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Below is a complete Heartbeat episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Heartbeat episodes are listed along with the Heartbeat episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Heartbeat episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “She's Leaving Home” to “Old Masters.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Heartbeat episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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Christmas Album Dec 18 2005 -

The Rowan Years

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Ten Years of Heartbeat Apr 13 2002 -

Farewell Phil Dec 24 2007 -

Changing Places

The Heartbeat Chronicles

Nowt But a Prank May 08 1992 - A feud between two neighbours, a Mr. Chapman and a Mr. Radcliffe that has been going on for the past 20 years is getting really serious. Chapman blocks off a public right of way which leads up ...more

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue May 15 1992 - There are a number of burglaries in the area recently which all have a connection, the thief tidies the house before leaving with the loot, which is usually silver. Nick checks around the local ...more

Changing Places Apr 10 1992 - London policeman Nick Rowan and his recently qualified Doctor wife - Kate move away from the city and go to the rural surroundings of Aidensfield, a village in the heart of the North Yorkshire ...more

Primal Instinct Jun 05 1992 - Muriel Gerard returns from church with her mother one Sunday morning to find that her husband, Andrew - a former DCS from Scotland Yard, has been shot dead. She informs Nick who arrives with ...more

Keep on Running Jun 12 1992 - There is an outbreak of sheep rustling and one of the victims who is renowned for naming his sheep accuses Greengrass of the crime. Greengrass ends up in court and is convicted, but Nick ...more

Outsiders May 29 1992 - A caravan of circus-folk, the Laszlos arrives in Aidensfield and camps on the village green. The locals are angry about it and demand that these unwelcome visitors leave. The vicar's daughter, ...more

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Face Value May 22 1992 - There is to be a big CND demonstration outside the Fylingdales early warning defence base near Aidensfield, and prospective MP - Paul Melthorn is to make a speech there. Workers take offence ...more

Rumours Apr 24 1992 - Local shopkeeper - Charlie Denby's record department in his shop is a popular spot for the local lads and when Blaketon and Nick both receive anonymous tip offs accusing Denby of having 'an ...more

Fruits of the Earth Apr 17 1992 - Nick is puzzled by a succession of drunken hikers on the moors. A man called Potter is then cautioned for passing on his home made wine which is responsible. Potter also gets accused of indecent ...more

Playing with Fire May 01 1992 - Nick investigates two mysterious barn fires that have happened recently. A young woman is also assaulted in a barn by her new boyfriend. The woman is persuaded by her friend, Sandra Murry (Alan ...more

Moving Target Apr 13 2003 - The village is horrified when it seems there is a sniper on the loose, and Bellamy rethinks his priorities after a near miss with a bullet. DI Shiner makes Mike an offer it would be hard to

Horses for Courses Dec 15 2002 - Mike is horrified when Tricia gets involved with a racehorse trainer, and Vernon has a surprise visit from a long-lost sibling.

Out of the Blue Jan 12 2003 - Vernon and David are travelling in a tanker which overturns spilling its load. Vernon is taken to hospital with memory loss and David claims not to know what they were carrying. The police ...more

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Dirty Len Nov 24 2002 - Mike searches for a link between a dead farm worker and a spate of animal deaths. Alfred leaves David high and dry in Whitby. Meanwhile Tricia is upset, because of her patient dieing. She soon ...more

Growing Apart Dec 01 2002 - When Tricia gets involved in a domestic dispute, she can't stand the heat in the kitchen. Vernon attempts to take the horticulture industry to new heights.

Lily of the Valley Apr 20 2003 - PC Crane and Dr Merrick worry about the welfare of an elderly farmer's widow. David helps Blaketon front a protest against a local quarry, but Vernon is working for the opposition.

A Dog's Life Oct 20 2002 - Private drama is played out in public when Lord Ashfordly hosts the County Sheepdog Trials. But Bernie and David find it inconvenient when Vernon offers their services.

Mackerel Sky May 04 2003 - An ex-con uses Jenny to put pressure on Sgt Merton. A newly affluent Vernon organises a charity auction.

Skeletons and Cupboards Oct 06 2002 - Ventress fears for his job and his sanity when Blaketon sees a man whom they certified dead fifteen years previously. Meanwhile, the villagers are sceptical when Vernon finds gainful employment ...more

No Man's Land Nov 17 2002 - Gina has a near miss with a local farmer defending his land against ramblers. Villagers are puzzled by Vernon's bizarre personality switch.

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Music of the Spheres May 18 2003 - Things get complicated for Steve when he falls for the beautiful daughter of a Polish violinist staying at Ashfordly Hall. Vernon is visited by two long-lost cousins claiming to have an ...more

Bread and Circuses Dec 29 2002 - Bellamy is smitten with Alice, the victim of a handbag snatch. Merton and the others are trying to track some valuable porcelain figures stolen in Whitby when a similar theft occurs at Mr

Sins of the Fathers Dec 22 2002 - Mike is reacting badly to Tricia's death and has an altercation with an underage drinker in the pub. The boy hits him but is let off by the magistrate - who turns out to be his father.

Harmony Nov 10 2002 - Merton's cousin, the famous singer-songwriter Deborah Vine, arrives in Aidensfield to find a secluded location in which to work.

Where There's Muck Nov 03 2002 - Ventress tries to stop a bankrupt farmer from taking revenge on the bank. When Vernon goes into the horseradish business he discovers that he can't stand the heat in the kitchen.

Missing in Action Mar 30 2003 - Lesley wishes her father was still alive to give her away at the wedding. Bernie visits the chiropodist to have his bunions treated. Gina organises Lesley's hen night.

Absent Friends May 11 2003 - When a farming couple go missing, Jenny and Liz are left minding the children. Vernon takes a reluctant Bernie on a country hotel mini-break.

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Jan 05 2003 - Lord Ashfordly is concerned about falling royalties from High Rigg Quarry and asks Blaketon to investigate. The police are concerned about a quantity of explosives which have gone missing from ...more

House Rules Apr 27 2003 - illagers are curious when a mystery woman comes to live with Steve Crane, and Vernon gets a lucky break when he ventures into the modern art market.

Hung for a Sheep Mar 16 2003 - Ventress thinks the new PC, Steve Crane, is a bit too anxious to prove his worth. Vernon attempts to impress another new arrival, Dr Liz Merrick, with his community spirit.

A Girl's Best Friend Oct 13 2002 - Mike discovers that a couple's wealth has not brought them happiness. Vernon is concerned that his dabbling with hypnotism has sent David barking mad.

A Many Splendoured Thing Dec 08 2002 - It is Christmas in Aidensfield and Lord Ashfordly decides to throw a ball to celebrate his marriage, but his elegant young bride is not what the locals expect. Vernon jeopardises Bernie's ...more

Caped Crusaders Apr 06 2003 - Liz receives anonymous phone calls late at night, and Alec and Dean dress up as Batman and Robin.

The Third Man Mar 23 2003 - Mike takes on his first big CID job after getting a tip-off. Vernon persuades Dr Merrick that the surgery needs a face-lift.

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The High Life Mar 09 2003 - A gang of mods cause havoc in the in the village and David is all set to join their gang. Jenny worries when a visit from her brother puts a strain on her relationship with Merton.

A Fresh Start Sep 11 2005 - Sergeant Miller is suspicious of a former London gangster who comes to Aidensfield to start a new life, Rob gets involved in an accident involving a stolen car, while Peggy's latest scheme ...more

The Devil You Know Oct 02 2005 - Alf poses as a criminal as part of an undercover operation, but his covert actions only reveal startling information about Miller's ethical beliefs. David eyes up Peggy's room when she applies ...more

Miller's Tale Oct 09 2005 - A gang of youths push Peggy down a hole while she is poaching but when Miller gives chase, he knocks down and kills an elderly bystander, landing himself in hot water. Peggy then comes up with a ...more

Mastermind Oct 16 2005 - A gang of elderly villains spot a chance for one last, glorious crime spree when the villagers leave Aidensfield en masse to support Rob in a charity football match. Peg finally gives David a ...more

Family Ties Oct 23 2005 - When one of Helen's patients suddenly dies, she becomes involved in a suspected case of euthanasia, and the doctor's problems are compounded as she struggles to keep her relationship with Rob ...more

The End of the Road Oct 30 2005 - The folk of Aidensfield panic when rumours of an escaped killer are confirmed. Rob attempts to track down the fugitive, but his investigations are complicated when Helen gets caught up in the ...more

Picture This Nov 06 2005 - A priceless Manet painting is stolen from a retired German art dealer's home, leaving Miller to suspect Lord Ashfordly's involvement. Peggy tries to convince a pair of visiting bird-watchers ...more