Slasher Movies Full List of Friday The 13th: The Series Episodes

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Below is a complete Friday the 13th: The Series episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Friday the 13th: The Series episodes are listed along with the Friday the 13th: The Series episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Friday the 13th: The Series episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Demonhunter” and “Midnight Riders.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Friday the 13th: The Series episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Baron's Bride Feb 20 1988 - A cursed broach possesses several strange abilities, including the ability to transform its wearer into a vampire and the ability to, when daubed with blood, let its wearer travel through time. ...more

Hellowe'en Oct 31 1987 - Micki and Ryan throw a Halloween party at the shop to meet the neighbors, but two visitors inadvertently resurrect Uncle Vendredi's spirit. Now totally corrupted by evil, Lewis plans to use the ...more

What a Mother Wouldn't Do Jul 23 1988 - Two desperate parents were given an antique cradle by a symathetic Lewis Vendredi. The cradle belonged to a female passenger aboard the Titanic. Trying to rescue her child, she accidentally ...more

Root of All Evil Nov 28 1987 - A gardener's assistant gets hold of a cursed mulcher. The more wealthy and valuable the person you feed into it, the more money that comes out. The trio manage to feed the assistant into the ...more

Pipe Dream Jul 16 1988 - Ryan's father Ray, a small-time inventor, rolls into town and announces that he's achieved great financial success and is planning to finally marry. Ray's managed to do so with the aid of a pipe ...more

Doctor Jack Nov 14 1987 - A doctor has obtained the cursed scapel used by Jack the Ripper, and discovers he can use it to kill one victim and miraculously heal one of his patients. His reputation as a miracle worker soon ...more

Cupid's Quiver Oct 17 1987 - An unattractive low-life gets hold of a cursed statue of Cupid that allows him to turn women into loving worshippers who fall at his feet. However, he is compelled to kill them in hideous ways ...more

The Poison Pen Oct 10 1987 - The cousins and Jack track an antique quill pen to a monastery famed for its mysterious prophecies. The pen can be used to make anything written with it come the cost of a human life ...more

Scarecrow Feb 06 1988 - A small farming community has excellent harvesters. Little do they realize that one of the farmers uses a cursed scarecrow. She must pin the pictures of three victims on the scarecrow's chest. ...more

Tattoo Mar 12 1988 - A young man, Tommy Chow, gets hold of a set of tattoo needles. He tattoes an innocent victim, and the tattoo then comes to gory life and kills the victim. In return, Tommy, a compulsive gambler, ...more

A Cup of Time Oct 24 1987 - An antique tea cup decorated with ""borrowers' ivy"" lets the user borrow youth and talent from a victim by taking their life. A senior citizen uses the cup to reinvent ...more

Double Exposure May 21 1988 - Winston Knight, a TV anchorman, gains great fame because a serial killer, the Machete Killer, will only contact him. What no one knows is that Knight is using a cursed camera that lets him ...more

Brain Drain Apr 30 1988 - A dim-wittedd man discovers a cursed trefinator in a museum warehouse: a guillotine-like device that transfers spinal fluid from one individual to another. The cursed item actually transfers ...more

Tales of the Undead Jan 30 1988 - A old and embittered comic book writer, Jay Star, gets hold of a cursed comic book that allows him to transform into Ferrus the Invincible and take vengeance on the individuals who stripped him ...more

Faith Healer Feb 13 1988 - Jack is asked by a friend to investigate a ""faith healer"" who uses a cursed glove to heal one transferring their ills magnified tenfold to another victim. Jack ...more

Pirate's Promise Jul 02 1988 - Tracking a cursed foghorn, Micki and Ryan arrive at an isolated community. Initially unbeknownst to them, the local lighthouse keeper is using the foghorn to summon up the ghost of pirate Angus ...more

The Quilt of Hathor (1) May 07 1988 - A cursed quilt, which allows the person underneath it to dream their enemies to death, finds its way into an Amish-like ""Pennitite"" community. A plain woman stumbles upon ...more

The Great Montarro Nov 07 1987 - A magician creates a new death-defying act using a pair of cursed antique ""magic boxes"" created by the famous magician Houdin. Anyone placed in one box can survive any ...more

The Electrocutioner Apr 23 1988 - An innocent man is condemned to the electric chair, but manages to survive. Embittered, the man buys the electric chair from Lewis Vendredi. A dentist, he takes a job in an orphanage and ...more

The Quilt of Hathor: The Awakening (2) May 14 1988 - Jack and Micki, depressed because Ryan stayed with the Pennitites, learn that the Quilt of Hathor they have is a forgery when they are able to harm it (all of the cursed antiques are ...more

Vanity's Mirror Mar 05 1988 - A homely girl, overshadowed by her prom queen sister, gets hold of a vanity which she can use to bedazzle any boy into falling in love with her. However, as soon as they do, she must then kill ...more

The Inheritance Oct 03 1987 - In the opening segment (to be repeated throughout the first two years), we see Lewis Vendredi try to recover the cursed antiques, and end up condemned to hell. Distant cousins Ryan Dallion and ...more

Badge of Honor Jul 09 1988 - An old boyfriend of Micki's, Tim Ayres, shows up in town, and immediately begins acting suspiciously. Ryan, somewhat jealous, believes that Ayres is working with local counterfeiters. It turns ...more

Shadow Boxer Nov 21 1987 - A cursed set of boxing gloves makes their owner unbeatable in the ring...while his shadow goes out and beats an innocent to death. The trio manage to recover the gloves, but the boxer they stole ...more

Bottle of Dreams Jul 30 1988 - A mysterious messenger brings a Coptic urn to the store, which bursts open when Micki and Ryan take it to the Vault. The gas from the jar puts them into a trance where they are forced to relive ...more

Bedazzled Feb 27 1988 - Jack and Ryan recover a cursed lantern from two treasure hunters who use it to recover lost treasure by killing their divers with it. They take it back to the vault and then head off for a ...more

Doorway to Hell Sep 30 1988 - Lewis Vendredi was defeated in the previous episode Bottle of Dreams, but he has another plan. Vendredi is using a mirror that he prepared before his death, hidden away in an old home that the ...more

Scarlet Cinema Feb 25 1989 - An outcast college film student is obsessed with werewolves. Mercilessly teased by frat boys and rejected by the girls, he stumbles upon a cursed movie camera. When he films someone with it, he ...more

Tails I Live, Heads You Die Oct 21 1988 - A Satanic cult leader gets ahold of the cursed Coin of Ziocles, and needs it to resurrect three powerful witches. Flip the coin and it comes up heads...killing the victim and allowing the user ...more

The Butcher Apr 29 1989 - While Micki and Ryan are on vacation, Jack has nightmares of his World War II experience when he was captured by the Nazis and nearly killed by Rausch, a commandant known as The Butcher. The ...more

Face of Evil Feb 11 1989 - The compact lost in last season's ""Vanity's Mirror"" is found by the dead girl's sister, who is now working as a make-up artist. Inadvertently, the aging starlet she works ...more

The Voodoo Mambo Oct 07 1988 - During a local voodoo celebration, Jack meets an old friend, Hedley, who is a voodoo houngan, and the ""Keeper of Fire"". Hedley's granddaughter Stacey is to be initiated as ...more

The Shaman's Apprentice Jun 03 1989 - The son of an Indian shaman, who has embraced the white man's medicine and become a doctor, is frustrated by the patients he loses. He stumbles across a cursed Indian rattle hidden away by his ...more

Wedding In Black May 13 1989 - A mysterious snowglobe is mailed to Curious Goods. When Micki gives it a shake, an old boyfriend of hers shows up, and convinces her to join him at a bed & breakfast. Then Jack and Ryan are ...more

A Friend to the End Apr 22 1989 - This is essentially two half-episodes. In the first, Micki and Ryan are trying to recover a cursed piece of rock, the Shard of Medusa, from a sculptress. Using it, she can kill a victim and ...more

The Maestro May 27 1989 - A famous dancer, Anton Pascola, is crippled in an accident before completing his masterpiece, ""Shiva."" He obtains a cursed symphonia (music box). Using it, he can have ...more

Mesmer's Bauble May 06 1989 - A homely record-store clerk is obsessed with pop diva Angelica, and happens to stumble upon a jewelry robbery where the thieves drop one of the items: a cursed pendant that first belonged to Dr. ...more

Eye of Death Feb 04 1989 - An antiques collector, Atticus Rook, makes a fortune selling as-new antiques from the Civil War era. It turns out that they are ""as-new"": by fueling a cursed ...more

Read My Lips Nov 25 1988 - Micki's college roommate wants her to be bridesmaid at her wedding. However, the woman's fiancee, a ventriloquist, appears to be going insane. He spends most his time talking to his dummy as if ...more

Coven of Darkness Jun 17 1989 - The trio attempt to recover a ""witches' ladder"", a beaded necklace that can greatly enhance a witch's power. It is in the safekeeping of a coven of white witches. ...more

The Mephisto Ring Apr 15 1989 - A World Series ring for the infamous Black Sox game allows its owner to predict winning games to gamble on...if the owner puts the ring on a sacrificial victim and condemns them to a gory death. ...more

Wedding Bell Blues May 20 1989 - While Ryan and Jack try to recover a pair of cursed snowshoes, Micki hears from one of Ryan's street contacts, a punk named Johnny. He's managed to track down a pool cue that bears a cursed. The ...more

Better Off Dead Feb 18 1989 - A doctor is trying to develop a cure for a childhood syndrome lending towards hyperviolence. Due to his mistake, his daughter was inadvertently infected with the disease from a contaminated ...more

The Playhouse Jan 28 1989 - Two children trapped in an abusive home stumble upon a cursed playhouse. The playhouse lets them enter a fantastical world of clown and parties in return for them luring in a child. The trail of ...more

Symphony in B# Nov 04 1988 - Jack is a fan of deceased violinist, Janos Korda. Ryan's new girlfriend Leslie, a violinist, is Korda's widow. Each year a new album of Korda's ""lost"" music is mysteriously ...more

Master of Disguise Nov 11 1988 - The trio become involved in a movie production when they loan some (non-cursed) antiques out to a set. Handsome actor William Pratt is the star, and Micki and he soon fall in love. ...more

The Sweetest Sting Jan 21 1989 - A demented bee keeper, McCabe, uses a cursed antique beehive in a complicated scheme. First he turns loose the bees in the beehive, which kill someone and make a blood-honey. Then McCabe sells ...more

And Now the News Oct 14 1988 - In an insane asylum, a doctor is using a cursed antique radio to enact miraculous cures on his patients. The cost, as usual, is that the radio then kills another doctor's patients, by bringing ...more

The Prisoner Jun 10 1989 - A crook names Railsback gets hold of a World War II kamikazi jacket. When smeared with the blood of a murderered victim, it lets the wearer become invisible. Railsback is in prison, but uses the ...more

Wax Magic Nov 18 1988 - An eccentric wax sculptor and his wife tour with a carnival. Not so coincidentally, a series of ax murders follow the carnival and the ""Hall of Horrors"" wax museum the ...more