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Below is a complete Gokudo episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Gokudo episodes are listed along with the Gokudo episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Gokudo episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Identity Crisis! I Am You But Who Are You?” and “Am I Dreaming? Surprise at Sunrise!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Gokudo episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Suddenly, I'm a Girl! Apr 02 1999 - Enter our (for lack of a better word) 'hero'. We find Gokudo in some random medieval dive, trying hard to brush off an old foretuneteller who's warning him that the Magic King is out to kill ...more

Sappy Sidekick, Bracing Appearance Apr 09 1999 - We learn that his cellmates include Rubette (a bona fide princess who's a lot more interested in a good swordfight than in waiting for Prince Charming to show up), Asuga (that landlord's ...more

Please, Grant My Last Wish Apr 16 1999 - In the final episode of this three-part arc, our heroes converge on the throne room (only after contending with a hall of enchanted mirrors and Gokudo's abortive attempt to throw in with their ...more

The King's Race: Ready or Not, Here I Come! Apr 23 1999 - Starting off a new adventure (and ditching Seigi and Asuga, thankfully), this episode has the rare distinction of killing Gokudo in the first few minutes, as he gets accidentally shoved off a ...more

The Riddle of Sphinx Apr 30 1999 - Here's another good example of what's endearing about Gokudo. Take your basic fantasy premise (Parmette is a land awash with magic, but something has gone terribly wrong with the natural order ...more

Don't Let Women Fool You May 07 1999 - As those of you who read my review of the first volume may recall, when we last left our – ahem – 'heroes', Gokudo had somehow stumbled into a three-man race with the prize being ...more

The Shocking Truth of the Third Man! May 14 1999 - Well, the title pretty much sums this episode up, but this wouldn't be much of a summary without a few details, so here we go... in that dumb-luck way of his, Gokudo manages to chance upon the ...more

The Rose Prince, the Charming, Winning Smile May 21 1999 - And so the show gains yet another recurring character... the handsome rogue, Prince Niari, who's defining trait is his womanising nature. Apparently tempted to the mortal plane as he was bored ...more

When in the Unimaginable Ryuga Castle... May 28 1999 - And so we begin the third story arc of Gokudo. Frustrated at having come out of his desert race with no more than a dusty old box, he pops it open and is instantly turned into an old man. Niari ...more

Stormy Weather! The Selfish Sun-Goddess Explodes Jun 04 1999 - As Gokudo and Co set off - mercilessly leaving Niari behind to keep Princess Otto company - they are soon met by Nihi, a priest of the Hanishi (the followers of the Dragon God), who ...more

The Destiny of the Hotoke and Magic Gods Jun 11 1999 - Still hoping to find the magic sphere in the capital of Inaho, the gang chance upon Niari at the seashore... who apparently escaped the clutches of Princess Otto (lovestruck daughter of the ...more

Let's Play Doctor! Here Comes the Magic Sphere! Jun 18 1999 - Before the fight can really get going, Ah and Ng use their arms flapping in synchronisation to hypnotise Gokudo & Co. Upon waking up, they realise Lady Nano's been abducted, so Djinn and ...more

World Shattering World! Which Way Is the Future of Inaho!? Jun 25 1999 - The capital city of Inaho burns as Indra and the Dragon God battle one another while searching for Gokudo, while Djinn and Pegasus finally manage to rescue Lady Nano. Meanwhile, our hapless ...more

Identity Crisis! I Am You But Who Are You? Jul 02 1999 - We next find the gang enjoying some rest and relaxation on a place called Demon Island (nice holiday spot, no doubt), but this is Gokudo after all, so don't expect much of a breather; the fourth ...more

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Temptation of the Deadly Gorgeous Sisters! Jul 09 1999 - So the gang are all still where we left them back in episode 14... which is to say, amidst an identity crisis as all of them have inexplicably switched bodies. The unsightly creature Rubette has ...more

Me, Myself & Monkey!? Jul 16 1999 - The smaller part (no pun intended) of their troubles is resolved when the lot of them end up falling into some magical hot springs (no, not those magical springs) and have all of their bodies ...more

The Trembling Debut of the Bok-Choy Sisters! Jul 23 1999 - Abruptly, the Chingensai Sisters are number one in the Hellish music charts and perform live from the Yama Palace Stadium, introduced by MC Ikkyu. When Gokudo ('Gon-Gon' to the adoring crowd of ...more

The True Identity of Me, I'll be a Monkey's Uncle! Jul 30 1999 - Using Gokudo (in the pop star persona of Gon-Gon) as bait, the gang manages to infiltrate the secret monkey encampment ruled by Gokuu (or, as is currently the case, Niari - who has been unable ...more

The World Is Full of Loving and Shoving! Aug 06 1999 - Well, you'll remember from the previous review that when we last left our heroes, they were still suffering from the 'old body switcheroo', had just been sent to 'Hell' by the evil monk Sanzo, ...more

Who's That Baby? Whose Baby? Mystery of the Blue Egg Aug 13 1999 - As if this isn't weird enough, the gang also crosses paths with the magical talking panda from before, who's not only pregnant (from gobbling down a magical blue egg, or so he claims), but ...more

Monk Sanzo Appears! What Is Happiness? Aug 20 1999 - Our heroes do eventually find and confront Sanzo, who at first endeavours to convince them that Queen West has been lying to them and that he has the power to put their souls back in their ...more

The Awakening of Miroku - Where Is Happiness? Aug 27 1999 - As we approach the end of the Sanzo plot arc, the show gets a bit weird. (At least, weird for Gokudo.) This episode sees Sanzo engaging in a full-blown philosophical debate with Miroku (the ...more

Sanzo Counterattacks! Please Give Me Back My Body!! Sep 03 1999 - Nanya is still jealous of Gokudo, thinking Djinn ('Jade') is in love with him ('her'). Since mer-tigers such as herself must eventually return to their animal forms, Queen West has informed her ...more

Get Back the Spring of Life! I Shall Return Sep 10 1999 - Which brings us handily to the sixth and final plot arc of the series. Team Gokudo make a beeline for the country of Yanu to find the Spring the Life, which allegedly should be able to age ...more

Am I Dreaming? Surprise at Sunrise! Sep 17 1999 - Ah, the inevitable 'dreamscape battle' episode. The premise here is that both Rubette and Gokudo are fighting for their own souls and control of their own bodies. Attempting to possess them are ...more

See Ya, Everybody! Nobody Can Stop Me Now! Sep 24 1999 - And to tie things up well and good, in this final episode we engage in a bit of full-circle-ism with our heroes getting to revisit early 'throwaway' characters Seigi and Asuga, not to mention ...more