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Below is a complete Head of the Class episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Head of the Class episodes are listed along with the Head of the Class episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Head of the Class episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Most Likely to Be Forgotten” and “The Secret Life of Arvid Engen.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Head of the Class episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

You've Got a Friend Dec 03 1986 - After their team project wins them a trip to Washington, D.C., Sarah and Arvid develop slight feelings for each other. But things aren't necessarily a bed of roses between them.

Charliegate Oct 01 1986 - Dennis misquotes Mr. Moore for the school newspaper

Love at First Byte Oct 22 1986 - Charlie receives a love note from a secret admirer he suspects is in the IHP.

As Time Goes By Dec 10 1986 - Charlie's ex-flame evaluates the class

Cold Turkey Nov 26 1986 - Mr. Moore spends Thanksgiving with Dr. Samuels

Back to the Future Sep 24 1986 - The class imagines life 20 years in the future

The Outsider Oct 29 1986 - Janice feels left out in class and decides to throw a party to make friends. Charlie dates a model.

Volleyball Anyone? Nov 12 1986 - Arvid tries to impress a girl by challenging the school basketball players to a volleyball match against the IHP class.

Critical Choices Nov 19 1986 - Charlie tries his hand at ""Hamlet""

Teacher's Teacher Nov 05 1986 - Charlie is upset when the IHP's regular teacher announces his return from sick leave.

Pilot Sep 17 1986 - A high school substitute teacher takes over a class of geniuses.

Rebel Without a Class Jan 07 1987 - Eric makes trouble for another teacher

The Way We Weren't Dec 17 1986 - When doing reports on their ancestry, both Alan and Darlene find things out that they don't want to.

Past Imperfect Jan 21 1987 - Charlie must pass a test in Macro Economics in order to keep his teaching license. The IHP attempt to help him.

Ode to Simone Jan 14 1987 - Simone receives a discouraging letter from her favorite poet....after his death. Dennis tries to give up sarcasm and pranks.

The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming! Feb 04 1987 - The IHP faces their Russian counterparts in an academic tournament. Eric must join the team to replace an ailing Jawaharal.

Crimes of the Heart Apr 01 1987 -

The Secret Life of Arvid Engen May 06 1987 - Arvid starts to daydream about Lori and it affects his schoolwork

A Problem Like Maria Jan 28 1987 - Maria dates the captain of the opposing team

Valentine's Day Feb 11 1987 - The class has problems on Valentine's day.

Video Activity Feb 18 1987 - The class makes a music video for a time capsule

Privilege Feb 25 1987 - Charlie sets Arvid up with a job at a hot nightclub, which causes Arvid to develop a cocky, image-conscious attitude.

Will the Real Arvid Engen Please Stand Up? Jan 06 1988 - Arvid sends his penpal Eric's picture

Fatal Distraction Jan 20 1988 -

Parent's Day Feb 03 1988 - The IHP's parent's come to see how the class is taught

We Love You, Mrs. Russell Mar 09 1988 - A popular teacher has Alzheimer's

Cello Fever Jan 27 1988 - Janice tries to get first chair in the school orchestra

Love is Debatable Feb 10 1988 - Darlene pretends to like Alan to win debates

For Better, For Worse Mar 02 1988 - Ms. Meara teaches a class on marriage

On the Road Again Jan 13 1988 - Darlene and Sarah buy a car; problems with Mrs. Samuels has Dr. Samuels rooming with Charlie.

Play it Again, Woody Dec 09 1987 - Charlie and Arvid reflect on their love woes at a Woody Allen marathon going on at a movie theater.

Revenge of the Liberal Dec 02 1987 -

Trouble in Perfectville Oct 28 1987 - The class puts out a lampoon issuse of the school newspaper

Poltergeist III Nov 18 1987 - Janice says there is a poltergeist following her and soon the class begins to believe her.

Don't Play With Matches Mar 23 1988 - The class gets matched up with computer dates

Moore Than You Know May 11 1988 - Charlie thinks he sees his dead uncle

Science Fair-Weather Friends Sep 23 1987 - Sarah, Arvid, and Dennis compete and deceive to win the science fair.

The 21st-Century News May 04 1988 - Dennis sees a bleak future

Coach Charlie Nov 04 1987 - When Dr. Samuels is ejected from the meets, he gets Mr. Moore to take his place as coach.

Psyched Out at Fillmore Nov 25 1987 - The class takes a standardized personality test and then worry about the results.

That'll Be the Day Nov 11 1987 - The class puts on Grease

The Write Stuff Sep 30 1987 - Charlie encourages the class to revitalize the school's literary journal, and the class votes Simone as editor-in-chief. Unfortunately, the power this position gives Simone slightly goes to her ...more

The Big Squeeze Oct 07 1987 - The IHP are concerned when they learn a transfer student might join their class, making it necessary for one of them to leave. They fight over who it should be.

Child of the 60's Oct 14 1987 - Dennis holds a sit-in for better cafeteria food after Charlie teaches a lesson on the rebelliousness of the '60s.

King of Remedial Apr 26 1989 - Fed up with Dennis' constant gags, Charlie shows him the door - to a remedial-history class, where Denn becomes the inspirational leader for an acade meet the IHP kids.

Exactly Twelve O'Clock May 10 1989 - Hall monitor Arvid has daytime nightmares of a personal high noon after a bully he cited for loitering demands a showdown - at high noon.

Killer Coach Mar 22 1989 -

Labor Daze May 03 1989 - The staff, including Charlie, go on strike

I Am the King Apr 05 1989 - Charlie moonlights as a character in late night commercials for an appliance store.

Mission to Moscow (1) Nov 02 1988 - In Moscow, Dr. Samuels insists on study for an academic meet, while Charlie lobbies for more personal cultural experiences. (Part 1 of 2)