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Full List of Frontline Episodes

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Below is a complete Frontline episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Frontline episodes are listed along with the Frontline episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Frontline episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Ten Trillion and Counting” and “Frontline: The Age of AIDS.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Frontline episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 1

    Crisis in Central America

    Apr 08 1985
    Crisis in Central America is a Frontline documentary that examines Central America from 1898...
  • 2

    Waco: the Inside Story

    Oct 17 1995
    Frontline investigates the April 1993 FBI siege of the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, Texas....
  • 3

    The Lost Children of Rockdale County

    Oct 19 1999
    The Lost Children of Rockdale County was a television episode presented by Frontline....
  • 4

    Cheney's Law

    Oct 16 2007
    Frontline traces the behind-closed-doors battle within the Bush administration over the power...
  • 5

    Washington's Other Scandal

    Oct 06 1998
    Frontline looks at the 1996 presidential election which up to that time was the most expensive...
  • 6

    Shattered Dreams of Peace

    This documentary examines the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians from 1995, the...
  • 7

    Drug Wars

    Frontline examines the drug epidemic in the United States and the "war on drugs."...
  • 8

    The Choice '96

    Oct 08 1996
    Frontline profiles the 1996 presidential candidates, Bill Clinton and Bob Dole...
  • 9

    Daisy: Story of a Facelift

    Mar 28 1983
    Daisy is 55 and terrified of growing old. She feels she needs a facelift. From the moment of...
  • 10

    A Chinese Affair

    Feb 07 1983
    Frontline correspondent Charles Cobb journeys to a Washington, DC that tourists rarely see....
  • 11

    Chasing the Basketball Dream

    Apr 23 1984
    Many young men, especially many poor blacks in the nation's cities, dream of making it big by...
  • 12

    The Mind of a Murderer: Part 2

    Mar 26 1984
    Part 2 raises serious questions about the use of psychiatric evidence in criminal proceedings....
  • 13

    Potomac Fever

    Apr 02 1985
    Every two years, a desire to represent their home districts in Washington brings a group of...
  • 14

    Crisis in Central America 3: Revolution in Nicaragua

    Apr 11 1985
    In 1979, the Sandinistas led a revolution that overthrew the Somoza dynasty which had ruled...
  • 15

    Sue the Doctor?

    Jan 28 1986
    For many doctors, practicing medicine has become a nightmare. Today, one out of every six...
  • 16

    Holy War, Holy Terror

    Jun 03 1986
    Frontline correspondent John Laurence examines the background of the Islamic Revolution, the...
  • 17

    Comrades IX: Baltic Chic

    Aug 26 1986
    Fashion-conscious Estonians living on the Gulf of Finland are inspired by the Western styles...
  • 18

    Racism 101

    May 10 1988
    Frontline explores the disturbing increase in racial incidents and violence on America's...
  • 19

    The Politics of Prosperity

    Oct 10 1988
    In the last weeks of the 1988 presidential campaign, correspondent William Greider explores...
  • 20

    Miss USSR

    Feb 06 1990
    Frontline goes behind the scenes at the Soviet Union's first national beauty pageant with an...
  • 21

    The Spirit of Crazy Horse

    Dec 18 1990
    One hundred years after the massacre at Wounded Knee, Milo Yellow Hair recounts the story of...
  • 22

    Innocence Lost

    May 07 1991
    What has happened to the small town of Edenton, North Carolina, now that its most prestigious...
  • 23

    The Gates Nomination

    Jul 15 1991
    At the start of US Senate confirmation hearings, Frontline probes the background of Robert M....
  • 24

    In the Shadow of Sakharov

    Oct 15 1991
    Frontline recounts the saga of Andrei Sakharov, the nuclear physicist turned human-rights...
  • 25

    In Search of Our Fathers

    Nov 24 1992
    Marco Williams was 24 years old when he learned his father's name. It was the first of many...