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Below is a complete Hamtaro episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Hamtaro episodes are listed along with the Hamtaro episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Hamtaro episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “The Snoozer Mystery” to “Calling all Ham-Hams!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Hamtaro episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Hamtaro Jun 03 2002 - The show opens with Hamtaro. He's in his cage and is trying to figure out how to get out. From his panicked reaction, we learn that he and his human have just moved to a new house. He escapes ...more

Jingle, the Wanderer Jun 14 2002 - Laura's father asks her to deliver an important floppy disk to his office. While Laura packs her bag, Hamtaro gets trapped inside. On the way to Mr. Haruna's office, Hamtaro picks up two ...more

The Great Chicken Chase Jul 22 2002 - Laura is heading to school. Only, she's not going to class, instead, it's a Saturday and her school is holding a pet day. She and Travis are also supposed to be helping Mr. Yoshi with the ...more

Merry Christmas! Jun 07 2002 - Laura and Kana are out shopping for their parents. Laura, however, is talking about what she wants. The thing is, there's this nice new dollhouse in a shop window that she's admiring, but her ...more

Boss is a Mom! Jun 17 2002 - When Maxwell and Oxnard are out walking in the park, they find Boss fishing. This is confusing. They know that Boss likes fishing, but it's the middle of winter and they didn't think he was that ...more

Let's Cross the Rainbow! Jun 19 2002 - When the sky cleared after the storm, a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky. Too bad Kana is in the hospital and cannot join her friend, Laura to witness the magnificent sight. At the Ham-Ham ...more

Watching Over Cute Penelope Jun 20 2002 - Dexter and Howdy volunteer to baby-sit Penelope to impress Pashmina, who was going to Panda's Fun Park by herself. The two competes against each other to become the best babysitter, which causes ...more

Stan and Sandy Make Up Aug 28 2002 - Laura is working on a project for school. She's cutting apples for a shrunken head, but she just can't seem to get it right. She's trying to peel it to make a face, but she keeps slipping up and ...more

Courage, Cappy! (a.k.a. Cappy's Courage) Jun 03 2002 - On a stormy day, Cappy tries to make his way to the clubhouse and is rescued from danger by Boss. Cappy has been beginning to think that his pampered life with his owners Kip and Sue is boring ...more

Maxwell's Big Scoop Jun 05 2002 - The Ham-Ham friends are excited about writing their own paper when Laura is assigned to write for the school paper. For the ""Ham-Ham Times"", Maxwell is appointed Chief ...more

The Search for Sandy's Brother Jun 20 2002 - The ham-hams have gathered in the clubhouse because Boss has called them together for an important meeting. They need to come up with a plan to try and find Sandy's brother, since they recently ...more

Welcome Pepper Jul 19 2002 - Kana's country cousin, Dylan is coming for a visit and he's bringing his hamster, Penelope, with him. Oxnard is still madly in love with Pepper and can't wait for her to come. Meanwhile, all of ...more

Ham-Ham Gang At The Aquarium Aug 19 2002 - Laura and Kana visit the Aquarium with their fathers, and the Ham-Hams follow along. Inside the Aquarium, strange sea creatures overwhelm the hamsters, but Hamtaro recognizes it as the place ...more

Romancing the Roosters (a.k.a. The Romantic Set-Up) Aug 21 2002 - As Laura's class is out for a jog, led by Mr. Yoshi, the ham-hams are hanging out in one of the trees up above. Their relaxing, enjoying themselves, when, down on the ground, Mr. Yoshi runs ...more

The Snowball Fight! (a.k.a. The Snow Storm) Jun 11 2002 - When the snowstorm ceased, Laura and Kana decide to ice skate, while Hamtaro recruits his Ham-Ham friends to venture outside into the cold to have some fun. Boss and Stan start a showdown to ...more

The Wise, Elder-Ham Jun 17 2002 - Laura's grandma visits and tells Laura about her long-lost friend and their identical clocks. Laura decides to search for grandma's friend. Hamtaro tells the ham-hams and they decide to help ...more

Bijou's in Danger! Jun 18 2002 - When Laura and Kana go shopping, the Ham-Hams go along, but soon find danger in the shopping district. A large, mean cat lives in an alley in the district, and after Bijou goes down the alley, ...more

Bijou's Favorite Ribbon Jun 21 2002 - Bijou is in her cage admiring her ribbons and making herself look nice. She's thinking about Hamtaro, she likes how he really notices her when she's wearing her beautiful ribbons. At Laura's, ...more

The Flying Ham-Hams! Jun 27 2002 - Panda finds a picture of a flying ham-ham in a secret place in his attic. It's apparently a friend of one of Panda's great-great-great... grandfathers. It inspires him with the idea that maybe ...more

The Scary Museum! Jul 18 2002 - Laura visits the local museum to gain some information for an independent study assignment. As she talks with her family about it, they talk about something at the museum that they think looks ...more

The Snoozer Mystery Jun 28 2002 - While cleaning out the clubhouse, the Ham-Hams hear that a hamster named Omar has escaped from his owner. Maxwell has a picture of the hamster, and the Ham-Hams realize that he looks like ...more

The Blossoms Of Friendship! Jun 28 2002 - Hamtaro, hearing Laura and Kana talking about going on a picnic, thinks that it would be a great idea for the ham-hams as well. He takes the idea to the ham-ham gang. Everyone thinks it's great, ...more

The Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro! Jun 10 2002 - Laura is just arriving home and Hamtaro couldn't be more happy. He's been waiting for her to play with him all day. He has all sorts of games in mind, but Laura brings out a book. Hamtaro says ...more

A Summer Festival Adventure Jun 11 2002 - On a warm summer day, Laura and Kana dress in kimonos to go to the Summer Festival. Curious to know what a festival is, Hamtaro follows Laura, and meets up with Boss, Maxwell, and Pashmina. ...more

Brandy's Big Race Jun 14 2002 - Laura and her family go to a dog sled race, and bring Brandy along. Hamtaro, Boss, Oxnard, and Bijou also tag along. Laura's family realize that Brandy isn't in such good shape. The hamsters ...more

Midnight Celebration (a.k.a. Yahoo! It's Girl's Day) Jun 21 2002 - Laura has a china doll collection, which she's getting out of storage to display in the living room. She hopes her Mom doesn't mind. Hamtaro sees all the dolls and thinks that even though they ...more

The Slipper Chase Jun 26 2002 - Laura has landed the starring role in the class presentation of ""Cinderella"" and is very excited. Her parents are happy for her too, in fact, they're ecstatic. Her Dad says ...more

Hamtaro, Please come Home! Aug 14 1990 - Hamtaro becomes fed up of his miss-treated life at Laura's and when she forces him to wear a decoration (Witch courses stranfgulation)Hamtaro takes advantage of a distaraction and dives into a ...more

The Sunflower Field Jun 12 2002 - Laura and her family are going on a trip to Grandma Willow's in the country. Grandma Willow lives in the country house that Laura's Dad used to live in. Laura's especially excited because ...more

Valentine's Day! Jun 18 2002 - It's the morning of Valentine's Day and Laura has two boxes of chocolate. She tells her Mom that she's giving one to her Dad, but her Mom wonders who the other one is for. The answer is, of ...more

Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth! Jun 25 2002 - It's morning and Laura is searching for her favorite pencil case. It has a lot of cool stuff in it, but it's simply disappeared. Her Mom comes up, warning that she's going to be late for school. ...more

The Precious Letter! Jun 26 2002 - Mr. Haruna plans a business trip to their old town, and Laura hopes to reunite with her old friend, Melanie. Laura attempts to send Melanie a letter because she could not reach her by phone. The ...more

First Time at the Beach Jun 10 2002 - The Ham-Hams don't know what a beach is and they decide to go with Laura and Kana. Once they get there the Ham-Hams have fun in the sand and Hamtaro is just about to go into the water, and then ...more

The Ham-Ham Clubhouse Jun 04 2002 - It's Laura's first day of school. She's trying to pick out an outfit and is running late. She asks Hamtaro for advice, but Hamtaro can only stare. Her Mom comes up and suggests that she should ...more

The Amazing Auntie Viv Jun 12 2002 - When a marathon race occurs at Laura's school, Elder Ham's friend arrives - Auntie Viv, and has come to town to participate in the race. Auntie Viv and the equally competitive Boss charge out of ...more

Diamonds of Sugar Jun 07 2002 - Hamtaro listens to Laura and her friend talking about a BBQ while they are eating a candy called 'Diamonds Of Sugar'. Laura's mother comes in and tells Laura to go shopping for the BBQ. ...more

Much Ado about School! Jun 13 2002 - Summer's over, and its time for Laura to go back to school. Hamtaro overhears Laura talking about her new teacher, but he thinks she's talking about a hamster. Hamtaro, Boss, and Oxnard tag ...more

The Search for Dad's Glasses! Jun 13 2002 - Laura's dad has lost his glasses, so they go to get a new pair from the optometrist. Hamtaro tags along, and finds Dexter, Boss, Oxnard, and Howdy. Laura's dad doesn't like any of the glasses ...more

Farewell, Bijou! Jun 24 2002 - The owner of Bijou, Maria decides to leave to go back to France to continue learning piano. The Hamsters are shocked to hear that Bijou would be leaving, and Boss became really depressed. As the ...more

Panda's Ham-Ham Fun Park! Jun 27 2002 - When Laura and her family go to the amusement park, Hamtaro shares the news with the Ham-Hams. Panda decides to build a Ham-Ham fun park, but Boss, Howdy, and Stan have their doubts about it. ...more

Pepper's Visit! (a.k.a. The Star Festival) Aug 02 2003 - Laura is busy, working on a story for a story-writing contest that's being held in her town. Her story is about two star-crossed lovers and a jealous old wizard. The crabby old wizard at first ...more

Ham-Ham Clubhouse in Danger! Aug 22 2002 - Laura's class is doing a project in which they're learning about their town's drainage system. They've been discussing it for a while and Mr. Yoshi is also having the class do models. Laura ...more

In Search of the Pendant Aug 26 2002 - Laura's Mom and Dad are playing a game. The two start fighting when Laura's Mom starts winning and Dad claims that she's been staying up extra late practicing or something. Laura's Mom calls him ...more

Pashmina's Present Jun 04 2002 - Laura is going to Travis's birthday party, but she isn't sure what to give Travis as a gift. She tells Hamtaro about it and he gets to thinking that it's some sort of competition. He takes the ...more

Calling all Ham-Hams! Jun 05 2002 - It's early morning, before school and Hamtaro can't wait for Laura to leave. It's not that he doesn't like her, it's just that there are so many new ham-hams at the clubhouse nowadays and he ...more

Let's Dance, Sandy! Jun 19 2002 - Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams are rehearsing for their performances in Elder-Ham's annual Sunflower Seed Harvest Festival. Boss is studying for the lead role in a play and the Ham-Ham girls are ...more

Even the Ham-Hams get Seasick Aug 27 2002 - It's morning and Laura is talking to her Mom. Her class is going on a field trip. Hamtaro is over on the stairway listening in. He thinks that maybe this is something he can come along on. ...more

Jun 06 2002 - It's morning and Laura is getting ready for the day. Her Mom comes in and reminds her to feed the fish. Laura gets dressed and asks Hamtaro what he thinks of her outfit. She thinks that Hamtaro ...more

Get Well, Laura Jun 24 2002 - It's morning and Laura's alarm clock is going off. Laura seems very tired. As the alarm continues going off, her Mom yells from downstairs about it. She sleepily punches the alarm clock off and ...more

Oxnard's Big Crush Jun 25 2002 - Laura, Kana and their families and hamsters are all together in the car, on the way to the country. Their visiting the Flower Ranch, where Kana's cousin Dylan lives. Hamtaro, in the back of the ...more