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Below is a complete Here's Lucy episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Here's Lucy episodes are listed along with the Here's Lucy episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Here's Lucy episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Lucy the Helpful Mother” to “Lucy the Crusader.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Here's Lucy episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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Lucy the Matchmaker Dec 16 1968 - Lucy uses a computer dating service--for Uncle Harry.

Mod, Mod Lucy Sep 23 1968 - Cheapskate Uncle Harry hire's his nephew & neice, Craig and Kim, as the band needed by a client at the Unique Employment Agency. Lead vocalist Kim develops laryngitis, however, and mom Lucy, ...more

Lucy and the Gold Rush Dec 30 1968 - Lucy discovers gold? Of course not, but she thinks so and the gold rush begins.

Lucy's Working Daughter Dec 02 1968 - Over protective mom Lucy watches over Lucie at her new after school job.

Lucy Visits Jack Benny Sep 30 1968 - The Carter family vacations in Jack Benny's desert mansion. Percieved as a budget getaway, Benny loads charge after charge to up the bill. This exceptional episode has a cameo by Jackie Gleason ...more

Lucy's Birthday Nov 18 1968 - The kids take Lucy out for a birthday dinner. Unfortunately, Craig forgets to bring his money, and Lucy schemes to get out of paying the bill.

Lucy the Fixer Jan 06 1969 - Uncle Harry requires Lucille to work on Saturday at his house. By the end of the day, his house is a shambles.

Lucy's Impossible Mission Oct 28 1968 - The first of several episodes of Here's Lucy that has her working undercover. This episode is based on the long running Desilu tv show, Mission Impossible, and features the Carter family ...more

Lucy the Shopping Expert Feb 17 1969 - Family oriented episode revolving around the supermarket.

Lucy the Conclusion Jumper Oct 21 1968 - Lucy jumps to the wrong conclusion! Daughter Lucie is working on a school project about teenage marriage, and Lucy fears she is about to elope.

Lucy and Tennessee Ernie's Fun Farm Mar 10 1969 - Stale episode rehashing old Tennessee Ernie/Lucy plots from her previous series-hillbilly music and down on his luck Ernie.

Lucy's Safari Mar 03 1969 - Lucy and family try to catch a Gorboona.

Lucy and the Great Airport Chase Feb 03 1969 - Waaaayyy out there episode involving secret formulas, suicide, secret agents, and a keystone cops style chase scene.

Lucy and Eva Gabor Nov 11 1968 - Uncle Harry sends screenplay author Eva Von Kirsten to hide out at Lucy's home as a safe haven to complete her latest work. As usual, Lucy takes her job very seriously.

Lucy the Process Server Oct 07 1968 - Lucy confuses a bank deposit and a summons. Amusing episode borrowing on older Lucille Ball plots.

Dec 09 1968 - Unoriginal Van Johnson episode where Lucy Carter uses a Van Johnson look=alike (played by Johnson, of course) to masquerade as the movie star.

Lucy Sells Craig to Wayne Newton Nov 25 1968 - Lucy schemes to get Craig a job as Wayne Newton's drummer.

Lucy and the Ex-Con Jan 13 1969 - Lucy goes undercover (as an old lady) to catch the crook of a robbery she may have caused. Wally Cox guest stars as a security guard.

Lucy Goes on Strike Jan 20 1969 - Lucy thinks Harry is trying to murder her!?! Even worse than the 1st episode of I Love Lucy in 1951 in which Lucy thinks Ricky is trying to murder her!

A Date for Lucy Feb 10 1969 - The kids fix Mom Lucy up with a latin hunk who turns out to be a jewel thief.

Lucy Helps Craig Get a Driver's License Mar 10 1969 - Craig celebrates his 16th birthday. Naturally, he can't wait to get his drivers license. Mom Lucille naturally interferes.

Lucy Gets Her Man Feb 24 1969 - Lucy must go undercover . . . huh, wait. . . that was episode numbers . . . . no, no this time she's a spy.

Lucy and Miss Shelly Winters Oct 14 1968 - A movie producer is worried when an actress' pre-filming jitters is subdued by over-eating. Lucy, after contacted at the Unique Employeement Agency, moves in with actress Shelly to help her with ...more

Lucy and Carol Burnett Jan 27 1969 - One of Lucille Ball's variety shows, and with Carol Burnette to boot!

Lucy and Viv Visit Tijuana Jan 26 1970 - Lucy and her friend Vivian Jones want to visit Tijuana, and get Harry to drive them, which leads to another classic Lucy-Viv situation.

Lucy Takes Over Feb 23 1970 - Lucy, Kim, and Craig find an old promisory note indicating Uncle Harry owes them a great deal of money.

Lucy and the Bogie Affair Dec 15 1969 - The kids find a lost sheep dog and bring it home. After naming the sheep dog Humphrey Bogart, a litter of puppies are born. After the puppies are giving to new homes, Uncle Harry arrives with a ...more

Lucy Joins the Air Force Academy Part One Sep 22 1969 - Uncle Harry is hired to drive a motor home from California to Colorado, and foolishly agrees to take Lucy and the kids along for the ride. Lucy takes over driving so Harry can take a nap, and ...more

Lucy the Cement Worker Nov 24 1969 - When Lucille loses an antique ring in wet cement, she disguises herself as a cement worker wielding a jackhammer.

Lucy the Laundress Jan 12 1970 - When Lucy's drives into a Chinese Laundry, she takes a part time job there to pay for the damages.

Lucy and Harry's Tonsils Oct 20 1969 - Lucy, Kim, and Craig attempt to keep Uncle Harry in the hospital after having his tonsils taken out.

Lucy and Lawrence Welk Jan 19 1970 - Lucy brags to Viv that she knows Lawrence Welk personally, and then schemes to introduce her to the bandleader, whom she has actually never met.

Lucy and the Indian Chief Oct 06 1969 - Lucy indadvertently ends up marrying an Indian Chief who gives her the state of Utah as a wedding gift!

Lucy and Wally Cox Feb 09 1970 - Lucy schemes to help change a father's image of his son.

Lucy's Burglar Alarm Nov 03 1969 - After a rash of neighborhood burglaries, Lucille, Kim, and Craig install an home-made alarm system.

Lucy and Johnny Carson Dec 01 1969 - Lucy appears on the Johnny Carson show and plays ""stump the band"", and wins a dinner at the Brown Derby. Unfortunately for Johnny Carson, Lucy and Uncle Harry ...more

Lucy and Liberace Jan 05 1970 - Craig's scavenger hunt finds a candlelabra that appears to have belonged to Liberace. Lucy feels obliged to return it to the famous pianist.

Lucy and the Used Car Dealer Nov 17 1969 - Needing another means of transportation, Kim and Craig buy an old broken down car from Cheerful Charlie, the local car salesman. When the car no longer works, Lucy and Harry scheme to get ...more

Lucy and Ann-Margret Feb 02 1970 - Ann-Margret likes Desi's new song, and wants to duet with him on her upcoming television show.

Lucy Protects Her Job Dec 22 1969 - Harry suggests Lucy is overworked and should hire an assistant. Suspecting Harry is really attempting to replace her, Lucy has Kim arrive to the office as temp secretary Shoiley Shopenauer, the ...more

Lucy and Wayne Newton Feb 16 1970 - While in Las Vegas, Lucy and family return a lost horse to singer Wayne Newton.

Lucy Joins the Air Force Academy, Part Two Sep 29 1969 - Lucy is still trying as hard as she can to get Craig into the Air Force Academy, and each result ends hilariously.

Lucy Runs the Rapids Oct 13 1969 - While camping outdoors near a river, Lucy's mattress gets carried away with the current, with Kim, Craig, and Harry trying to rescue her.