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Below is a complete George and Mildred episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual George and Mildred episodes are listed along with the George and Mildred episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. George and Mildred episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “I Gotta Horse” and “The Dorothy Letters.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the George and Mildred episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

George and Mildred: The Movie George and Mildred is a 1980 British comedy film directed by Peter Frazer Jones. It was an adaptation of the television series of the same name. Yootha Joyce and Brian Murphy reprised their ...more

The Unforgettable - Yootha Joyce Oct 03 2001 - This is a short documentary about comedy actress Yootha Joyce, looking at her background, personal life and work and career. Yootha was best known for playing Mildred Roper the TV shows ...more

The Bad Penny Sep 13 1976 - The Ropers finally move into their new house and to help things along Ann Fourmile invites them in for afternoon tea. When they get back home they find themselves locked out and the bath water ...more

Baby Talk Sep 27 1976 - After babysitting for the Fourmiles, Mildred begins to feel maternal-like. She tries to convince George to adopt a baby but instead they settle for a puppy.

Where My Caravan Has Rested Oct 11 1976 - George finally sells his old car and buys a trashy old caravan. He dumps it on the front lawn and when Mildred's pesky sister and brother-in-law visit, they stay in the Roper's room so a ...more

Moving On Sep 06 1976 - George and Mildred go house hunting and find their dream house in an up market part of town but their neighbours (the Fourmiles) do not want them to move in. Jeffery Fourmile pretends that the ...more

My Husband Next Door Nov 01 1976 - While the Fourmiles are away, George and Mildred decide to get their house decorated by professionals...but the interior designers accidentally redecorate the Fourmiles George and ...more

... And Women Must Weep Sep 20 1976 - George is talked into getting a job, however...Mildred winds up getting that same job instead.

Family Planning Nov 08 1976 - Mildred's mother visits, but the family decide she is too old to look after herself and decide to place her in a home, however, George unexpectedly takes Mildred's mothers side and asks her to ...more

Best Foot Forward Oct 25 1976 - George threatens to sue when Jeffrey accidentally causes him to fall by moving the ladder as George attempts to fix the TV aerial.

Your Money or Your Life Oct 04 1976 - Mildred discovers that George has no insurance when a relative dies and the funeral costs are overwhelming. Jeffrey decides to cover the costs but then George changes his mind...

The Little Dog Laughed Oct 18 1976 - George tries to cover up the fact that he lost Mildred's puppy by replacing it with a look alike but all goes awry when the police bring home the original dog.

Nappy Days Dec 14 1978 - Mildred is out at a pottery class, leaving George stuck with the Fourmile's baby. But while sitting for him, George gets a call to join the pubs dart team.

On the Second Day of Christmas Dec 27 1978 - The Roper's are having another boring Christmas, so the Fourmile's invite them over for a drink. George then challenges Tristram to a game of computer tennis and wins. Afterwards, George gives ...more

Days of Beer and Rosie Nov 23 1978 - Whilst drinking in the pub, George runs into a man who claims to be his long lost son.

All Work and No Pay Dec 07 1978 - George quits his job but cannot bring himself to inform Mildred.

The Mating Game Dec 21 1978 - Mildred wants the dog to have puppies but George sees it as an oppurtunity to get some extra cash.

Just the Job Nov 16 1978 - George manages to get a job as a traffic warden.

You Must Have Showers Nov 30 1978 - Mildred decides to have a new shower installed in the bathroom. After seceral quotes, Jerry gets the job but connects the wrong pipe and winds up stealing the Fourmile's water.

I Gotta Horse Dec 18 1979 - Mildred notices a photo of an expensive antique in a magazine. Coincidentally, it looks just like one she has hidden away upstairs.

The Twenty Six Year Itch Dec 25 1979 - Mildred decides she wants to go to the Torie's Christmas dance but George has other plans.

In Sickness and in Health Oct 30 1979 - Mildred is out at the hospital, so a lonely George has Jerry move in with him.

The Last Straw Nov 06 1979 - Mildred is unhappy at her lack of social success, so she thinks about moving to Australia.

Finders Keepers? Oct 24 1979 - It's the Roper's wedding anniversary and George has bought her an expensive looking coat When she asks him where the money came from she discovers that he has found somebody's credit card

A Military Pickle Nov 27 1979 - George becomes wanted by the government when his double deserts the army.

A Driving Ambition Nov 13 1979 - Mildred starts to take driving lessons but George believes she may be having an affair.

Fishy Business Dec 04 1979 - George lets the goldfish swin in the sink...leading to it's fate.

The Dorothy Letters Dec 19 1977 - Mildred discovers old love letters in George's handwriting that have never been mailed. When she confronts him about it, she learns he was only writing to some Hollywood star.

The Right Way to Travel Dec 12 1977 - Mildred has George join the local Tory party so they can qualify for a cheap [vacation] holiday. When they're accepted, they learn that the holiday is all sold they try Blackpool ...more

The Unkindest Cut of All Dec 05 1977 - Mildred's sister Ethel and her husband Humphrey are coming round for a meal but George has forgotten to pay the electricity bill

The Travelling Man Nov 28 1977 - When Mildred rents out the backroom to a travelling salesman, George begins to believe the two are having an affair!

Jumble Pie Nov 14 1977 - Mildred inadvertedly contributes George's stash of gardening books to a church when asked...but learns that they were actually old pornos and most recollect the books before the vicar finds

Nov 21 1977 - George buys Mildred a carriage clock for her birthday but later learns the Fourmiles' had been robbed and the clock might have once belonged to them.

No Business Like Show Business Dec 26 1977 - The Fourmile's host a Christms Pantomime but are short an 'ugly sister', so Mildred is asked to stand in. However, she loses her voice and George takes her place.

Opportunity Knocks Sep 07 1978 - Jerry manages to trick George into trying to sell the house behind Mildred's back.

The Four Letter Word Sep 28 1978 - George is forced to look for a job

I Believe in Yesterday Sep 21 1978 - An old G.I. friend Mildred met in the war visits her. Jealous, George decides he can play the same game...and consults his ""little black book.""

The Delivery Man Oct 05 1978 - Ann finally gives birth, so George and Mildred help her out.

And So to Bed Sep 14 1978 - The Roper's bed finally collapses after 25 years, so Mildred decides to buy a new one...but George thinks that the nearest bookmaker is the best chance of getting the money.

Life with Father Oct 12 1978 - George's father is kicked out of his retirement home and asks to live with the Roper's.