The Best Episodes of Gunsmoke

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Below is a complete Gunsmoke episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Gunsmoke episodes are listed along with the Gunsmoke episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Gunsmoke episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “The Guns of Cibola Blanca (2)” and “Gunsmoke: To the Last Man.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Gunsmoke episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Reed Survives Episode: 13, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Lucy also professes her love for handsome Booth Rider, and concocts a scheme in which Ephram is the intended victim. Booth becomes the unwitting pawn in a homicide that culminates in an ironic ...more
Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice Episode: 5, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 0
After his mother is killed in a wagoncoach robbery a young man pursues the gang responsible. Matt Dillon goes after him hoping to stop him before the gang can kill him. Dillon is joined by Davis ...more
The Hunter Episode: 9, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
A buffalo hunter, Jase Murdock, is warned by Ross the storekeeper to stay out of Indian Territory. Matt goes to see Ross to ask if he outfitted Murdock. Ross tells Matt you tangle with Murdock ...more
Episode: 4, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 0
Retired marshal Matt Dillon must clear his name after mistaken identity makes him wanted: dead or alive.
General Parcley Smith Episode: 11, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Old-timer Smith is a former Army officer considered a butcher. He arrives in Dodge City speading rumors about the new Banker, Drew Holt.
Mr. and Mrs. Amber Episode: 37, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Peak Fletcher says his sister Sarah Amber stole a calf. She was set up. Matt tells Peak to take the calf and leave. Simon, Peak's son tells Matt Neal, Sarah's husband, is just rocking in the ...more
Reward for Matt Episode: 16, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Matt kills a man and his widow posts a $1,000 reward for his death. Every one in the country from sodbusters to gunslingers is out to get the reward.
Episode: 35, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Augie Shart and Gene Tyler a couple of drunks try to hang Weed Pindle from Texas once they find he fought for the Union. Chester stops it. Chester get Weed to play his guitar and take up a ...more
Gunsmoke: To the Last Man Episode: 3, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 0
Retired marshal Matt Dillon tracks Arizona rustlers and lands in the middle of the 1880s Pleasant Valley War.
Reunion '78 Episode: 20, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Belle Archer recognizes Jerry Shand and hides her face. Jerry has a grudge against Andy Cully, a paunchy hardware drummer. At the Long Branch Jerry is beating Andy up. Matt's ready to lock Jerry ...more
No Handcuffs Episode: 15, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
When a dishonest Deputy Sheriff takes a prisoner from Matt's jail without Matt's approval or knowledgel, Matt and Chester go after the Deputy Sheriff and the Prisoner.
Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge
Will Mannon, "product of the Devil's loins," is released from a frontier prison and promptly goes in search of the people who put him there some 12 years ago -- Matt Dillon and Kitty
Professor Lute Bone Episode: 14, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Doc is so angered by a traveling medicine man and his opium elixir that he wants to get a gun and shoot him. When a fellow comes to town trying to kill Professor Lute Bone because his father ...more
Robin Hood Episode: 17, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Victims won't testify against John Henry Jordan at his trial for robbing the stage. He's found innocent. Matt asks Vince a card sharp he reformed to clean out Jordan. Jordan rides off. Matt's ...more
Yorky Episode: 18, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Yorky, a white boy who was brought up by Arapahoes, is victimized by horse theives. Seeking revenge, he gets shot by Abe Brandt and his son who said that Yorky was trying to steal ...more
Episode: 12, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Chester is embarrassed when his mountain man brother Magnus comes to town to visit. They hadn't seen each other in years and to prove that Magnus is uncivilized and doesn't belong in town, he ...more
Episode: 19, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Troy Carver, an aging ex-lawman gets off the stage. Matt calls to him. Troy turns and almost shoots Matt. Matt tells Troy if someone is after you I'll help. Troy says mind your own business. ...more
Episode: 31, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Zach and Bulow, up with a cattle drive, are raising a ruckus. Matt wants Zach's gun. He won't give it up. Matt hits him. Bulow draws his gun. Matt kills him. Zach tells Matt Bulow's brother ...more
Episode: 2, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 0
Gunsmoke: The Last Apache is a 1990 film directed by Charles Correll.
Indian Scout Episode: 23, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Twenty-three soldiers died a the hands of the Comamches at Cold Creek. Will Bailey lost his brother. Will says Amos Cartwwright, the scout led them into an ambush. Matt tells Bailey let the ...more
The Preacher Episode: 30, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Seth, a newcomer to Dodge is bullied by Keeler, a boxer.
Obie Tater Episode: 5, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Two outlaws seek an old prospector's hidden fortune. They drag him to try to get him to tell. Three weeks later he goes to see Matt. They go looking for the two in the bars. Kitty introduces ...more
Hot Spell Episode: 2, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
Matt intercedes on behalf of ex-con Cope Borden, when Rance Bradley accuses Cope of horse theft and attempts to lynch him. Cope is proven innocent of the charge, but later kills Bradley's nephew ...more
Home Surgery Episode: 4, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
When returning to Dodge, Chester and Matt are confronted by Holly Hawtree, whose father is desperately ill with gangrene. His only hope for survival is amputation of the affected leg. Matt ...more
Alarm at Pleasant Valley Episode: 39, Season: Gunsmoke - Season 1
While on the way back to Dodge, Matt and Chester discover a homsteading family fleeing Pleasant Valley, which is besieged by Indians.