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Full List of Gilligan's Island Episodes

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Below is a complete Gilligan's Island episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Gilligan's Island episodes are listed along with the Gilligan's Island episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Gilligan's Island episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “Slave Girl,” “Goodnight Sweet Skipper” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Gilligan's Island episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Rescue from Gilligan's Island

    Oct 14 1978
    A tsunami swamps the island, sweeping the castaways into the ocean in a floating hut. They finally get rescued, but find that civilization isn't as civilized as they thought....
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    Surviving Gilligan's Island

    Oct 14 2001
    A fun behind-the-scenes look into the 60's television series, "Gilligan's Island."...  more
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    Before the Three-Hour Tour

    How the series was developed....
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    Gilligan's Island Season 3 Introduction

  • 5
    The famous Harlem Globetrotters crash land on Gilligans Island, immediately dispatching a terrifying 'shark' by throwing basketballs at it. A mad doctor and his accomplice plan to take over the...  more
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    The Castaways on Gilligan's Island

    Mar 10 1979
    The Castaways finally get permanently rescued and they turn their island home into an exclusive resort....
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    Marooned (Unaired Pilot)

    Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale... So now the seven castaways are stranded on the legendary fictional island. This is one of the many pilot episodes that sold, just didn't get aired (Such...
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    Gilligan's Island Survival Guide

  • 9

    Gilligan's Island Season 2 Introduction

  • 10

    Tropical Trivia Tidbits

    Pilot episode with trivia pop-ups....
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    Gilligan's Island: A Pop Culture Phenomenon

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    Gilligan's Island Reunion - The Late Show

    Jun 01 1988
    The original cast members (along with Sherwood Schwartz) reunited on television for one last time, on a 1988 episode of The Late Show with Ross Shafer....
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    Goodbye Island

    Nov 21 1964
    Gilligan discovers a special tree sap that can be used to make a good tasting pancake syrup. Then the professor discovers that the same tree sap also makes a super glue, that may allow the castaways...
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    Plant You Now, Dig You Later

    Jan 16 1965
    While working for Mr. Howell, Gilligan unearths a chest. The castaways think it must contain a pirate's treasure. When ownership of the chest is disputed, the case goes to court, with the Professor...
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    Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy

    Feb 06 1965
    Gilligan discovers a jungle boy living on the island. He shows them a hole in the ground that causes objects to float, and the professor theorizes that it is expelling either helium or hydrogen. He...
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    The Matchmaker

    Mar 20 1965
    Mrs. Howell decides to engineer a romance between Gilligan and Mary Ann....
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    Music Hath Charm

    Mar 27 1965
    Mrs. Howell decides to form a symphony orchestra, to make up for the lack of culture on the island. Gilligan's drum beats, as they drift across the water, hold special meaning to angry natives on a...
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    It's Magic

    May 15 1965
    The Castaways discover a trunk belonging to a magician. They use a magician's props to scare away unfriendly natives from nearby islands....
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    My Fair Gilligan

    Jun 05 1965
    After Gilligan saves Mrs. Howell's life, Mr. Howell decides to make him his son. He immediately puts Gilligan through basic training to be a millionaire's socialite son (dream sequence), changing...
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    Home Sweet Hut

    Oct 03 1964
    A hurricane is coming, so the Castaways must quickly build one large community hut in which to weather the storm. However, they soon get on each-others nerves, so they later decide to branch out and...
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    Two on a Raft

    Sep 26 1964
    "Two on a Raft" is the premiere episode of the 1960s TV series Gilligan's Island. It first aired on September 26, 1964 on CBS....  more
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    The S.S. Minnow first sails into TV legend! That maiden voyage includes a different, Calypso-like theme song and three cast members not in the series. Fimed at Kauai's Molona Bay....
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    X Marks the Spot

    Jan 30 1965
    In a test of a deadly new missile, called ""Operation Powder Keg,"" the Air Force chooses an ""uninhabited island"" which just happens to be Gilligan's Island. When the rocked lands and does not...
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    How To Be a Hero

    Mar 06 1965
    After Gilligan is unable to save Mary Ann from drowning in the lagoon, the Skipper must jump in and rescue both of them. The Castaways then devise schemes to boost Gilligan's ego, and help him feel...
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    Talk about a painful irony: though surrounded by water, the Castaways suddenly discover that their supply of fresh drinking water is running out. When they pool all available drinking water together...  more