CBS Full List of Hawaii Five-O Episodes

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Below is a complete Hawaii Five-O episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Hawaii Five-O episodes are listed along with the Hawaii Five-O episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Hawaii Five-O episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild!” and “I'll Kill 'Em Again.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Hawaii Five-O episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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Six Kilos Mar 12 1969 - Chin Ho and Dan Williams are tracking a safecracker but he pulls a gun and Danno ends up shooting him. McGarrett takes his identity of Harry Brown and must infiltrate a sophisticated gang of ...more

Twenty-Four Karat Kill Nov 14 1968 - A woman buys fish from a monger, and is followed home and murdered. McGarrett and the team must discover who killed her and stop smugglers from completing their operation.

Tiger By The Tail Oct 10 1968 - A young singer, Bobby George, plans his own kidnapping as a stunt, but when his father offers $500,000 for his release, his co-conspirators decide to double-cross him and take the money.

Face Of The Dragon Jan 22 1969 - A man is found dead after having been robbed by a motorcyclist with a gun, and McGarrett is shocked to discover that the man was suffering from bubonic plague. The islands are quarantined, and ...more

Not That Much Different Mar 05 1969 - When a leader of a student peace movement is killed, McGarrett has to investigate the murder against a wall of silence and a distrust of the police by the activists.

Cocoon (1) Sep 20 1968 - Red Chinese agent Wo Fat uses a sensory deprivation chamber to procure information from U.S. agents. Steve McGarrett, head of Hawaii Five-O, investigates the death of a close friend who appears ...more

The Big Kahuna Mar 19 1969 - Sam Kalakua, a distant cousin of Kono, is being frightened into an early grave by an fake apparition of a Hawaiian god created by his nephew, who wants to sell the estate to a land merchant.

Cocoon (2) Sep 20 1968 - McGarrett is caught and cocooned, and must escape this torture and shut down Wo Fat's operation.

One For The Money Feb 05 1969 - When a girl is found murdered and numbered 'one', McGarrett suspects a serial killer. However the killer seems to be very selective in targeting members of a particular company, and suspicion ...more

... And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin Nov 07 1968 - Danny Williams is accused of shooting an apparently unarmed young boy. Meanwhile, in his investigation, McGarrett comes up against Big Chicken, a nasty dope dealer.

Once Upon A Time (2) Feb 26 1969 - McGarrett must use all legal means possible to win the court case against Dr. C.L. Fremont, stopping her fake treatments and saving his sister from more anguish and pain.

Once Upon A Time (1) Feb 19 1969 - When the son of McGarrett's sister falls ill with cancer and she becomes involved in ‘naturology', her husband calls in Steve to investigate and persuade her to stop paying for the ...more

King Of The Hill Jan 08 1969 - Danno is taken hostage by a Vietnam veteran who is suffering delusional flashbacks and sees everyone as forces sent to kill him.

Samurai Oct 17 1968 - McGarrett and the gang must simultaneously protect a gangster from Japanese assassins and also try to convict him for his underworld activities.

Full Fathom Five Sep 26 1968 - Victor Reese and his wife Nora are conning rich widows out of their savings, and then poisoning them and dumping them in the ocean. McGarrett and company hatch a plan to use a female officer to ...more

The Ways Of Love Nov 21 1968 - After a girl dies during a high speed chase, a trail of clues leads McGarrett to a Los Angeles prison, where he must act the part of convict Steve Crowley to gain the trust of his cellmate for a ...more

No Blue Skies Dec 05 1968 - When a singer, Joey Rand, finds that his career doesn't pay well enough, he turns to cat burglary. However he doesn't reckon on Hawaii Five-O.

Strangers In Our Own Land Oct 03 1968 - Five-O probes into the death of an official who was instrumental in the development of the islands, and discovers a tangled web of lies and deception.

Along Came Joey Feb 12 1969 - When the boxing son of a policeman, Phil Kalama, is killed, he starts a personal vendetta, and McGarrett must both solve the crime and stop Kalama from committing another murder.

Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born Dec 19 1968 - When McGarrett is shot and badly wounded on a beachside jog, Danno and the team must work feverishly to find the culprit and prevent him from committing any more murders.

Deathwatch Dec 25 1968 - McGarrett must protect a protect a mob underboss so he is able to testify against his superior, Joe Matsukino. However, Matsukino has many tricks up his sleeve to silence his former colleague ...more

Up Tight Jan 15 1969 - Young Eadie Hastings cannot be saved by Danno from jumping of a cliff, and Five-O think that she was high on speed. They track her source to a crank teacher, Professor David Stone, and Danno ...more

The Box Jan 29 1969 - Big Chicken returns in a tense prison hostage drama when McGarrett has to give himself over to the criminals as a bargaining chip and use psychology to take control of the situation.

Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember Jan 01 1969 - When a young female student is found murdered on campus, suspicions fall on her boyfriend but McGarrett senses that something is not right.

By the Numbers Dec 12 1968 - A winning lottery ticket drags an army private into a the murky world of mob politics and vice.

A Stranger In His Grave Apr 27 1978 - Five-O become involved in a complex case of body-switching, mystery investments and suitcases full of money.

The Big Aloha Jan 12 1978 - A young doctor is suspected of having been involved in the murder of his mentor.

Head To Head Feb 16 1978 - While pursuing a drug dealer, McGarrett also has to contend with a federal agent.

East Wind -- Ill Wind Dec 29 1977 - When an Asian ex-leader dies in a seemingly accidental swimming incident, his wife is convinced that he was murdered by forces from their home country.

Tsunami Dec 22 1977 - A gang of university students plan a hoax tidal wave in order to steal priceless jewellery.

Frozen Assets Mar 30 1978 - A cryogenics institute comes under suspicion when an investigative writer becomes involved.

Deadly Doubles Nov 17 1977 - When a Russian tennis star wants to defect, McGarrett must work to prevent an international incident.

Invitation To Murder Mar 23 1978 - McGarrett must deal with an apparent mass murderer when a will creates a fortune for the last family member left alive.

The Descent Of The Torches Oct 20 1977 - Five-O must find out whether the death of an archaeologist is linked to his supposed desecration of tomb of King Kamehameha.

The Cop On The Cover Sep 29 1977 - McGarrett must solve both a mysterious kidnapping and the problem of having a nosy reporter analysing his every move.

A Death In The Family May 04 1978 - Five-O's world is shattered when mobsters catch Chin Ho undercover and order him to be killed.

Angel In Blue Mar 09 1978 - A female undercover cop threatens the progress of an investigation when she starts a relationship with a man connected to the case.

You Don't See Many Pirates These Days Sep 22 1977 - When a sea-freighter is hijacked, the wealthy millionaire owner calls in Five-O, but all is not how it seems...

Tall On The Wave Mar 02 1978 - Danno must deal with a surfer, one of his friends, who is suspected of the murder of a girl.

Up The Rebels Sep 15 1977 - An Irish terrorist uses disguise and deception in order to be able to smuggle explosives for the Troubles.

Deep Cover Dec 08 1977 - A secret submarine, the murder of a Navy officer and strange amnesia create a puzzling case for Steve McGarrett.

When Does A War End? Mar 16 1978 - A Japanese businessman comes under attack from a young man whose father suffered in an Japanese Prisoner of War camp.

The Silk Trap Feb 09 1978 - An up-and-coming young politician is blackmailed in order to affect his leadership of an congressional investigation.

A Short Walk On The Longshore Feb 02 1978 - In order to find out the identity of the murderer of a union leader, McGarrett goes undercover as a longshoreman.

Tread The King's Shadow Jan 05 1978 - McGarrett becomes involved in a love triangle between a young local man, a rich girl and her father who hates the Hawaiian origins of the boy.

The Ninth Step Oct 27 1977 - The return of a disgraced alcoholic policeman causes extra problems in the pursuit of a pair of armoured truck robbers.

The Friends Of Joey Kalima Oct 13 1977 - McGarrett engages in a personal struggle to clear the record of an officer and close friend accused of criminal activity.

My Friend, The Enemy Apr 13 1978 - Five-O must deal with the kidnapping of an Arab princess, and Steve must also deal with an Italian female journalist's constant interruptions.

Shake Hands With The Man On The Moon Nov 10 1977 - McGarrett must deal with an astronaut turned real-estate salesman in order to crack the case of a murdered reporter.