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Below is a complete Groundling Marsh episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Groundling Marsh episodes are listed along with the Groundling Marsh episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Groundling Marsh episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “Crystal and the Ice Wind,” “Two Be or Not to Be” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Groundling Marsh episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Fungus Amungus Sep 01 1997 - Mud/Slinger try to earn fame by making cookies out of fungus, but they don't leave any fungus at Mossy Meadow for the swarming crunchybugs.

The Featherbeam Sep 02 1997 - In need of a friend, Galileo decides he wants a pet. He thinks he has one when a featherbeam bird enters his life.

Big Dreams Sep 03 1997 - Galileo decides he needs to explore outside the marsh. He builds a boat, ready to take off for some adventure, but the adventure comes to him. A plant from a frozen climate floats by, and ...more

Truth & Consequences Sep 04 1997 - Maggie decides to trick as many groundlings as she can, but some trust is lost, which proves costly.

Maggie's Quest Sep 05 1997 - Maggie craves attention. She declares to all that she will look for a flower known only in stories.

Night and Day Sep 08 1997 - Mud/Slinger comes down with a rare disorder and can't speak coherently. Hope for a cure may be thwarted unless Galileo and Maggie learn to cooperate.

Life Before Stacks Sep 09 1997 - Stacks is ashamed when confronted with the fact that he is a machine. Eco eases things by telling all the ground-lings how Stacks came to be.

Heat Wave Sep 10 1997 - How can the Groundlings find relief from the oppressive heat? Mud/Slinger try out a myriad of inventions, none of which work--until they hit upon a fancy fan. But it takes an isolated ...more

Pot of Plenty Sep 11 1997 - After Eco accidentally breaks the Pot of Plenty prior to the annual harvest meal of gratitude, she and Galileo follow the legend of their grandcestors in an effort to create a replacement pot.

All for One Sep 12 1997 - Eco is intent on spending time by herself while all the other groundlings seek attention.

Flower Power Sep 15 1997 - Galileo chases Maggie out of the marsh on the grounds that she doesn't serve any useful purpose. But an invasion of fast-rising flowers threatens to drown out the marsh and everyone in it, and ...more

Them Dingling Dozy Daisies Sep 16 1997 - Mud/Slinger's new invention to protect the groundlings from the drowsy effects of doy daisies leads to a potential explosion.

Sticks and Stacks Sep 17 1997 - Stacks feels left out because all the groundlings have been ignoring him. All that changes when Stacks suffers from amnesia, thinking he's a tree.

Make Way for Hegdish Sep 18 1997 - Hegdish, a mischief maker from out of Groundling Marsh's distant past, returns to a warm welcome by stealing the sunstones from an underground cave. And Eco needs those sunstones to help the ...more

Butterfly Day Sep 19 1997 - Maggie must learn to be patient and quiet if she expects to se a butterfly for the first time. It's a tough task for Maggie, the most rambunctious of all the groundlings.

Stinky Pond Mystery Sep 22 1997 - Stacks is upset when no one gives him credit for an idea of his. Thus, when a huge pollutant stinks up the marsh, Stacks is not willing to give his fellow groundlings the solution.

Galileo's Prank Sep 23 1997 - Hegdish provokes Galileo to pull a prank involving itching powder. In the process, a patch of grass begins scratching uncontrollably.

Fence Fiasco Sep 24 1987 - Hegdish builds a fence around the sparkle berry bushes he thinks are his alone. He then coaxes the other groundlings to build fences around their lairs. This leads to a potentially serious

Come Blow Your Horn Sep 25 1997 - Galileo wants to play music for the upcoming blossom festival.

Two Be or Not to Be Sep 26 1997 - Mud/Slinger bicker between themselves to such an extent that neither wants to see the other. This prompts Eco to mix a special concoction that, should Myd/Slinger drink it, they would separate ...more

Tupelo Treat Sep 29 1997 - Hegdish coaxes the groundlings to steal the secret recipe for a special candy. What they make together is a strange mix that switches Maggie and Mud's personalities.

Tinkletree Trouble Sep 30 1997 - Maggie thinks she has ruined a festive day when Hegdish tricks her into shaking the Tinkertree barren of its bells. Eco tells Maggie that Nature's rhythms are dependable.

Seahunt Oct 01 1997 - Mud/Slinger want to demonstrate their bravery. When Maggie and Galileo ask them to get special moss found on a remote island, Mud/Slinger jump at the opportunity. Eco helps get them prepared ...more

Eggs Over Easy Oct 02 1997 - When Galileo discovers a duck egg, he decides to perch on it in hopes that a duck will hatch. It takes all the persistence Galileo can muster to stay on the nest, and Hegdish is waiting ...more

Slice of Advice Oct 03 1997 - Eco becomes overly concerned about the safety of the other groundlings, much to Maggie's discontent. When a tree needs help, Maggie is determined to do the job by herself. It's tough for Eco, ...more

Snow Job Oct 06 1997 - Wintertime hits the marsh, much to the alarm of Mud/Slinger, who usually hibernate at this time. As they stuff their faces for the upcoming sleep, Hegdish succeeds in trapping Eco in ...more

Mossy Bear Oct 07 1997 - Galileo tries to elude Maggie to give up her mossy bear by making up a story about a secret club.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream Oct 08 1997 - Galileo stays up all night and has no energy left for a midnight search for blue roses that Eco is certain will bloom. When nightfall comes, Galileo can't sleep at all. Hegdish is restless, too ...more

Reluctant Hero Oct 09 1997 - When Hegdish rescues Mud/Slinger, they wait on Hegdish night and day, much to his regret.

Over the Rainbow Oct 10 1997 - Hegdish strips colours from the rainbow and tosses them around to groundlings, provoking mood swings and making Eco weak.

Mine All Mine Oct 13 1997 - Mud/Slinger discover a jack-in-the-box that Maggie gave them. Hegdish coaxes Maggie to take it, turning everyone's mood mad. Eco's story shows that someone's trash is another's treasure.

Sproutmaster Oct 14 1997 - Eco grants Galileo the role of Sproutmaster, with responsibility for gathering the sprouts before an impending hailstorm. But the power corrupts Galileo. In an attempt to get the job done ...more

Maggie's Tree Oct 15 1997 - Maggie's favorite tree is about to die, and Stacks predicts it will hit Eco's home when it falls. It puts two groundlings in danger: Maggie, who wants to stay with her tree until the end, and ...more

Maggie's Youday Oct 16 1997 - On a day that she annually gets presents at sunset, Maggie wants a secret peek at what Eco is giving.

Purple Pellet Fever Oct 17 1997 - Mud/Slinger become shallow when they charge their fellow groundlings purple pebbles for everything. Intent on getting more purple pebbles, they don't realize the river is overflowing to ...more

Lucky Stick Oct 20 1997 - Hegdish takes his stick with him to do all the jobs Galileo find dangerous. When Mud won't go into the cave to find fertilizer, the others ask Hegdish if they borrow his stick.

Megaboo Gonna Get You Oct 21 1997 - Hegdish makes up a fantastic story about a fictitious monster to scare the groundlings out of their recently-harvested berries.

Free at Last Oct 22 1997 - Stacks is overwhelmed with his new ability to roam through the marsh in a grocery cart. His mobile ways threaten to get the better of him.

Crystal Clear Oct 23 1997 - Eco's grandniece, an undergroundling named Crystal, becomes Maggie's newest friend. Consequently, Galileo feels left out.

Honey, I Shrunk the Groundlings Oct 24 1997 - In this first episode co-produced for Disney Channel, Eco is accidentally shrunk when Mud/Slinger test their size-altering invention.

The Amulet Oct 27 1997 - The magic in Eco's amulet is stuck, and she needs Mud/Slinger's polish to release the magic. Maggie, determined to prove she's grown up, takes the amulet to Mud/Slinger. Before the amulet is ...more

Jingle Bellies Oct 28 1997 - Galileo tries to keep secret the fact that he ate all the jingle reed cookies. In desperation, the others employ Hegdish, of all groundlings, to find the culprit.

Bumble-Bird Blunder Oct 29 1997 - Eco reveals a secret that has troubled her since childhood—which she feels is the reason she has been summoned to meet the Tree Elders.

The Hegdish Who Came to Dinner Oct 30 1997 - Hegdish suffers an accident and is laid up at Mud/Slinger's, expecting to be waited on all the time.

What a Guy Oct 31 1997 - Stacks is ready to go on an adventure in the name of nature.

The Enchanted Music Box Nov 03 1997 - Hegdish hears of a music box that plays wonderful music that makes everyone feel giddy. He hopes to hear this music firsthand, but when he does, he discovers the importance of moderation. Eco's ...more

The Other Galileo Nov 04 1997 - Entering the marsh is a groundling who looks almost identical to Galileo, but he has a mean streak – more disagreeable than even Hegdish. The visitor hurts the other groundlings' ...more

My Hero Nov 05 1997 - Stacks saves Galileo from the clutches of mischievous vines, only to get trapped himself. It's now up to Galileo to get Stacks out alive.

A Little Bird Told Me Nov 06 1997 - Maggie dencounters a bird who can talk only to her. Through that bird, Maggie discovers how special she really is. But will the other groundlings believe Maggie's story?

Berries as Big as Your Head Nov 07 1997 - Hegdish spots a vine of increasingly-large berries slithering into a cave – a cave he knows he can't navigate himself. Thus, he tells one lie after another to fool the other groundlings ...more