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Below is a complete Future Weapons episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Future Weapons episodes are listed along with the Future Weapons episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Future Weapons episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “Future Warrior” to “Israel Special 2.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Future Weapons episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Power of Fear May 24 2006 - The MOAB (Short for Massive Ordnance Air Blast), is the biggest conventional bomb ever made. It can penetrate bunker and underground concrete command and control centers. With its explosive ...more

Maximum Impact May 03 2006 - Future Weapons shows some of the most powerful conventional weapons that are in today's military arsenal, including an automatic gatling gun, a thermobaric bomb with power that rivals nuclear ...more

No Place to Hide Apr 19 2006 - Future Weapons showcases advanced weapons that leave the enemy defenseless and with no place to hide, such as the most advanced jet fighter known to man and a sophisticated gun that is able to ...more

Smart Weapons May 17 2006 - Artillery has always been one of the most important piece of weaponry you can have on a battlefield but accuracy is often a big trouble. The US Army is testing a new projectile who can correct ...more

Future Shock May 10 2006 - What weapon is the soldier of the future going to use? The EMP bomb? Who can destroy any electronic component. The LRAD? Who can take down its target with a low frequency noise or a laser who ...more

Stealth Apr 26 2006 - Future Weapons showcases advanced weapons that use stealth technology to their advantage, such as the Predator unmanned aerial drone and a newly developed sniper rifle that is effective at ...more

Top Guns Mar 05 2007 - Discover some of the most powerful weapons in the word, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet strike fighter, Barrett’s M468 assault rifle, the M777 lightweight howitzer, and the aircraft carrier that is ...more

Close Quarter Combat Mar 19 2007 - In this episode of Future Weapons Richard shows us the Kriss - a powerful submachine gun, the anti-tank AT4-CS, the super armored Grizzly, and the Auto Assault shotgun.

Smart Destroyers Mar 12 2007 - In this episode of Future Weapons Richard shows us The Protector - an unmanned attack boat, the Intelligent Munitions System - the mine that thinks for itself, the super accurate Archer ...more

Immediate Action Mar 26 2007 - In this episode of Future Weapons Richard shows us the Crow gun system, a clever and fast way of destroying anti-personnel mines with a Dragon, the Boomerang sniper detection system, and how to ...more

No Escape Jan 29 2007 - In this episode of "Future Weapons", weapons that are incredibly accurate and lethal, including the Gate Crasher wall-breaching device, the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, the MP7 A1 ...more

Predators Feb 26 2007 - In this episode, you'll see the real predators of our battlefields. The Q-4B Global Hawk spy plane, the latest precision-guided aerial munitions (GBU-39 SDB and Laser JDAM), the Dragon Fire II ...more

Search & Destroy Jan 15 2007 - In this episode of "Future Weapons", we discover the AS50 semi-automatic sniper rifle, the Vulcan and Aardvark mine destroyers, the SMAW-NE shoulder-launched thermobaric munition and ...more

Massive Attack Apr 09 2007 - In this episode of Future Weapons Richard shows us the USS San Antonio, the AC130 Spooky gunship, an Electromagnetic Rail Gun, and the sniper computer that makes you super accurate and even more ...more

First Strike Feb 19 2007 - During this episode, Richard test the Marine Corps' Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, the "rockets in a box" NLOS-LS missile system, the Bangalore Blade "breakout" weapon, and ...more

The Protectors Jan 22 2007 - In this episode of "Future Weapons", we discover weapons that defeat the opposition, including the BOOT BANGER car bomb neutralizer, the amazing Dragon Skin body armor, the THAAD ...more

Mission Invisible Feb 05 2007 - In this episode, Mack shows us weapons that strike with the unseen power of stealth, including the Krakatoa modular explosive projectile system, the USS Texas attack submarine, the B-2 Spirit ...more

Future Combat Apr 02 2007 - In this episode of Future Weapons Richard shows us the Active Denial System, a non-lethal way of protecting troops, the Crusher unmanned ground combat vehicle, and the US Army's Future Combat ...more

Front Line Feb 12 2007 - In this episode of Future Weapons, Richard test some of the best front line weapons. The CV22 Osprey, XM307, Land Warrior, Striker.

Guns Dec 20 2007 - FutureWeapons goes big on guns starting with the rapid-fire cannon that’s fast becoming a huge hit with the U.S. armed forces. Next up, Mack takes a helicopter ride where he unleashes a ...more

Hard Target Mar 19 2008 - Future weapons set out to test yet another group of advanced new weapons. The first is a new super light armor for rubber raiding craft; then they test out new ammo for the Milkor multiple ...more

Kill Zone Mar 26 2008 - Future weapons get to preview a new revolution in air warfare; they also take a look at the amazing optic sight for assault rifles. Also they take a look at a massive assault rifle that can fire ...more

Close Protection Dec 06 2007 - First up is the top-secret scanning device that will stop terrorist attempts to smuggle liquid bombs and guns on to passenger jets. Next, Mack takes command of the newest rapid-fire naval gun as ...more

Future Warrior Mar 12 2008 - Future weapons tests an amazing state-of-the-art weapon that can be converted from assault rifle to sniper rifle in seconds; the family car that can withstand bombs and bullets and even fight ...more

Israel Special 2 Mar 19 2008 - Future weapons heads back out east to check out some of the latest weapons be tested and put to use by the Israeli armed forces. First they'll take a look at anti-missile shield system called ...more

Firepower Nov 17 2007 - The third-season opener includes a device that disarms terrorist bombs, a squad weapon for ambush protection, a surface-to-air missile and the Army's latest sniper rifle.

Non-lethal Special Nov 29 2007 - Examining the Taser and its applications for military use. Also: a vehicle-stopping device that uses a high-tech net to trap suicide bombers.

Israel Special Dec 13 2007 - FutureWeapons travels to the Middle East to uncover the cutting-edge weapons under design for the Israeli Defense Forces. Mack demonstrates an amazing weapon that will blow open the door of a ...more

Alaska Special Apr 24 2008 - Future weapons set out to test a few weapons on how they operate in arctic conditions; which include the Stryker Mobile Gun System, the M56E1 Smoke Generator and the Arctic Warfare Super Magnum ...more