov 12 1953 - A sickly aging shipping magnate falls in love with a blind mother.

A Matter Of Advice Oct 29 1953 -

Finale Sep 24 1953 -

The Bomb Feb 18 1954 -

A Study In Panic Apr 08 1954 - Wise-guy newspaperman Fred Jordan writes a column making fun of "normal" men who panic during a fire. Soon afterward he gets a letter from a deranged man who promises Jordan that he ...more

Second Dawn Feb 04 1954 -

Lady of the Orchids Mar 18 1954 - An architect's wife endangers his career when she is involved in a car accident. While on a ride to a roadhouse, she accidentally spills brandy on the driver, with whom she has been flirting. ...more

A String of Beads Jan 21 1954 - Joan Robinson works as a governess for a wealthy family. She attends a party thrown by her employer and, although she is an attractive young woman, she is completely ignored until one of the ...more

The Room Dec 10 1953 - A doctor encounters suspicion and a dark secret when he rents a house in Cuba.

Detective`s Holiday Mar 04 1954 - A detective (Dick Powel) takes a trip to a cabin in the woods to get away from it all. A man, his wife, and his two kids entertain him. When one of the kids let's it slip that their step-mother ...more

The Book Apr 01 1954 -

For Art`s Sake Nov 26 1953 -

The Girl On The Park Bench Dec 03 1953 - A beautiful, intelligent, and politically savvy young woman takes up residency in the city park to protest the Mayor's decision to end rent control on apartments. The comically ornery mayor ...more

The Witness Oct 22 1953 - A suave attorney is hired to defend a man on trial for robbery and murder. The attorney finds the real culprit and solves the mystery in the courtroom.

Masquerade Apr 15 1954 - A costume ball during the New Orleans Mardi Gras turns sour when the family hosting the festivities discovers that their cousin has escaped from jail.

The Gift Dec 24 1953 - A businessman becomes moody and antagonistic each year at Christmas because it reminds him of his estranged son, who chose to become a geologist instead of following in his father's footsteps.

Indian Taker Jan 28 1954 -

House For Sale Dec 31 1953 - A woman visits an isolated house expecting to meet with the realtor. Instead, she encounters a murderer who's escaped from a mental hospital. When a couple drops in to tour the home, she tries ...more

The Squeeze Oct 01 1953 - Another of the great Willie Dante stories. Stan, the son of the DA, is a secret gambler. He loses big in Willie's joint and pays by check. Stan's pretty sister shows up to ask Willie's help. ...more

The Test Jan 07 1954 -

A Place Of His Own Oct 08 1953 - The Commander, a mildly brain injured war hero, lives with his greedy family. All he wants is his own house, while all they want is to preserve their failing wealth, at all costs. When Frank, ...more

The Gun Feb 11 1954 - A police detective returns home to his family one morning only to have his meal interrupted by a constant stream of people: the milkman, his neighbor, the postman, the grocery boy, and a ...more

A Man Of The World Dec 17 1953 -