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TV Full List of Hetalia - Axis Powers Episodes

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Below is a complete Hetalia - Axis Powers episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Hetalia - Axis Powers episodes are listed along with the Hetalia - Axis Powers episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Hetalia - Axis Powers episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Episode 02: WWI” to “Episode 08: Italy Kidnapped” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Hetalia - Axis Powers episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 53.5: The Diary of the Awesome Me, part 2 May 25 2010 - A special unaired episode included on the Hetalia Fan Disc. Continues the story of Prussia and Hungary as kids from the first episode of Hetalia: World Series.

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America's Cleaning Of The Storage: Director's Cut May 25 2010 - A re-edited version of America's Cleaning Of The Storage, done as a full episode. First aired as a special between seasons 2 and 3, and later included on the Hetalia Fan Disc.

Chibitalia May 25 2010 - A re-edited version of the Chibitalia segments from the first season done as a full episode. Included on the Hetalia Fan Disc.

Paint it, White Jun 05 2010 - Earth is under attack by extraterrestrials and eight persons meet to decide on a course of action. Although America wishes to fight, England and France are still recovering from an earlier ...more

World Series Special Mar 25 2011 - Iceland meets up with the rest of the Nordic states to reveal the results of a test to find out who his ancestors were.

World Series Special 2 Jul 22 2011 - The countries of the world celebrate Halloween. Also, Italy and Germany reminisce about old times.

World Series Special 3 Sep 16 2011 - China worries about the other nations of the world trying to invade his land and get his opium. America uses a 1942 notebook computer to calculate a route from America to Germany. Also features ...more

Episode 02: WWI Jan 31 2009 - It's WWI, and Germany, in search of the heir to the legendary Roman Empire, discovers an abandoned tomato crate sitting in the middle of the woods. However, even Germany finds himself unprepared ...more

Episode 03: WWI is over Feb 06 2009 - Italy is sent back home after annoying Germany, but Germany quickly finds that ditching the cowardly nation is a task easier said than done. Especially when WWII nears and Italy takes it upon ...more

Episode 01: Meeting of the world Jan 24 2009 - It's the "Meeting Of The World", and all the nations must come together to solve whatever global problems they can. However, after America starts the conference off on a bizarre note, ...more

Episode 05: Shouting S.O.S At The Center Of The World! Feb 20 2009 - An endless blue sky, pure white clouds, and a shining sea. Normally it would be just your average trip to the beach. In the case of Germany, Italy, and Japan? They've been stranded on a ...more

Episode 04: Meet Japan Feb 13 2009 - Meet Japan. He's the newest ally to Italy and Germany, and a powerful nation in his own right. But with having been isolated from the rest of the world for over 200 years, what he sees as his ...more

Episode 12: England, I have something to tell you Apr 10 2009 - "England, I have something to tell you." In a brief jump forward to 1956, a gloomy and war-torn France proposes to England, who quickly learns the "joke" is indeed on him... ...more

Episode 11: Holy Roman Empire Ultimatum Apr 03 2009 - In the climax to the Chibitalia sub-storyline, Holy Roman Empire gives the younger Italy the ultimatum: Will he become the new Roman Empire with him or not? Later on, in 1940, England finds that ...more

Episode 10: France Reflects Mar 27 2009 - After he winds up uninvited to the second Allies meeting, France reflects on his history of past "glories" and "accomplishments".

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Episode 07: Introducing Romano Mar 06 2009 - Italy introduces his older brother, Romano (who represents the southern half of their country), to Germany. But while Italy himself can't get enough of Germany, the foul-mouthed Romano will try ...more

Episode 08: Italy Kidnapped Mar 13 2009 - Some days, Italy just can't get a break. Especially when he winds up tricked and kidnapped, not once, but twice by the Allied Forces. But once Germany gets involved, it seems the third time may ...more

Episode 09: Allied Forces meeting Mar 20 2009 - The Allied Forces meet to discuss plans to take down the Axis, but despite their image as a "team" (America as the "hero" and everyone else acting as his backups), they find ...more

Episode 06: Roasting marshmallows Feb 27 2009 - Germany reflects on times spent around Austria. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the three stranded nations, they've got company on the island and are being watched from afar, even when they're ...more

Episode 13: Summoning the devil Apr 20 2009 - After being defeated by Germany, a frustrated England vows to get revenge with the strongest method known to man: Summoning the devil to lay a curse on him. Will he succeed in his ritual, or get ...more

Episode 25: England raises the young America Jul 13 2009 - In a past tale, England raises the young America and treats him to his own "special" brand of cooking. Meanwhile, as the Liechtenstein and Her Beloved Brother arc comes to a close, ...more

Episode 15: Strange Foreign Culture and Behaviors May 04 2009 - Japan struggles to fit in with the Axis and their strange foreign culture and behaviors, while Italy attempts to help him adjust to life outside of his own land.

Episode 16: China meets Japan May 11 2009 - In a tale of times past, a younger China meets a strange small nation known as Japan. He takes it upon himself to try to raise Japan as his younger brother, but soon discovers that there's more ...more

Episode 19: Top Secret Plans Jun 01 2009 - The Allied Forces attempt to get back to business, despite China arriving late for their meeting. But little do they know, they have a surprise guest (or two) in their room, listening in on ...more

Episode 24: Switzerland and Liechtenstein run into Austria Jul 06 2009 - While out shopping, Switzerland and Liechtenstein run into Austria, much to Switzerland's displeasure. Meanwhile, the Axis Powers are still deserted on an island, but come across a most unusual ...more

Episode 23: Liechtenstein/Italy's Embarrassing Situation Jun 29 2009 - Liechtenstein adjusts to her new life with her brother Switzerland. Elsewhere, Italy gets stuck in an embarrassing situation with his own brother.

Episode 26: Busby's Chair (again) Jul 20 2009 - America unveils a new plane, much to England's chagrin and lets out a secret. Later, England uses Busby's Chair to get revenge on America during an Allied summit, only for Russia to sit on the ...more

Episode 14: Supermarket Chaos Apr 27 2009 - The Germans' attempt at training the Italian Army doesn't go as planned, as they soon find that the men are quicker at the art of escape, rather than combat. Later: It's just another day in the ...more

Episode 22: Holy Roman Empire Departs for War Jun 22 2009 - Holy Roman Empire gets ready to depart for war, but Chibitalia won't let him leave that easily, and not without one last gift.

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Episode 18: The Allied Forces make their move May 25 2009 - The Allied Forces make their move and attempt to take down the Axis, but wind up constantly distracted by a "special guest" on the island, a supernatural stranger that Italy seems to ...more

Episode 17: America's Cleaning Of The Storage, Part 1 May 18 2009 - America decides to finally enter his long-abandoned storage room to clean it out, but the memories he finds in there may prove to be too hard to let go of.

Episode 20: America's Cleaning Of The Storage, Part 2 Jun 08 2009 - The old musket in America's storage room brings back another memory of times long past: The Revolutionary War.

Episode 21: Sealand Jun 15 2009 - Sealand, the world's smallest "nation", attends a world conference in an attempt to be recognized, but finds that respect and acknowledgment from the others is harder to obtain than he

Episode 07: Introducing Romano Mar 09 2009 - Italy introduces his older brother, Romano (who represents the southern half of their country), to Germany. But while Italy himself can't get enough of Germany, the foul-mouthed Romano will try ...more

Episode 44: Canada and Switzerland's Aggression Dec 07 2009 - Switzerland tries to teach Liechtenstein self-defense. In other segments: Japan finds America's strange desserts photograph-worthy, while Canada (in more of Fly, Canada-san, Fly!) tries to tell ...more

Episode 51: America and Ghosts Jan 25 2010 - Adapts America's Situation With Ghosts.

Episode 33: Wish On A Star Sep 04 2009 - While camping out in the middle of a war front, Germany and Italy both make wishes on a shooting star, but which one will come true?

Episode 36: America and Japan in the Spring Oct 05 2009 - America and Japan both prepare for the New Year and the coming of spring.

Episode 41: France's War Style Nov 09 2009 - Adapts Big Brother France And The Information Manipulation Activities! and Reduce Your Opponents' Willpower, American-style!.

Episode 29: Vodka and Parachutes Aug 07 2009 - Russia decides to jump out of a plane without a parachute, and England and France comment on how he broke all his bones. Then, the audience is introduced to the Baltics, although Latvia has a ...more

Episode 30: England Sees Japan's Creatures Aug 14 2009 - After having formed an alliance, England visits Japan's home but finds mysterious creatures that even Japan himself is unable to see or believe in anymore.

Episode 45: Liechtenstein Begins Dec 14 2009 - The origin of Liechtenstein is detailed.

Episode 27: Germany's Diary Jul 27 2009 - The Allied Forces, in their ongoing fight against the Axis Powers, manage to get ahold of one of Germany's prized possessions: an observation diary dealing with Italy's strange behavior and ...more

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Episode 47: England Visits Poland and Bemoans America Dec 28 2009 - England and France visit Poland, who has recently bought a fleet of ponies to help him in the war. In other stories: Chibitalia feels sad over the departure of Holy Roman Empire, while England ...more

Episode 43: Russia's Sisters 2 Nov 23 2009 - Part two of the Russia's Big And Little Sisters story.

Episode 46: England and France's History Dec 21 2009 - England is the perpetual bed-head, and we go back to the past to remember a time when France was at his most flamboyant and mischievous - teasing England by showing off his long hair, and then ...more

Episode 49: Japan Westernizes and Canada Flies Jan 11 2010 - Adapts from Japan And The Footsteps Of Westernization, along with a segment from Fly, Canada-san, Fly!.

Episode 50: Japan Keeps Westernizing Jan 18 2010 - More of Japan And The Footsteps Of Westernization'.

Episode 28: Xmas and the Allies Aug 03 2009 - The Axis are ambushed by the Allies once more, but another strange visitor arrives to break up the fight, with Christmas presents in tow.

Episode 32: Germany and Grandpa Rome Aug 28 2009 - Germany wakes up to find himself visited by Italy's grandfather, the Roman Empire. But didn't he fall long ago? And is it a dream, or something stranger?