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TV episodes Full List of Gravitation Episodes

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Below is a complete Gravitation episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Gravitation episodes are listed along with the Gravitation episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Gravitation episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this poll include “Gravitation” and “Breathless.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Gravitation episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

OVA 2 - Lyrics of Love Bad Luck wollen eine neue Platte rausbringen, doch wie es der Zufall will, hat der gute Shuichi eine Schreibblockade. Der Grund ist natürlich sein Lover Yuki, da dieser Shuichi ohne ...more

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OVA 1 - Lyrics of Love Bad Luck wollen eine neue Platte rausbringen, doch wie es der Zufall will, hat der gute Shuichi eine Schreibblockade. Der Grund ist natürlich sein Lover Yuki, da dieser Shuichi ohne ...more

Gravitation Oct 04 2000 - Shindou Shuichi is the main vocalist of the new band "Bad luck". One night as he was walking home through the park, his lyric sheet flew out of his hand, and was caught by a mysterious ...more

Live in Soul Oct 11 2000 - When Shindou is taken out of his band practice, Yuki's sister asks a favour from him, if he can get Yuki to spend more time with his family, they will give his band more commercial access. Yuki ...more

Stray Heart Oct 18 2000 - After the performance they had given last night, Mr. Touma decided that there should be another member added to the Band because he felt that there was something strongly lacking in their ...more

Wave Shock Oct 25 2000 - When Shuichi invites himself into Yuki's home, Yuki gets rather mad, although he does not decide to chuck him out. In the morning Shuichi goes to band practice, but cant leave because K has ...more

Winding Road Nov 01 2000 - When Hiro and Shuichi are taking a walk in the park after there rehearsal, they notice that two older men and trying to have there way with a young lady, and they save her with some cocky ...more

Shady Scheme Nov 08 2000 - When Yuki's sister tells Shuichi that she doesn't know anything about her brother, Shuichi starts asking questions and because of it, Yuki becomes very cold and distant. On top of everything ...more

Ground Zero Nov 15 2000 - Shuichi doesnt want to do anything to hurt Yuki, and he would do anything to protect Yuki, he would even quit bad luck. Yuki resolves the Tachi situation, and he arealises something in Yuki's ...more

Song and Song Nov 22 2000 - During one of Bad Luck's interviews, a member of ASK comes up to Shuichi and warns him that Tachi is up to no good, but Tohma has other plans for Tachi and his business. When ASK is out of the ...more

The Deepest Brain Nov 29 2000 - When Bad Luck's new album is too be released, Mr K decides to ask Yuki Eiri a favor. It definetely seems Mr K is eager to get a million sales, and so is Shuichi. Meanwhile, the press have ...more

Heads or Tails Dec 05 2000 - When Hiro quits the group, he says hes decision is final. No matter what Shuichi does, Hiro is not coming back. Shuichi refuses to go along without Hiro, after all, him and Hiro were the ...more

Secret Day Dec 13 2000 - Yuki is sick because of many measures in hospital....and for the most account, Shuichi is to blame. They tell him to separate from Shuichi for a while, and when Shuichi here's this. He's ...more

Breathless Dec 20 2000 - Shuichi is still looking for Yuki and is going mad looking. In the meantime, Tohma and even Yuki's sister is confronting Shuichi and telling him not to try and find Yuki. Shuichi knows that Yuki ...more

Got It All Jan 10 2001 - Shuichi's got alot of problems, He lost his voice, probably due to worry, Yuki's gone off somewhere, and Ryu-Chan seems to be annoyed with him for some reason. Hiro eventually persuades him to ...more