Full List of Four Weddings Episodes

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Below is a complete Four Weddings episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Four Weddings episodes are listed along with the Four Weddings episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Four Weddings episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Series 3, Episode 3,” “Series 4, Episode 4” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Four Weddings episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Series 4, Episode 3 Episode: 3, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride arrives on horseback, while another celebrates with a soap-opera theme. Also: Latin and Italian music at a reception; a wedding that ends with fireworks.
Series 4, Episode 1 Episode: 1, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A kindergarten teacher's students dispense marital advice in the Season 4 premiere, while another bride's reception features a hookah lounge. Also: a barbecue hoedown.
Series 4, Episode 2 Episode: 2, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride has an Elvis impersonator on the guest list, while another choreographs a Wedding Wobble. Also: a dog that brings the wedding rings; a star-themed ceremony.
And a Bouncy House Episode: 3, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A chef cooks up the food for her own wedding. Also: an intimate wedding at a winery; a backyard bash with a BBQ truck and an ice-cream man; a traditional banquet hall reception.
Series 4, Episode 4 Episode: 4, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride adds handmade details to her big day, while another decorates with vintage candelabras. Also: a wedding at an art-house movie theater.
Series 4, Episode 5 Episode: 5, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride has a backyard bash on a budget, while another goes all out for her black-tie affair. Also: a horse-and-carriage entrance.
And a Bling Team! Episode: 6, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A bride wears a pre-owned gown down the aisle, while another has a birdcage veil. Also: a backdrop of paper flowers for guest portraits; a DJ accompanied by a percussionist.
And a Thousand Cranes Episode: 7, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride's reception features a large Italian meal, while another's offers a minimal menu. Also: a reception that begins with signature drinks; a celebration with vodka snow cones and cotton
And a Talking Parrot Episode: 8, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride's 11 bridesmaids select their own rainbow-hued dresses, while another bride dresses her party in black. Also: a bride's entrance on a yacht; Hollywood impersonators and a bride's music ...more
And a Frog Dance Episode: 9, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
Aimee favors Gothic wedding décor for her rock and roll wedding, while Megan lightens up with pastel peonies for her centerpieces. Angie's booked an elegant downtown ballroom for her ...more
And a Dance Off Episode: 10, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A bride's garden wedding is inspired by her obsession with fairies, while another's honors her fiancé's Moroccan heritage. Also: a bride's family's band who play at her reception; a Greek ...more
And a Bridal Party Band Episode: 18, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A bride throws a traditional Serbian ceremony, while another sits in on the drums. Also: a choreographed flash mob; a wedding planned entirely by the groom.
And a Circus Episode: 27, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride's reception has a circus theme with peanuts and a barbecue, while another's garden affair is catered by a food truck. Also: a cruise-ship wedding; a ceremony at an observatory.
And a Water Park Episode: 13, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A bride gets married at a winery, while another's wedding takes place at a water park. Also: an eight-course Russian meal; a reception catered by a chef named Cowboy.
And a Red Velvet Funnel Cake Episode: 41, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
Rachele enters her reception to the beat of performing drummers; Nicolle's husband's college mascot helps cut the cake; Travia celebrates her wedding and 30th birthday.
And a Russian Cabaret Episode: 36, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride's Parisian-theme wedding is a Francophile's dream, while another's sizzles with romance. Also: a Latin-inspired reception; an extravagant Russian cabaret.
And a Mechanical Bull Episode: 12, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A choreographed flash mob takes over a dance floor at one bride's reception, while another's features a mechanical bull. Also: a scavenger hunt for guests; a wedding with the latest electronic ...more
And a Mardi Gras Indian Episode: 39, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
New Orleans-style weddings feature Mardi Gras Indians; king cakes and a second-line band; and a French Quarter-theme reception. Also: wedding vows in a castle.
And Fist Pumping Episode: 16, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A bride's first dance features rumba and salsa numbers; a reception has a "Jersey Shore" theme; a woman shows off three gowns on a red carpet; a wedding has a coral-hued decor.
And a Ballet Episode: 19, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride has a simple reception with a cash bar, while another bride invites 400 guests to her elaborate wedding, which features ballet dancers, soccer players and capoeira performers. Also: a ...more
And a Bacon Bar Episode: 29, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
Bacon is on a reception's menu at Harvard University, while guests sit on hay bales at a backyard celebration. Also: a medieval-castle wedding; a ceremony under a whale skeleton at a maritime
And a Windstorm Episode: 26, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A Marilyn Monroe impersonator does a tango and changes her dress twice, while another bride marries a cowboy at a winery. Also: a wedding in a chapel in the woods; a ceremony in a redwood
And Ballpark Peanuts Episode: 25, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One bride's wedding features pipe-organ music and maracas, while another's honors her Portuguese heritage. Also: handwritten quotes on rocks; a reception with late-night snacks.
And a Leprechaun Episode: 24, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
One reception has plenty of alcohol, while another features a leprechaun. Also: vows with a history lesson; a wedding that unites two Native American tribes.
And Dueling Peacocks Episode: 38, Season: Four Weddings - Season 4
A jungle-theme brunch with monkeys; a bride with a much younger groom; a bride's dress that's augmented by a red-and-black color scheme; a bride with a fondness for peacocks.