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Below is a complete Ghost Hunt episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Ghost Hunt episodes are listed along with the Ghost Hunt episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Ghost Hunt episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “FILE 7: Blood-soaked Maze #1” and “FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #1.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Ghost Hunt episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

FILE 1: Filled With Evil Spirits!? #1 Oct 03 2006 - Mai meets Naru while exchanging ghost stories with her friends, and learns her school principal has hired him to investigate an allegedly haunted school building. Mai later causes the injury of ...more

FILE 1: Filled With Evil Spirits!? #2 Oct 10 2006 - Each member of the team proposes a different theory as to what is responsible for the odd occurrences. After collecting data overnight, Naru begins to doubt the presence of any spirits and ...more

FILE 1: Filled With Evil Spirits!? #3 Oct 17 2006 - After disappearing for a night, Naru conducts an experiment involving all those associated with the case. He implants a hypnotic suggestion in their minds regarding a chair in a sealed room ...more

FILE 2: Doll House #1 Oct 24 2006 - The SPR team, joined by the exorcists and mediums from the previous case, are requested at a house where poltergeist-like activity has been taking place. Soon after their arrival, the ghostly ...more

FILE 2: Doll House #2 Oct 31 2006 - Ayami reveals Minnie has been exerting a strict control over her, punishing her whenever she breaks a promise to Minnie. The team believes the doll is being used as a vessel by a spirit. After ...more

FILE 2: Doll House #3 Nov 07 2006 - After a failed attempt to exorcise the spirits of the dead children, a well appears in the middle of the living room. Mai is pulled into the well by a malevolent spirit during a second exorcism. ...more

FILE 3: After School Cursed Person #1 Nov 14 2006 - The SPR are asked to handle a case at the Yuasa High School, where a series of unusual events are seemingly related to a cursed desk and a haunted clubroom. Rumours circulating the school ...more

FILE 3: After School Cursed Person #2 Nov 21 2006 - The team arrive at the conclusion that the sheer number of occurrences at the school would require a psychic power far greater than anyone could possibly possess. Coupled with Masako's ...more

FILE 3: After School Cursed Person #3 Nov 28 2006 - Evidence against the psychokinetic girl, Kasai, begins to pile up. Mai refuses to believe Kasai is responsible, despite Bou-san and Ayako's beliefs to the contrary, saying she has a feeling ...more

FILE 3: After School Cursed Person #4 Dec 05 2006 - Bou-san, Ayako, and Mai destroy the dolls, effectively removing the 'curse' on the school. Naru is sent to the hospital as a result of the manhole accident, where he makes a startling revelation ...more

FILE 4: Ghost Story of the Park!? Dec 12 2006 - Masako requests Naru investigate a park where over six months, couples have had water dumped over them from thin air. The team, excluding Lin, split up at Masako's suggestion into pairs and they ...more

FILE 5: Silent Christmas #1 Dec 19 2006 - John brings the SPR their next case on Christmas Eve. Children at a local church are being possessed by the ghost of a mute boy who vanished one day during a game of Hide and Seek. The boy, ...more

FILE 5: Silent Christmas #2 Dec 26 2006 - While Naru searches for Kenji's body, Lin is ordered to play with Kenji. Lin snaps shortly after and Kenji, still in Mai's body, races into the woods. After John and Bou-san find Kenji, Naru ...more

FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #1 Jan 09 2007 - The highly publicised Ryokuryou High School is brought to the SPR's attention when students report a series of terrifying events, including a ghostly dog attacking them. The SPR gathers ...more

FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #2 Jan 16 2007 - Mai dreams about the school and notes that dozens of spirits, including will-o'-the-wisp, are devouring each other. Masako and Mai later see Saukichi's ghost being similarly absorbed. The team ...more

FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #3 Jan 23 2007 - Mai wakes up in the nurse's office, after several events nearly lead her to her death again. Mai's lamentation on learning the SPR have been asked to leave after the latest disasters prompts ...more

FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #4 Jan 30 2007 - Naru and Lin begin a ritual to return the curse to its casters, thereby leaving leaving the curse's target unharmed. Mai learns that this ritual will affect most of the school's student ...more

FILE 7: Blood-soaked Maze #1 Feb 06 2007 - Madoka, an associate of Naru's, requests the SPR take on a case for the former Prime Minister and investigate the mysterious disappearances of young people at one of his properties. Before the ...more

FILE 7: Blood-soaked Maze #2 Feb 13 2007 - Members of the other teams begin disappearing. In a search of the house, John finds a secret room that enables the SPR team to add to the information they learned from Madoka of the estate's ...more

FILE 7: Blood-soaked Maze #3 Feb 20 2007 - The dream leaves Mai traumatised, but prompts new speculation by the team regarding the house's spirits. Lin carries out a ritual to summon the spirit of one of the missing people, who gives the ...more

FILE 7: Blood-soaked Maze #4 Feb 27 2007 - Naru reveals Madoka's true motive behind requesting they take on the case was to expose the fake Oliver Davis. Naru informs the team their job is therefore finished, despite Mai's protests. ...more

FILE 8: Cursed House #1 Mar 06 2007 - SPR is asked by a person who comes all the way out from the seaside to solve a dangerous case, of which three psychics have already attempted to solve and died as a result. Naru is possessed by ...more

FILE 8: Cursed House #2 Mar 13 2007 - The remaining psychics tour around the area in order to verify Mai's dreams. A member of the family tries to commit suicide, fearing that others may be killed as a result of possession. Ayako ...more

FILE 8: Cursed House #3 Mar 20 2007 - Nao, a member of the family involved, is confirmed dead and Masako is sent to perform a ritual. Mai has another dream and is woken by Masako when a fire spreads in the main house. Another family ...more

FILE 8: Cursed House #4 Mar 27 2007 - Bou-san manages to banish the drowned corpses attacking the base, allowing the team some respite. When the sun rises, Ayako volunteers to purify the spirits and performs a successful exorcism, ...more

Ewelme Cottage/Kinder House, Parnell Kinder House and Ewelme Cottage are two lovely old buildings in Ayr St, Parnell, one of the oldest suburbs of Auckland. Ewelme Cottage is said to house the spirits of women and children who were ...more

Riccarton House, Christchurch This is a ghost story based on love, dedication and tenacity. Riccarton House is a gracious mansion built by Jane Deans in memory of her dead husband. Although Jane died in 1911, it seems she’s ...more

Larnach Castle. Dunedin Jun 28 2005 - As New Zealand’s only castle, one would expect this place to be imposing and perhaps a little creepy. Few visitors expect to be quite so overwhelmed with negative feelings, paranoia and the ...more

Whatipu, Auckland According to local historians, Auckland’s west coast is a very spiritual place, with reports of paranormal activity on the beaches, walkways and in historic buildings. The most famous is the ...more

St James Theatre, Wellington Many theatres boast a ghost or two – but this magnificent theatre in Wellington has more than its fair share. The most famous of its spirits is that of Yuri, a Russian ballet dancer who was said ...more

Vulcan Hotel, St Bathans In its heyday, the gold-mining town of St Bathans boasted a population of over 2000; today it is a ghost-town, with 6 residents. But these isolated citizens are not alone -the number of the ...more

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital During the late-1990s, most of the psychiatric hospitals in New Zealand were closed down, abandoned and left to the souls of former inmates who had inevitably suffered great trauma, grief and ...more

Waitomo Caves Hotel High on a hill overlooking lovely Waitomo Caves is an imposing, gracious Victorian-style hotel, the Waitomo Caves Hotel. This beautiful building has accommodated tourists for over 100 years – ...more

Fortune Theatre, Dunedin It is said that Dunedin is the most haunted city in New Zealand – with good reason. Many years ago, its original cemetery was moved, its graves desecrated and uprooted. The underground stream ...more

Waikamete Cemetery/Glen Eden Commuters at Glen Eden railway station are often surprised as they relax over a cup of coffee at Platform7 Café… by a visitor from another realm. The ghostly stranger is said to be ...more