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Below is a complete Hack episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Hack episodes are listed along with the Hack episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Hack episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this poll include “Dial O For Murder” and “A Dangerous Game.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Hack episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

My Brother's Keeper Oct 25 2002 - Mike's efforts to help his friend Vanessa get her brother Teddy off the streets and off drugs puts all of them in danger after Teddy steals a dope dealer's $15,000 stash. When Mike strikes a ...more

My Alibi Oct 18 2002 -

The Squeeze May 02 2003 -

Slippery Slope Nov 01 2002 - Mike takes a job chauffeuring loanshark Jack Shannon, but begins to have doubts about the wisdom of doing so after Grizz and Marcellus warn him that he's headed down a slippery slope. After he's ...more

All Others Pay Cash Apr 18 2003 - After Bill Olshansky has heart attack which creates irreversible and uncurable heart damage, Mike's decision to take care of his father leads them over rough territory as they hash out old ...more

Pilot Sep 27 2002 - Mike helps a minister find his runaway teenage daughter who was lured to Philadelphia by an online child predator.

Sinners and Saints Mar 14 2003 - An exhausted E.R. doctor's error results in a man's death, and an upset Heather seeks Mike's help when the hospital administration refuses to take action after she reveals that the doctor ...more

Signature Apr 04 2003 - After Mike convinces Marcellus to help him work to free a man they incorrectly helped send to prison, he incurs the further wrath of his father; Mike has mixed feelings when he discovers that ...more

Death of Innocence Jan 17 2003 - Marcellus gets a new partner, Aldo Rossi, and Mike has trouble adjusting to the change; after initially resisting Heather's suggestion that he reconcile with his father on his upcoming birthday, ...more

Favors Oct 04 2002 - Mike comes to regret helping a gambler who owes money to a bookie; Marcellus requests his old partner's assistance in apprehending a suspected killer.

Forgive, But Don't Forget Jan 31 2003 - Mike Jr. is upset when he sees a copy of his parents' divorce decree and gets into the sacramental wine at St. Vincent's, leading Mike to realize the importance of spending more time with his ...more

Third Strike Feb 21 2003 - A burglar that Mike once put in jail fears a third strike conviction if he reports that he witnessed a murder as he lay in wait to rob an office, and he goes to Mike for help in convincing the ...more

Songs in the Night Nov 15 2002 - When a homeless man dies in his cab, Olshansky sets out to find the man's estranged family.

Black Eye Feb 14 2003 - Romantic feelings resurface between Olshansky and his high school girlfriend as he reconnects with her while trying to help her schizophrenic sister.

A Dangerous Game Jan 10 2003 - Mike helps a Department of Justice employee whose sister has been kidnapped by a hitman who wants information about a banker in the Witness Protection Program who is scheduled to testify against ...more

All Night Long Dec 06 2002 - Mike picks up a man who has just been given $10,000 to help an immigrant mother reunite with her lost child. When the fare leaves the money in the backseat of the cab, Mike experiences a night ...more

Brothers in Arms Feb 07 2003 - Heather, Mikey and Grizz keep vigil as Marcellus and the rest of the force hunt down Johnny Scanlon, who has kidnapped Mike and threatens to execute him at the exact same as Johnny's brother ...more

Domestic Disturbance Oct 11 2002 - Mike comes to the aid of the wife and daughter of a cop who are fleeing the violence of their home, and finds them temporary refuge at Saint Victor's. After Grizz tells the wife that Mike's a ...more

Bad Choices Nov 22 2002 - After Mike picks up Chuck, a frantic naked man, he helps him track down the prostitute who robbed him of his clothes, money, and most importantly, his wedding ring. They find Anna, the ...more

True Lies Apr 25 2003 -

Husbands and Wives Nov 08 2002 - After Marcellus frames bookie Nick Bennett for smuggling guns and Bennett's wife asks Mike to help clear him, Mike discovers that Jack Shannon is blackmailing Marcellus and using him to extort ...more

Obsession Dec 20 2002 - Olshansky becomes the bodyguard for Abby, a woman terrorized by a stalker that neither she nor anyone else has ever seen. The signature item he leaves is a red rose. After Olshansky and Abby ...more

Calibrated Arguments Jan 17 2004 -

Collateral Damage Oct 18 2003 - While Mike identifies the man who shot Marcellus as someone who escaped from a drug dealer take-down long ago, a second attempt on Marcellus's life points to the possibility of two different ...more

One For My Baby Mar 06 2004 - As Mike and his passenger exchange ""she done me wrong"" stories, he reminiscences about the time he almost fell for the charms of a greedy woman whose doctor lover deceived ...more

Double Exposure Jan 24 2004 - After Jamie and his friend Wilson are jumped by gay-bashing thugs and the beat cops are reluctant to take the crime seriously, Mike enlists Marcellus's help in obtaining reports of other ...more

Misty Blue Feb 28 2004 - When Mike attempts to return the cell phone a stripper named Molly leaves in his cab and discovers that she's disappeared, he sets out to find her for the sake of Quinn, her twelve year old ...more

Presumed Guilty Oct 11 2003 - Bettina's client Brian is released on a technicality after being accused of murder, and he seeks Mike's help in finding out who actually committed the crime so that his name and reputation can ...more

The Looking Glass Nov 08 2003 - On the anniversary of his brother Rick's death, Jamie decides to meet with his father, Richard Farrel, in an attempt at reconciliation and instead discovers his affair with a young woman named ...more

My Fare Lady Nov 01 2003 - Mike helps an amnesiac regain her memory to uncover who has marked her for murder; working with Mike, Jaime uncovers her unsavory past, but not before Mike falls for her; Jamie pretends to be ...more

Fog of War Feb 07 2004 - Mike steps in to help his cousin who's caught a downward spiral of addiction and suicidal urges as he combats post-traumatic stress after serving in Iraq.

Blind Faith Nov 15 2003 - A young girl who witnessed a murder seeks Mike's help in helping her evade the corrupt police officer who has been paid off to cover up the crime and silence her; Marcellus takes up residence on ...more

Dial O For Murder Dec 13 2003 - After Liz asks Mike to look into the death of the girlfriend of her fireman friend Nick, Mike comes into conflict with Nick's boss, who's an old nemesis; Marcellus works the case from a ...more

The Reckoning Mar 13 2004 - When a drug dealer framed by Mike and Marcellus after they were unable to arrest him legitimately is released from prison, he begins to wield a path of destruction through Mike's life, ...more

Hidden Agenda Oct 04 2003 - Mike and Marcellus work together to free an innocent man caught up in the nightmare of being falsely accused of terrorism by an F.B.I. agent who runs amok under the cover of the so-called ...more

Gone Dec 20 2003 -

Out of the Ashes Oct 25 2003 - After Mike saves Leda Mills from three would-be rapists, she decides that the only way she can regain control of her life and prevent her attackers from hurting other women is to hunt them down ...more

Extreme Commerce Feb 14 2004 - Mike uncovers an illicit adoption ring trafficking in stolen babies when he grudgingly agrees to help one of Liz's clients, a former addict who's turned her life around, in the search for her ...more

To Have and Have Not Nov 22 2003 - While Mike is more than willing to assist Jamie in turning a teenage friend away from prostitution, Liz is much less sympathetic to her plight until Jamie convinces her that the privileged ...more

See No Evil Sep 27 2003 - Starting out fresh, Mike puts some distance between himself and Marcellus, grieves over Grizz's transfer to New Orleans, and moves into a new house, where he meets his energetic new neighbor, ...more