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Below is a complete Gintama episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Gintama episodes are listed along with the Gintama episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Gintama episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Gintama: The Movie” to “A woman's best make up is her smile” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Gintama episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Insignificant things are the ones that are difficult to forget Nov 16 2006 - Terakado Tsu (Otsu) goes to be one day chief of the Shinsengumi to improve its image.

Those fellows who complain that there is no Santa believe in his existence/A bell cannot make troubles disappear, you must do it yourself Dec 28 2006 - Yamasaki is sent by Hijikata to investigate what has happened with that fight between Katsura and Takasugi groups. He goes around asking different people, though fails to get any real answers.

Only kids get excited when it snows Jan 11 2007 - Hattori Zenzo has been hired to kidnap a girl who is able to foresee the future. Meanwhile, the Yorozuya has been hired to protect the very same girl.

Ramen shops which offer lots of menus are not usually popular Jan 18 2007 -

Plan things out when having children Jan 25 2007 -

Earthworms swell when you urinate on them Feb 08 2007 -

For the character, I will draw and divide the distinction that is attached to the reader with just the silhoutte Feb 15 2007 -

My pet dog's stroll is done at a moderate speed Mar 01 2007 - It's revealed that the android head belonged to a murder suspect. Two other androids were sent to retrieve the andriod head; along with a horde of maid androids.

xx play comes after 20 years Mar 08 2007 - Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura, and the robot tinkerer head towards the main facility of the inventor and attempts to shutdown the rampaging maid android mob.

Do cherry blossoms turn into cherry trees? Mar 15 2007 - Part 1 - Sadaharu is in "heat" and Yorozuya tries to find him a mate. Part 2 - Katsura attempts to take a driving lesson -- a "Might Happen" driving lesson, that is.

The two who look alike are quarreling Mar 22 2007 - While hunting mushrooms in the woods, Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura become infected with mentality-changing mushrooms while getting get involved in a tragic war between a bear and a hunter.

Life without gambles is like sushi without wasabi Mar 29 2007 -

The start is always the happiest in joint parties Jan 10 2008 - Once, the manga Gintaman gained immense popularity in Jump magazine, and was even made into an animated series thanks to Gintoki’s random advice. Ofuji has since taken over from Konishi as ...more

An Observation Journal Should Be Seen Right Through To The Very End Dec 17 2009 -

Jump Anime Tour 2008: Birth of White Demon Dec 17 2008 - This episode shows various scenes from the war between samurais and the Amanto, focusing on Gintoki's fights alongside Kotaro Katsura, Shinsuke Takasugi and others. In the end, the episode is ...more

Jump Festa 2005 Special Dec 18 2004 - Gintoki Sakata is a lazy samurai living in an alien-ridden Japan where samurai are no longer needed. This OVA is a set of short comedy stories involving Gintoki and his equally-broke sidekicks ...more

Apr 24 2010 - Gintama: The Movie is a 2010 sci-fi animated film written by Gyo Yamatoya and directed by Shinji Takamatsu.

Gintama Movie 2 Jan 01 2013 - Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has announced that the second film of Gintama has been green-lit for 2013. The all-new story is written by manga creator Hideaki Sorachi.

Benizakura Arc Special Dec 15 2010 - A re-telling of the Benizakura arc. The silver-haired samurai Sakata Gintoki investigates the disappearance of a legendary sword named Benizakura while his partners Kagura and Shimura Shinpachi ...more

There is a paper-thin difference between toughness and vengefulness May 23 2006 - Shinpachi's sister is being stalked by a Shinsengumi officer.

Ah! Home's where the heart is Aug 01 2006 - The group and Shinsengumi attempt to capture a man who's been stealing women's underwear.

Why is the sea salty? Probably because you city folks use it as a toilet!! Aug 08 2006 - In an effort to get some quick cash, Gintoki and Hasegawa, along with Shinpachi, Kagura, and Otae, head to the beach to get rid of a monster that's been terrorizing the area.

Beware of the conveyor belt! Aug 15 2006 - The Shinsengumi has been haunted by a mysterious being.

If you're a man, you fish for marlin first! / Be careful not to upset your stomach by sleeping with the fan switched on! Aug 22 2006 - Part 1 - "If you're a man, you fish for marlin first!" The group helps an amanto to protect his pond from developers. Part 2 - "Be careful not to upset your stomach by sleeping ...more

Marriage is a mistake you make for the rest of your life Sep 05 2006 - A female ninja stays over at the Yorozuya.

A cute face is always hiding something Sep 19 2006 - Gintoki and Katsura get dragged into being cross-dressers.

Becoming an old man, making friends and calling them by nicknames May 02 2006 - Gintoki's group's been asked to deliver a package to an amanto alien embassy.

Tenacity and persistance are just slight differences May 30 2006 - The Shinsengumi goes to avenge their commander's defeat.

Draw characters that you can tell apart just by looking at their silhouettes / Since it ended a bit quick, we're starting the next one Feb 15 2007 - Part 1: Otae, Sa-chan, and Catherine all try to go for the series' heroine position. Part 2: Katsura enlists the Yorozuya to help him save Elizabeth-- but they need some ninja finesse to do it ...more

There's a weird rule guys have that touching a frog means coming of age / You just have to wash your armpits. Yes, just your arm Jul 04 2006 - Part 1 - "There's a weird rule guys have that touching a frog means coming of age" The Shinsengumi is asked to protect an amanto alien official. Part 2- "You just have to wash ...more

The things that don't matter are the things you can't forget Nov 16 2006 - Gintoki has amnesia after a car accident. His friends try to get his memory back.

Don't make plans when having children Jan 25 2007 - A mysterious and famous hunter, Umibouzu, pays a visit when an alien appears in Edo.

When seal is stamped, contents are confirmed Apr 04 2006 - Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura receive a request from a man who wants them to make him stronger.

Gooey messy sweet dumpling... What...? It's not a dumpling...? That bastard...! Jun 13 2006 - The trio helps an old man to track down a woman whom he met when he was young. Shown as a one hour special with episode 12.

Natural perms are detestable things Apr 11 2006 - Sakata Gintoki meets Shimura Shinpachi. The two proceeds to save Shinpachi's older sister from an amanto entertainment club.

It's a sour thing when you're tired Jun 06 2006 - The group picks up a giant white dog.

Life gets longer when Mr Otae becomes longer! Scary!! Jul 18 2006 - A man who's been fired for assaulting an amanto royal goes job hunting, only to met with failure repeatedly.

Do cherries become cherry blossom trees? Mar 15 2007 - The Yorozuya get a new neighbor, a frightening looking Amanto named Hedoro, and assume he's up to something.

Those whom are alike, fight / Why is that? Oh well, if you're going to fight, don't lose Mar 22 2007 - Part 1: A group of assassins want to take Hijikata out. The problem: none of them really didn't expect what would happen when he encountered Gintoki. Part 2: Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura ...more

Watch Out! Weekly Shonen JUMP Sometimes Comes Out on Saturdays! Apr 25 2006 - Gintoki and Shinpachi meet an amanto alien girl who's been chased after by gangster.

Walk at a moderate speed with your beloved dog Mar 01 2007 - Sadaharu becomes a demon that the Yorozuya tries to rescue with the help of former priestess sisters.

Pets Resemble Their Owners! Jul 11 2006 - The group enters Sadaharu in a pet competition, with Katsura and his pet being their opponent.

Only kids get excited when it snows / Eating ice cream in winter is actually good Jan 11 2007 - Part 1- Everyone's participating in the neighborhood snow building contest-- with disastrous results. Part 2- An old man tries to get his wife to look at his fireworks & enjoy it.

A worm will swell if you pee on it Feb 08 2007 - Gintoki, along with Umibouzu, goes to combat the alien; while at the same time avoiding the Shogunate's side of attack (on the alien).

People Who Make Good First Impressions Usually Suck Jun 13 2006 - The kabuki district has been robbed by a mysterious thief.

If cosplaying, cosplay to adorn the heart Jun 20 2006 - The group is hired to find a missing girl. However, the group is dragged into deeper trouble than they originally anticipated. Gintoki may require the help of his old friend Katsura to help him ...more

Father and son always share their negative qualities Jul 25 2006 - A rebel plans to asssinate the shogun during a festival.

Ramen restaurants that have lots of choices usually aren't popular Jan 18 2007 - Katsura's injures his leg while escaping from the Shinsengumi and uses a ramen shop as a temporary hideout.

The truth is it's the people who say that there's no such thing as Santa are those that believe there is / You think your desires will disappear by the bell? Control them by yourself, by yourself Dec 28 2006 - Part 1 - Gintoki meets Santa and has to help him deliver gifts. Part 2 - Gintoki and Hattori fight over a year end double-issue of Jump (magazine).

A pet is the responsibility of the owner to look after until the end May 16 2006 - The group is hired to find an amanto alien prince's pet.