TV Episodes Full List of Garrison's Gorillas Episodes

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Below is a complete Garrison's Gorillas episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Garrison's Gorillas episodes are listed along with the Garrison's Gorillas episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Garrison's Gorillas episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “The Expendables” to “The Great Crime Wave.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Garrison's Gorillas episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Breakout Sep 13 1967 - The team kidnaps a German colonel's son in order to trade him for a captured resistance leader.

The Big Con Sep 06 1967 - The team's first mission is to substitute counterfeit printing plates for the real ones, which are being transported across Germany in a tank.

The War Diamonds Mar 05 1968 - The team goes to Switzerland to recover industrial diamonds that were stolen from a German train.

The Great Theft Oct 10 1967 - When a mission to bring back information on a new German airplane engine goes awry, Garrison decides to steal the entire engine.

Black Market Nov 28 1967 - The team is assigned to infiltrate a gang of Italian black marketeers who are hijacking Allied supply trucks.

War and Crime (1) Feb 13 1968 - Garrison's plan to substitute a convict in New York for a lookalike German field marshal goes awry when the convict escapes from prison.

The Big Lie Jan 23 1968 - The mission is to convince a German officer that a big Allied attack is already in progress, in a location other than where it will really take place.

Operation Hellfire Oct 31 1967 - On a mission to recover documents by setting a German building on fire, the team runs into trouble when their incendiary expert loses his eyesight.

Friendly Enemies Nov 21 1967 - The team helps a group of Americans escape from a prison camp in Italy by sowing dissension between the Germans and Italians.

Ride of Terror Jan 30 1968 - The American colonel that the team is to rescue from a prison camp in France turns out to have been the warden of a hellhole of an American prison where Chief was an inmate.

Now I Lay Me Down to Die Oct 24 1967 - When the team rescues an Allied agent who is under interrogation at a German hospital, not only is Goniff captured but they find out that the agent already spilled top secret information to the ...more

The Expendables Dec 26 1967 - After a series of unsuccessful missions, the team is sent in as expendable decoys to help a defecting general get out of German territory.

The Grab Sep 19 1967 - In order to rescue the infant son of a defecting German scientist, the team is forced to kidnap three infants and transport them cross-country.

20 Gallons to Kill Nov 14 1967 - When the team's plane is shot down over Yugoslavia on the way back from a mission, they decide to help a local group of resistance fighters.

Thieves' Holiday Nov 07 1967 - In France to get information on German defenses with the help of a double agent, the cons decide to go off on their own and rob a museum.

Banker's Hours Sep 26 1967 - When another con is recruited from prison to assist the team in robbing a German bank, they soon suspect that he has a plan of his own.

The Death Sentence Jan 16 1968 - When Garrison is charged with cowardice and desertion, the team goes into action to find out the truth.

The Great Crime Wave Dec 05 1967 - The team stages a crime wave to keep the German authorities busy while Garrison plants explosives to destroy a cache of gold.

The Plot to Kill (2) Feb 20 1968 - The team accompanies Keeler to the meeting of German officers where he is to give the go-ahead on the plot to kill Hitler, but things go awry again when Keeler is killed.

Run From Death Jan 09 1968 - A French nun convinces the team to transport four orphans and a dog back to England with them.

The Deadly Masquerade Oct 17 1967 - It was hard enough teaching Goniff to masquerade as an international playboy whom he resembles, but then the team has to rescue him from gangsters to whom the playboy owed money.

War Games Jan 02 1968 - While rescuing Allied prisoners behind enemy lines, Garrison finds out from an old friend how to destroy a huge German artillery piece that has been wreaking havoc among the Allied forces.

The Magnificent Forger Dec 19 1967 - The team is sent to replace a list of Nazi collaborators with a list of Allied agents, but they need the assistance of a forger who's too scared to complete the job.

48 Hours to Doomsday Oct 03 1967 - The team has only 48 hours to recover important microfilm hidden in a painting in a Dutch museum.

Time Bomb Mar 12 1968 - The team must enter a room with an unexploded bomb in order to crack a safe containing a vital sample of heavy water.

The Frame-Up Feb 27 1968 - A con woman is temporarily brought in to replace a wounded Chief and pull off a con at a French casino.