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Below is a complete Heartbreak High episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Heartbreak High episodes are listed along with the Heartbreak High episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Heartbreak High episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features “Episode 19,” “Episode 9” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Heartbreak High episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 19 Apr 29 1994 - While trying to earn some extra money, Rivers unknowingly buys some stolen car parts through Con, then refuses to name his supplier when the police charge him.

Episode 26 Aug 17 1994 - Hurt by his parents' divorce and their apparent disregard for him, Steve decides to move out and get an apartment with Rivers and Jodie. Christina makes a decision about Mack's invitation to ...more

Episode 30 Sep 14 1994 - A wealthy girl hires Helen to cater a dinner party for her parents. George lends the Bordinos the money Roberto needs for his business. Deloraine suspends Rivers when he sees him harassing Sam.

Episode 37 Nov 02 1994 -

Episode 6 Apr 03 1994 - The burden of her family responsibilities cause Chaka to behave erratically at school but attract the attention of her friends who rally to support her. Marco presses Christina to set a wedding

Episode 18 Jun 22 1994 - The head gardener at the nursery where Nick and Danielle are participating in a work experience programme has a heart attack. Con arranges for Jodie and himself to work at a recording studio and ...more

Episode 21 Jul 13 1994 - A phantom blader plays a cat-and-mouse game with Southgate after the acting principal bans inline skating at Hartley; tensions are palpable among members of the gang. Jack's grades earn him an ...more

Episode 23 Jul 27 1994 - Con pressures Jodie into entering a televised rising stars ""StarQuest"" contest but then must come up with a new act when she refuses to perform. A bet with Steve drives ...more

Episode 32 Sep 28 1994 - Lucy encourages Steve to continue searching for his birth mother even though contact is prohibited by law. Rivers' father convinces him to return to school. Effie contemplates dating an ...more

Episode 33 Oct 05 1994 - Rose's pregnancy complicates Hartley's plans to host the prestigious Education Awards. Con confronts his father when he lends Rocco money to help get the Shark Pool up and running rather than ...more

Episode 3 Mar 13 1994 - Christina gets approval for a school soccer team by volunteering to be its coach. Con borrows an amplifier from his uncle to allow Jodie to make a demo tape of her songs. Danielle creates some ...more

Episode 11 May 08 1994 - Phil confides a secret about his past to Rose, who has a crush on him. Stella quits as the Poulos's housekeeper after getting in an argument with George in which he questions her decision to ...more

Episode 8 Apr 17 1994 - George, Nick, and Effie are devastated by Ireni's sudden and tragic death. Steve's disclosure to Nick of information regarding his mother's car accident leads Nick down a path that ends with him ...more

Episode 14 May 29 1994 - Verbal and physical harassment over a misconstrued encounter with a young student causes Graham to have doubts about continuing to teach at Hartley. Chaka's father speaks to the students about ...more

Episode 16 Jun 08 1994 - Stella's daughter Katerina shows up unexpectedly and starts making life uncomfortable for both Nick and her mother. Rose's father forbids her to continue dating Jack.

Episode 27 Aug 24 1994 - Steve, angry after learning that he was adopted, is caught stealing from his employer and the police are called. Danielle and Jodie fight over Nick. George quits his job at the factory.

Episode 5 Mar 27 1994 - After leaving home following an argument with his father, Nick moves in with Jodie and begins looking for a job so that he can drop out of school. A record company executive takes an interest in ...more

Episode 7 Apr 10 1994 - Low morale threatens to destroy the school's poorly performing soccer team until Christina seeks help from George, a former professional player, who is reluctant to become involved. Hartley's ...more

Episode 22 Jul 20 1994 - After Rose announces that she is pregnant, she moves in at the Poulos's until her father, who does not want her to keep the baby, allows her to come back home. Stella teaches George to dance ...more

Episode 10 May 01 1994 - Nick hits Jodie after she confesses to a romantic fling in Melbourne. Christina's future with Marco is thrown into doubt when he announces a promotion that will take him to Perth. A new drama ...more

Episode 24 Aug 03 1994 - Nick's election as class captain puts him in direct conflict with Southgate when he is made to come down on his friends for violations of school policies. Con discovers that the new woman in his ...more

Episode 12 May 15 1994 - Yola's attempt to advise a pregnant Nicole causes a professional crisis when the girl's condition is revealed. Rose spots Christina and Phil cavorting on the beach. On their first date, Rivers ...more

Episode 20 Jul 06 1994 - While serving as acting principal, Southgate institutes a series of strict policy changes as a means of preventing the possible closing of the school. Steve learns of Nick and Danielle's ...more

Episode 38 Nov 09 1994 - Nick sets out to win Jodie back before she leaves for the States. To no avail, Roberto tries to get Nick to drop out of his forthcoming professional bout. After his talk with Yola, Rose's father ...more

Episode 2 Mar 06 1994 - The banning of Jodie's incendiary rap song sparks a freedom-of-speech revolt among the students. Nick, Rose and Jodie lead their fellow students in a strike and Deloraine counters with the ...more

Episode 25 Aug 10 1994 - Danielle's first foray into modelling goes awry when the photographer manipulates her into posing nude. Con's relationship with Greta comes to an end.

Episode 28 Aug 31 1994 - Steve wants to keep a stray dog that he befriends but Deloraine and Rivers have other ideas. Stella invites Katerina to go with her to Greece.

Episode 29 Sep 07 1994 - George is hurt by Nick and Effie's less than enthusiastic reaction to his announcement about an impending move. New teacher Sam Robinson arrives at Hartley High to fill a staffing vacancy ...more

Episode 9 Apr 24 1994 - Con tries to get new uniforms for the soccer team in time for their last match while his mother arranges for a woman to help out at the Poulos' home. Steve is forced to miss rugby training to ...more

Episode 13 May 22 1994 - After learning about Phil's past relationship with a student, Christina decides they can have no future together and Phil makes the decision to resign. Jodie rallies her fellow students to save ...more

Episode 35 Oct 19 1994 - Con is discovered to have drugs in his possession when the police raid a party at the warehouse. Rivers' relationship with Sam moves into dangerous territory. Nick makes his amateur boxing debut ...more

Episode 17 Jun 15 1994 - Southgate decides to resign after he reacts violently during a confrontation with Katerina. Yola's involvement with a married man bothers Christina. Con heads up the effort to make a video clip ...more

Episode 4 Mar 20 1994 - Nick spends the night with Jodie, causing his parents to worry about his absence. Southgate helps Rivers deal with the cops when they want to question him about a stolen car. Chaka worries about ...more

Episode 15 Jun 01 1994 - Their friends try to get Rose and Jack together for the school dance. Yola and Southgate are locked in a storage cupboard. Con arranges for Jodie to perform at the dance.

Episode 34 Oct 12 1994 - Steve discovers that the person who has been following him is his birth mother. Rocco offers Con a job at the pool hall but then hires Jodie. Rivers' pursuit of Sam continues as he takes it upon ...more

Episode 36 Oct 26 1994 - Sam and Rivers continue their affair despite warnings from Yola and must eventually pay the price when their romance is made public. Nick agrees to let Leo Fine manage him as a professional ...more

Episode 1 Feb 27 1994 - Christina Milano, Hartley High's young new English and history teacher, has difficulties gaining control of her first class until a brawl in the schoolyard gives her the opportunity to win the ...more

Episode 31 Sep 09 1995 - Roberto and Helen are upset when Rocco, their eldest son, returns to town without contacting them. Lucy offers to help Steve find his birth parents. Southgate agrees to help Nick with his boxing ...more

Episode 61 Oct 29 1995 - Jodie's infatuation with singer/songerwriter Tim Beckett is shaken when the self-confessed alcoholic starts drinking again. Katerina convinces Deloraine to let her sell healthier food to the ...more

Episode 41 Jun 11 1995 -

Episode 58 Oct 08 1995 -

Episode 45 Jul 09 1995 -

Episode 55 Sep 17 1995 -

Episode 62 Nov 05 1995 - Tim gets Jodie a record deal but Con is left on the outside looking in when the company assigns her a new manager. Katerina pushes herself in preparation for her audition for a national dance ...more

Episode 50 Aug 13 1995 -

Episode 64 Nov 19 1995 - Radio Hartley takes to the airwaves but when Con and Matt broadcast their signal over that of a commercial station to promote Jodie's struggling first single, Deloraine quickly pulls the plug on ...more

Episode 47 Jul 23 1995 -

Episode 57 Oct 01 1995 -

Episode 44 Jul 02 1995 - Matt sets up his uncle on a blind date and makes plans to move out. Danielle contemplates dropping out of school when she is asked to audition as a reporter. Yola questions Joe's commitment to ...more

Episode 52 Aug 27 1995 -