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Below is a complete Hangin' with Mr. Cooper episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Hangin' with Mr. Cooper episodes are listed along with the Hangin' with Mr. Cooper episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Hangin' with Mr. Cooper episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Down in the Dumps,” “Increase the Peace” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Hangin' with Mr. Cooper episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Feb 02 1993 - In the beginning of the episode, Robin is trying to convince the teachers to unite as a strike group, and reject a new contract with the school district that is unfair. Mark decides that the ...more

My Dinner with Mark Dec 01 1992 - In the beginning, Mark tells the audience that the show is LIVE. Mark does not know his lines. Vanessa invites her boss to their house to work on a business proposal. Mark thinks that Vanessa is ...more

The Unteachables Mar 02 1993 - In the beginning of the episode, Mark comes in and tells the audience about the show and Mark snaps his fingers and makes everyone disappear and reappear. It all starts out in the Teacher's ...more

Unforgettable Jan 05 1993 - Vanessa speaks French to her fashion photographer boyfriend and Mark tries to find out what she is trying to say. Vanessa broke up her realtionship. Robin's father (a jazz musician), Chip ...more

Livin' a Large Lie May 18 1993 - Tyler is shaving with Mark in the bathroom. Robin and Vanessa are trying to get Tyler's father to fix the bathroom tiles. Mark also tries to fix the bathroom tiles but gets injured and also gets ...more

P.M.S.: Post Moving-in Syndrome Apr 13 1993 - In the beginning of the episode, Mark is fixing Tyler's bike. Tyler asks to have dinner with them but Mark says no. Tyler asks Vanessa and Robin and they say yes. They are celebrating their ...more

In Vanessa We Trust Jan 12 1993 - The roommates' landlord dies, so they decide to use Vanessa's trust fund to buy the house.

Cheers Oct 27 1992 - Vanessa's car does not start. Mark, ""Man of the house"", can not fix it either. Robin says that it is an engine problem and convinces Vanessa that she can fix it free of ...more

A Moving Experience May 11 1993 - Mark, Robin, and there friends are playing dominos. Vanessa and Tyler want to play. Earvin has to ask Mark a question. The coach wins the game and breaks the table. Earvin has trouble in maths ...more

Miracle in Oaktown Dec 15 1992 - It's Christmas time in Oakland! Vanessa finds out that she won't be able to go to her family for Christmas because she is working. Robin and Mark agrees that Vanessa will have her Christmas at ...more

Piano Lesson Mar 16 1993 - Tyler comes over asking for food and sees Mark's fireworks. Mark hides the fireworks. Robin's boyfriend, Jason, gives Robin a necklace. Robin assumes that she will go to Hawaii that weekend. ...more

On the Rebound Oct 06 1992 - Mark's former girlfriend, Paula, moves back into town and wants to get reacquainted with him.

Boys Don't Leave Feb 23 1993 - Tyler comes over and wants to run away from his parents because their new baby is annoying and is getting more attention than he. He comes over with luggage and Mark opens one of the bags and ...more

Hangin' with Michelle Sep 29 1992 - When Mark becomes a substitute teacher, he gets a handful. His class includes playful little Michelle Tanner. When Michelle and her friends begin to torment Mark, he does a trick to get them to ...more

Forbidden Fruit Jan 19 1993 - Mark has a date with a new teacher's assistant--Coach Ricketts' daughter.

The Presentation Sep 22 1992 - In the series opener, unemployed Mark Cooper gets a job as a substitute teacher at his old high school. He also shares his house with two beautiful women: Robin, a music teacher who also works ...more

Warriors (2) Nov 17 1992 - In the beginning of the show, Mark shows the audience how in the last episode he was dunking during practice. He also showed how he was able to get the position on the Golden State Warriors ...more

Valentine's Day Massacre Feb 09 1993 - In this episode, Tyler sneaks into Vanessa's room while she gets dressed. Mark gives advice to keep his eyes open when it happens again. Robin goes on a blind date. Vanessa dates a doctor. Mark ...more

Warriors (1) Nov 10 1992 - Mark is trying to kill the ""super"" fly flying around the house. Vanessa is watching a stock that is making a lot of money. Vanessa wants to put her money in but is afraid ...more

Torn Between Two Teachers Nov 24 1992 - Andre can't choose between his music and basket-ball. Robin wants him to go for his piano-playing but Mark wants him to go for BasketBall.

Please Pass the Jock Oct 20 1992 - Robin goes to a skiing camp and needs money to go. So she tries to find a way to teach more children music lessons. Vanessa gives her the idea of ""having the first lesson ...more

Boyz in the Woodz Feb 16 1993 - Robin and Mark are getting ready for a ""Wilderness Training-Camping Trip"" with the students. In this episode, Mark starts out by wearing his camping equipment and Mark even ...more

The Prince of Soul Nov 19 1993 - Vanessa starts working at a ""Soul food"" restaurant. There she meets a prince from an African country who she starts seeing. The Prince likes her too and then he proposes to ...more

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To Jan 21 1994 - Mark is turning 30. Vanessa and Geneva decides to arrange an over-the-hill party. Tyler discovers a strange lump on Mark. Mark goes to the doctor to have it tested. A misunderstanding leads to ...more

Santa's Got a Brand New Bag Dec 10 1993 - Mark works as Santa in a mall.