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Below is a complete Garfield and Friends episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Garfield and Friends episodes are listed along with the Garfield and Friends episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Garfield and Friends episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “Happy Garfield Day” and “Goody-Go-Round.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Garfield and Friends episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

All About Odie Nov 26 1988 - Garfield teaches us more about our favourite little yellow pooch.

Banana Nose Oct 01 1988 - Lanolin gets everyone to call Roy "banana nose" as retaliation for his pirate gag.

Box o' Fun Sep 24 1988 - Garfield uses a box as a porthole to different imaginary adventures.

Caped Avenger Dec 03 1988 - Garfield's Teddy Bear, Pooky, is missing so he becomes ""THE CAPED AVENGER"" and starts looking for his friend, with Odie (nicknamed ""Slurp"") taging

Garfield's Moving Experience Oct 15 1988 - After Garfield is kicked out of the house for being mean to Odie, he pretends to be homeless and gets adopted by a rich girl.

Garfield Goes Hawaiian Sep 17 1988 - Garfield becomes stricken with the Hawaiian cat flu.

Good Cat, Bad Cat Oct 29 1988 - Garfield's Bad conscience provokes him to do bad things while his Good conscience tries to stop him.

Good Mousekeeping Oct 15 1988 - Mice take over the house after learning that Garfield doesn't chase them.

Green Thumbs Down Dec 03 1988 - Jon thinks grocery shopping is too expensive, so he decides to plant a garden in the backyard to grow his own vegetables.

Magic Mutt Nov 19 1988 - Jon is going to put on a magic show for the children's hospital, and his dusting off his old tricks (which are pretty lame.) So, Jon decides to go to magic shop to acquire some new and better ...more

Monday Misery Nov 19 1988 - It's Monday again, and Garfield has fallen into his usual paranoia. He tries to hide from it's terrors, but he cannot find a single place that is free from the Monday curse. Jon is sending his ...more

National Tapioca Pudding Day Nov 26 1988 - To make the perfect prank, Roy tells everyone it is National Tapioca Pudding Day, and he passes around a gift box filled with spring-loaded pudding for the unsuspecting to open.

Nighty Nightmare Oct 01 1988 - Jon tells Garfield that his overeating will give him a nightmare, and it does.

Nothing to Sneeze At Oct 08 1988 - Garfield is allergic to something, but no one can figure out what.

Ode to Odie Oct 01 1988 - Garfield narrates (in a rapping style) a tale about Odie's encounter with a few dogs in a tough neighborhood

Return of Power Pig Nov 05 1988 - Orson begins to tell a story that Sheldon thinks is too scary. He shows that he's scared, which eventually leads to speculation that there is a monster on the farm.

Sales Resistance Dec 10 1988 - Jon tries to stop Garfield from buying every useless product advertised on television.

Shell Shocked Sheldon Oct 08 1988 - Orson sits on Sheldon in order for him to fully hatch.

Shy Fly Guy Dec 03 1988 - Wade is determined to fly after his cousin Fred ridicules him.

The Bad Sport Oct 22 1988 - The gang decides to try out a new sport called pig ball, but Roy excludes himself--until he adds some rules of his own.

The Binky Show Nov 12 1988 - Garfield goes on the Binky Show to win a birthday present for Jon.

The Worm Turns Oct 29 1988 - Orson explains how Booker gave up worm-chasing.

Unidentified Flying Orson Sep 24 1988 - Orson is determined to not get carried away any more while reading books, but Roy decides to bring Orson's latest story to life.

Wade: You're Afraid Oct 15 1988 - Orson tries to hypnotize Wade into not being afraid of everything.

Wanted: Wade Sep 17 1988 - Wade removes a service tag from a sofa and then thinks that the police are going to come after him.

Weighty Problem Oct 29 1988 - Jon buys a new talking, fortune telling scale. Garfield decides to turn the knob of it and afterwards Jon goes on it. The scale tells him that he is overweight so Jon decides to excercise and ...more

Peace & Quiet Sep 17 1988 - After Garfield stays up all night watching television, Jon and Odie leave the house to give him some peace and quiet. But Binky keeps showing up to give a birthday surprise... to the wrong

School Daze Sep 24 1988 - After catching Garfield trying to mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi, Jon sends Garfield to obedience school.

Fraidy Cat Oct 08 1988 - Jon goes off to the store while Garfield is really hooked on a horror movie. After a power outage, he and Odie suspect Jon is the victim of foul play from the monster from the movie after they ...more

Identity Crisis Oct 22 1988 - While on a jaunt about town, Garfield runs into Floyd the mouse and they begin to chat. In the meantime, a dog catcher comes by trying to catch a big, mean dog. The dog finds Garfield, so ...more

Up a Tree Oct 22 1988 - Nermal's come over for another visit, and Jon can't get over how cute he is. Garfield tries to be cute as well, but ends up destroying some of the items in the house, so Jon sends him outside. ...more

Cabin Fever Nov 05 1988 - Jon's friends loan him their cabin the the woods for the weekend, so the entire crew packs up their things and head up to the mountains. Jon goes out to get food when he finds the cupboards ...more

Fair Exchange Nov 05 1988 - Jon is tired of Garfield's laziness and antics, and Garfield is sick of Jon's lectures. Jon is so annoyed, he wishes that Garfield could be in his shoes and understand what he has to deal with. ...more

Keeping Cool Nov 12 1988 - Bo explains the art of ""keeping cool"" when problems arise.

Don't Move! Nov 12 1988 - Odie tags along with Garfield to a fish store. Garfield tells Odie to stay put outside and this cartoon follows the adventures of Odie as he unwittingly travels from one place to another.

Short Story Nov 19 1988 - Booker becomes tired of being small when the other farm animals turn him down due to this. However, when Orson's brothers invade the farm, it's up to Booker to save the day...

Best of Breed Nov 26 1988 - Garfield wins the Best of Breed award, even with Nermal to go up against.

Forget Me Not Dec 10 1988 - After swipping a pie off of the windowsill, Garfield then has it swiped off from his hands by a big dog. The dog eats the pie and throws the tray at Garfield's head. Garfield then suffers ...more

I Like Having You Around! Dec 10 1988 - Bo believes that Lanolin's constant disagreements means that she doesn't want him around, so he leaves the farm.

Garfield: His 9 Lives Nov 22 1988 -

Garfield's Babes and Bullets May 23 1989 - Garfield's Babes and Bullets is a half-hour animated television special based on a segment from the book Garfield: His 9 Lives. It once again featured Lorenzo Music as the voice of Garfield. The ...more

Arrivederci, Odie! Nov 18 1989 - Garfield is pretending to be a swashbuckler, but accidentally breaks a vase. He pins it on Odie, of course. Jon decides that Odie needs to go to the vet, and Liz keeps him overnight. In the ...more

Attention-Getting Garfield Nov 11 1989 - Garfield gets angered when Jon, and everyone else, seems to put all their attention on Odie and ignores him.

Barn of Fear Nov 04 1989 - Because of the big harvest, every building on the farm is stocked with crops, so Orson suggests that everyone sleeps in the old barn. But Wade thinks the old barn is haunted by the ghosts of the ...more

Basket Brawl Oct 28 1989 - Garfield ""plays"" against Jon, Odie and Nermal in a basketball-game-type setting in order to get food into a picnic basket.

Binky Gets Cancelled! Oct 07 1989 - Binky's show gets cancelled, so he becomes a handyman. His first prospective house is Garfield's -- while Jon is away.

Binky Goes Bad! Nov 04 1989 - Binky has been brought to court on the charges of grand theft and robbery! Garfield decides to prove his innocence. He discovers there was a man who really hated Binky, and that he had disguised ...more

Cactus Jake Rides Again Oct 28 1989 - Champion cowboy Billy Bob Bo Benson is scheduled to ride Certain Death, Cactus Jake's horse, but Certain Death has to throw Billy Bob so that Cactus Jake can get a cash bonus.

Crime and Nourishment Nov 25 1989 - A creature takes Jon's picnic basket into the hole of a tree. Garfield follows him and soon discovers a hidden civilization where food is used as currency, and vice versa.

Cutie and the Beast Oct 07 1989 - Garfield makes Nermal think people don't find him cute any more, which drives Nermal away. Garfield is satisfied, but Odie won't leave him alone about it.