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Below is a complete Grange Hill episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Grange Hill episodes are listed along with the Grange Hill episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Grange Hill episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Episode 11” to “Episode 7” is featured on this list, so cast your votes below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Grange Hill episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 8 Mar 29 1978 - Tucker and Benny are messing about, Doyle becomes involved and he accidentally ruins a piece of artwork that Miss Mather's class is producing for the School Festival. He is given 10 hours of ...more

Episode 5 Mar 08 1978 - Trisha is helping Rankin, an elderly biology teacher, with various odd-jobs in the lab during lunch breaks. Judy comes to see her in the lab one day when Rankin is away. Trisha decides to show ...more

Episode 3 Feb 22 1978 - Judy complains to her mother that she hates Grange Hill. Her mother gives her 20p to cheer her up. Mitchell gives Tucker detention for sitting in the wrong seat in his class. Benny is told he ...more

Episode 7 Mar 22 1978 - Doyle is moved into One Alpha from another form. He has been suspected of bullying in the past. He takes an instant dislike to Tucker and Benny. A vote is to be held to determine One Alpha's ...more

Episode 6 Mar 15 1978 - Benny wears his new school uniform for the first time. Tucker invites Benny and Justin to explore an "old ammunitions dump".They play around for a while but then a van arrives, ...more

Episode 2 Feb 15 1978 - Benny is almost knocked over by Mitchell's car whilst kicking a football in the school car park. Mitchell reminds Benny of the school football trials after school that day. Benny says that he ...more

Episode 4 Mar 01 1978 - The first year boys have a swimming lesson with Mitchell and Malcolm. Hughes is a "non-swimmer" and has to wear water wings. Tucker, Benny and Alan throw Justin into the pool. Garfield ...more

Episode 1 Feb 08 1978 - It is the first day at Grange Hill comprehensive for a group of new first years. Most of the focus is on Benny, Judy, Tucker, Trisha, Justin and Ann (who sleeps in). The first years go to the ...more

Episode 9 Apr 05 1978 - Trisha is in trouble for the use of cosmetics in school. Mitchell loses his temper and sends a letter to her parents. Trisha intercepts the letter, and runs away from school. Doyle has been ...more

Episode 16 Feb 24 1989 - Mr. Griffiths, Mauler and Ziggy make a search for the mystery intruder under the cover of darkness.

Episode 2 Jan 06 1989 - Justine meets Tegs's on-the-run brother, Vince saves Georgina with his "psychic powers" and Gonch explains his computerized Homework Service to Ziggy and Robbie.

Episode 19 Mar 07 1989 - Plans are laid for the forthcoming Prom, and money is raised for Mr. Bronson's leaving present.

Episode 10 Feb 03 1989 - Grange Hill comes to terms with Danny Kendall's death with the planting of a tree and the holding of a memorial service.

Episode 17 Feb 28 1989 - Who will be Mauler's date? Matthew and Clarke find the owner of the ferocious dog.

Episode 18 Mar 03 1989 - Mauler is out for revenge on Gonch. A reporter for the local radio station comes to school. Tegs goes back to his old house.

Episode 5 Jan 17 1989 - Chrissy is mugged on the way to school, and this prompts Miss Booth into suggesting self-defence classes. Danny starts on the swimming pool mosaic, but forgets his appointment with Mr. Tilly, ...more

Episode 12 Feb 10 1989 - Mr. Bronson changes his mind about the isle of Wight trip, Justine discovers where Tegs has been hiding, and Helen has her first day of work experience as an engineer.

Episode 8 Jan 27 1989 - Ronnie gets into Mr. Bronson's bad books when he collides with her moped. Clarke and Matthew use signalling to find the missing bike.

Episode 7 Jan 24 1989 - Mr. Bronson spoils Danny's work experience and Justine helps Tegs get his shirts clean. Trevor's got a lot of money on a horse - will "Lucky Shark" live up to the promise of his name?

Episode 9 Jan 31 1989 - Trevor's out to get Vince for his failed prediction, and Mauler wants to muscle in on Gonch's Sweepstake. When Mauler and Ted chase Gonch and Ziggy through the estate, there's a tragedy in store ...more

Episode 13 Feb 14 1989 - Gonch sees Mandy in a new light on the Isle of Wight trip. Georgina's been getting weird notes from an admirer, and Trevor keeps losing his beer.

Episode 14 Feb 17 1989 - Trevor's drinking gets him into a dangerous situation. At the barbecue, Calley goes cold on Robbie, and Mandy discovers the original reason that Gonch asked her out.

Episode 6 Jan 20 1989 - Gonch tries to impress Mandy Freemont to get her help with the homework service - but "Les Diapositives de Bretagne" turns out not to be the musical gig he was expecting.

Episode 4 Jan 13 1989 - It's the night of Ronnie's party, and there are unwelcome guests in the form of Trevor Cleaver and Mauler McCaul.

Episode 3 Jan 10 1989 - Vince's psychic powers continue to amaze Trevor Cleaver. Subterfuge is used to get Calley to do Mauler's French homework and the police raid Tegs's house.

Episode 11 Feb 07 1989 - Who is hiding inside Grange Hill? Trevor has a skinful and has to be hidden away by Ziggy and Robbie. Mr Bronson, increasingly isolated and withdrawn, pulls out of the Isle of Wight trip.

Episode 15 Feb 21 1989 - Helen encounters Mauler at her work experience, Mr. Bronson hands in his notice and Trevor is seen going to the off-license.

Episode 20 Mar 10 1989 - Grange Hill holds a glitzy end-of-term Prom. There's a clash of the Rambos, and a mission to get Georgina and Ziggy together.

Episode 1 Jan 03 1989 - Tegs brother comes home, Mr. Bronson's car breaks down, Danny Kendall gets off to a bad start and Clark's new paper round is beset with difficulties.

Episode 8 Jan 31 1992 - Mr. Hargreaves isn't pleased when the newspaper misquotes him as lifting the trainer ban. The piece about cigarettes being sold to first formers provokes violent revenge against Justine.

Episode 12 Feb 14 1992 - Justine plays a trick on the Cigarette Gang, and there's a massive confrontation between St. Joseph's and Grange Hill.

Episode 3 Jan 14 1992 - The windscreen washers accidentally target Mr. Hargreaves car. He tells Mr. Robson that pupils must stay in at lunchtime, and Ray overhears and circulates a bulletin with the news.

Episode 1 Jan 07 1992 - It's love at first sight for Ray when a new American teacher starts, Jacko and his mates start cleaning car windscreens, and Natalie is horrible to everyone.

Episode 2 Jan 10 1992 - Ms. Janowitz suggests the idea of a school newspaper, and Nat continues exhibit a changeable personae until it becomes evident that she is just one of a pair of twins.

Episode 20 Mar 13 1992 - A fashion show and baseball match bring the school year to a close. Ray's jacket becomes Ms. Janowitz's leaving present, and the Cigarette Gang get expelled.

Episode 19 Mar 10 1992 - Richard organizes a collection for Ms. Janowitz, and Chrissy brings her baby to school.

Episode 5 Jan 21 1992 - Maria and Richard make fake American trainers, Spanner and Techno use the computer to produce the lines they are given to do, and unauthorized photographers appear in the playground.

Episode 17 Mar 03 1992 - Public schoolboys visit Grange Hill, Year Seven find out how environmentally friendly the school is, or rather isn't, and Justine makes a surprise return.

Episode 15 Feb 25 1992 - Staff and pupils unite to stop the sale of the Peace Garden land.

Episode 14 Feb 21 1992 - After Justine intercepts a postcard for Ted a few home truths are revealed. Ted moves away to Southampton, alone. Diane finds a fox's paw print in the garden. Liam has a confrontation with a ...more

Episode 18 Mar 06 1992 - The visiting public schoolboys find that the girls at Grange Hill are a little more than they can handle. Richard finally gets time alone with Natasha.

Episode 13 Feb 18 1992 - A local newspaper reporter steals Justine's unpublished account of the confrontation with St. Joseph's, and Mrs. Keele issues an ultimatum to the school.

Episode 6 Jan 24 1992 - Mrs. Monroe unwittingly gives plausible excuses for trainers to be worn, Justine tapes a revealing interview with Mr. Hargreaves and Alice and Becky find a secret garden.

Episode 16 Feb 28 1992 - Ray and the others try to find Liam to stop him joining in the Eagles and Hawks gang fight, but they find he's had an accident en-route, and is lying dead in the road.

Episode 4 Jan 17 1992 - Trainers are banned at school after an expensive pair are stolen. The 5th formers debate the "Invidividual" versus the "Group".

Episode 9 Feb 04 1992 - Mrs. Keele, Grange Hill's new headmistress, starts. Ted finally goes to see Chrissy and their baby. Jacko sells flowers from the garden to Liam who gives them to Justine.

Episode 7 Jan 28 1992 - While Chrissy goes into an early pregnancy, almost giving birth in the school loos, Ted seems intent on creating a new life for himself in Southampton.

Episode 10 Feb 07 1992 - The clashes between Natasha and Natalie, and the violence in the peace garden finally all get too much for Becky. The feud with St Joseph's School gathers momentum.

Episode 11 Feb 11 1992 - Writers' Week causes a bit of a stir, Techno finds out that "LoveByte" isn't quite the girl he was expecting, and Ray kisses Ms. Janowitz.

Episode 11 Feb 07 1995 - Gordon tracks down his mother and sister at the refuge, Lucy and Josh develop a fact sheet about the area and Dudley falls in love.