TV Episodes Full List of Hardcastle And McCormick Episodes

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Below is a complete Hardcastle and McCormick episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Hardcastle and McCormick episodes are listed along with the Hardcastle and McCormick episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Hardcastle and McCormick episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Do Not Go Gentle” and “Too Rich and Too Thin.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Hardcastle and McCormick episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Boxer Oct 23 1983 - Boxer Kid Calico is told to throw a fight in order to keep his kidnapped father alive.

School for Scandal Jan 29 1984 - Robert Culp guest stars as Arthur Farnel, an ex-con who runs a school leading and teaching their students how to break the law. Mark decides to go undercover in order to gather enough evidence ...more

Whistler's Pride Jan 08 1984 - The judge inherits a rather short race horse.

Once Again with Vigorish Oct 30 1983 - Hardcastle & McCormick set out to assist a woman lawyer who is an old friend of Hardcastle's convict a mobster who is running stolen property in semi trucks.

The Prince of Fat City Nov 13 1983 - A gang member is remanded into the judge's custody only to stay in the guest house with Mark, while the judge and Mark go after a psychiatrist who has been taping private sessions with clients ...more

Mr. Hardcastle Goes to Washington Jan 15 1984 - Hardcastle is up for a spot on the Supreme Court bench but some people don't want him to be chosen.

The Crystal Duck Oct 02 1983 - Teddy, McCormick's cellmate in prison, is out on parole. He has been staying with Mark in the guesthouse, without Hardcastle's knowledge or permission. Now, his parole officer, Quinlan, informs ...more

Goin' Nowhere Fast Oct 09 1983 - A convict who has been having an affair with the warden's wife, escapes with her help. He then calls Hardcastle, which agitates him. He and McCormick go out to find him, clearly there is ...more

Scared Stiff Apr 01 1984 - Mark and Hardcastle take a group of misfit kids to a local prison in order to scare them straight; but while they are there, they are taken hostages by prisoners who are frustrated because of ...more

Third Down and Twenty Years to Life Jan 01 1984 - A law student at a local college claims that her brother, who was sent to prison for 20 years by Judge Hardcastle, was framed for murder. He ignores her, but when someone tries to kidnap her, he ...more

The Georgia Street Motors Feb 05 1984 - A group of retired judges decide to take the law into their own hands by delivering their own verdicts to criminals who slipped through the system or were given lesser sentences based on ...more

The Black Widow Oct 16 1983 - Hardcastle wants to investigate a woman named Tina Grey. It seems that a lot men die whom she was ""with"". When Hardcastle goes to the police for info, a Captain Filapiano, ...more

Flying Down to Rio Dec 04 1983 - Hardcastle & McCormick travel to Rio to track down a drug runner.

Just Another Round of That Old Song Dec 11 1983 - Keenan Wynn guest stars as an old bank robber who was recently released from prison who attempts to locate the armored car that he had robbed in the '40s.

Killer B's Nov 06 1983 - Hardcastle persuades an old friend, Buddy Ebsen to obtain a role in a movie in which the movie producer is using his films to cover up his drug smuggling operation.

Really Neat Cars and Guys with a Sense of Humor Mar 25 1984 - Hardcastle & McCormick go undercover at a computerized dating service in order to find out why wealthy clients are turning up dead.

Man, I'm a Glass House Sep 25 1983 - Hardcastle is quite upset when he is criticized in Without Sin, the autobiography of retired mobster Joseph Cadillac. Figuring that the mob, also the subject of Cadillac's criticism, will be ...more

Rolling Thunder, Part 2 Sep 18 1983 - See Part One

Did You See the One That Got Away? Mar 18 1984 - Hardcastle visits a man he sent to prison for life only to find that the man never made it there.

Rolling Thunder, Part 1 Sep 18 1983 - As the series begins, ex-race car driver Mark McCormick accepts a job driving the Coyote X, an experimental car designed by a friend of his named Flip Johnson. Mark loses his job, however, after ...more

Hotshoes Nov 27 1983 - Mark is thrilled when he gets a shot at racing in big leagues only to learn that his sponsor's auto parts business gets their inventory from stolen cars.

The Homecoming (1) Mar 05 1984 - Hardcastle returns to his hometown in Arkansas for a high school reunion, only to learn from an old friend that people are being swindled out of their farms. After the friend is murdered, and ...more

The Homecoming (2) Mar 11 1984 - Hardcastle hides out with another old friend, recovering from his injuries, while he tries to figure out how to retrieve the evidence against the town officials. Meanwhile, Mark and Christy take ...more

D-Day Oct 14 1984 - After finding his sister-in-law missing and her apartment ransacked, Hardcastle discovers that she had been secretly following her professor in hopes of earning extra credit in a police ...more

There Goes the Neighborhood Jan 07 1985 - Hardcastle's neighbors begin a Neighborhood Watch program after a series of local burglaries have them worried. After being overlooked by the organization for the selection of their Captain, the ...more

Never My Love Oct 28 1984 - Mark attends the funeral of an old friend, only to be surprised later to receive a message from her on his answering machine. After searching for evidence to her supposed "death," Mark ...more

You and the Horse You Rode in On Nov 18 1984 - Finally tired of how Hardcastle is treating him, Mark seeks another job with a water filter manufacturer. But after the director misleads a group of potential buyers during a presentation, Mark ...more

One of the Girls from Accounting Nov 25 1984 - While attending business downtown, Mark rushes to the aid of a woman being attacked by men in a mail truck. While he thinks he can find safety from the police officer reponding to their call, ...more

Ties My Father Sold Me Sep 30 1984 - After breaking into the official records, Mark identifies his long-lost biological father as a lounge singer in Atlantic City and goes to see him. But the man turns out to be sought by a mobster ...more

Outlaw Champion Sep 23 1984 - Hardcastle and McCormick must help protect a famous race car driver who is in danger of losing his claim to fame as well as his life.

The Long Ago Girl Feb 11 1985 - Hardcastle cuts his fishing trip short when he receives word of the death of his old girlfriend's current husband. After deciding to check up on her, he is shot as he interrupts a burglar at her ...more

Too Rich and Too Thin Jan 14 1985 - After investigating the suicide of a comic, Hardcastle relizes that it wasn't really suicide after he and McCormick prevent the attempted kidnapping of the comic's wife.

Pennies from a Dead Man's Eyes Dec 31 1984 - Jesse Wingo, the former famous singer, is spotted by McCormick at a talent contest. But when approached about his past, the contestant reveals his name to be Sam Jones. Puzzled at the ...more

You Don't Hear the One That Gets You Feb 18 1985 - Mark is thrilled when he wins $20,000 racing in the Arizona Modified. His joy quickly dissipates when thieves hold him up and steal his winnings as well as the Coyote. Based on Hardcastle and ...more

The Birthday Present Feb 25 1985 - With the judge's birthday coming up, Mark decides to unofficially help him close a cold case related to a soon-to-be-paroled crimial that Hardcastle put in jail for another crime. Unfortunately, ...more

It Coulda Been Worse...She Coulda Been a Welder Dec 02 1984 - The proposed destruction of a popular college bar brings Hardcastle's niece in the spotlight. With her protests making him upset, he must put aside their differences when she narrowly avoids a ...more

Hardcastle, Hardcastle, Hardcastle and McCormick Feb 04 1985 - Hardcase's two aunts help out during a nursing home jewelry heist.

Angie's Choice Apr 01 1985 - After seeing reputed mobster Stevie Ray kill a man named Tommy Chen, former prostitute Angie Bloom goes into hiding. Before disappearing, she decides to leave Nicky and Lindsey, her young ...more

Surprise on Seagull Beach Mar 04 1985 - After finding strange German bullets on the beach, Hardcastle gets involved in an underground treasure hunt for World War II gold at the beach. Meanwhile, McCormick also gets involved with the ...more

Undercover McCormick Mar 11 1985 - Seeking Hardcastle's help on a case of corrupt cops, a young patrolman is killed before he or Hardcastle can seek higher help in the department. With the case dealing with bad cops who could ...more

The Game You Learn From Your Father Mar 18 1985 - A critically-wounded criminal admits to being paid to frame a former baseball player, Duke McGuire, for murder. Feeling responsible for his false incarceration since he was the presiding judge, ...more

What's So Funny? Jan 21 1985 - Perplexed by the apparent suicide of ex-con Denny Frye, an up-and-coming comic, Hardcastle decides to investigate. Thanks to Mark, Hardcastle discovers that Denny was romantically involved with ...more

You Would Cry Too, If It Happened to You Oct 07 1984 - After telling his poker buddies to clean up the house before he gets back from the airport with the judge, McCormick returns with Hardcastle to discover that everything valuable on the estate ...more

Whatever Happened to Guts? Nov 04 1984 - When star of a television court show has to go into the hospital for surgery, he asks Hardcastle to fill in as the show's star. But, his enthusiasm for the show comes to a halt when the ...more

Hate the Picture, Love the Frame Dec 09 1984 - Hardcastle is arrested after a woman whom he had prevously had a chance encounter earlier is found dead in his home. Thinking the judge was framed due to his ruling on his latest case, McCormick ...more

The Career Breaker Oct 28 1985 - On vacation, Hardcastle travels down to Canary Creek, California to participate in an annual fishing contest. To Hardcastle's surprise, Tina Cutter, the local sheriff's sixteen year old ...more

Something's Going On On This Train Oct 14 1985 - Although Hardcastle is initially pleased to be invited to a party on a private train, his emotion changes to anger when he discovers that he has been lured onto the train under false pretenses. ...more

You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful and You're His Nov 25 1985 - While judging the Miss Sixteen beauty contest, Hardcastle becomes wrapped up in the life of car salesman Ed Whitman, the pageants grand marshal. Worried when her boyfriend Victor Hernandez ...more

Strangle Hold Nov 18 1985 - Shortly after contacting her friend Mark for help, wrestler Kate Murphy dies during a match. Recognizing that Kate's death was no accident, Mark decides to follow-up on his friend's suspicions ...more

A Chip Off the Ol' Milt May 05 1986 - As the final episode begins, Mark, who has secretly begun attending law school, is offered a paralegal job by Kenneth Malcolm, one of his professors. Meanwhile, Hardcastle, realizing that Mark's ...more