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Below is a complete Hey Dude episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Hey Dude episodes are listed along with the Hey Dude episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Hey Dude episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features “Ted & Brad Get Handcuffed,” “The Good, The Bad & The Obnoxious” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Hey Dude episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Interview with Christine Taylor

The Competition Sep 03 1989 - Brad and Melody compete for a chance to lead overnight camping trips.

Goldilocks Aug 20 1989 - Buddy becomes fond of a horse at the ranch.

Rainmen Oct 01 1989 - Danny must choose between his friends and his Native American heritage.

Employee Of The Week Oct 22 1989 - Tension builds among the staff when Mr. Ernst announces the title of Employee of the Week.

Rehearsal For Romance Sep 10 1989 - Melody falls in love with a guest at the ranch. The gang helps her prepare for her date.

Suspicion Oct 15 1989 - The kids think one of the guests is a murderer.

Battle Of The Sexes Aug 13 1989 - Ted and Danny take on Brad and Melody in various competitions in a battle of the sexes!

Pain In The Neck Oct 29 1989 - Teds carelessness results in an injury to Danny.

Ted's Saddle Aug 27 1989 - Ted desperately needs money to buy a saddle once owned by John Wayne. Will it cost him his friends?

Day One At The Bar None Aug 06 1989 - Another summer at the Bar None Ranch begins with the arrival of a new employee!

Perfect Father Sep 17 1989 - A bank robber visits the Bar None Ranch.

Cowboy Ernst Feb 04 1990 -

Ted & Brad Get Handcuffed Oct 08 1989 - Ted and Brad accidentally handcuff each other together. Will they survive until the locksmith arrives?

The Good, The Bad & The Obnoxious Sep 24 1989 - An old rival of Brad visits the ranch.

Loose Lips Nov 05 1989 - Ted and Melody learn the consequences of spilling secrets.

Dan The Man Jan 14 1990 - Danny feels responsible for the near-death of a horse.

Bar None Babysitter Jan 28 1990 - It's a nightmare come true when Ted loses the child he is baby-sitting.

Crash Landing Dec 03 1989 - A small plane crashes on the Bar None Ranch. Why is the pilot acting so strange?

Battle Of A Hundred Bucks Nov 12 1989 - The kids compete to see who is worthy of a $100 tip left by a guest.

Bunkmate Battles Nov 26 1989 - Tension builds among the boys and girls.

Take Me To Your Leader Feb 11 1990 - The gang is terrified when they observe men in space suits roaming the Bar None Ranch.

Treasure Teens Jan 07 1990 - Cleaning out the garbage in the back, Ted finds a map to a buried treasure.

Cowbow Ernst Jan 19 1990 - The gang tries to convince Mr. Ernst not to sell the Bar None Ranch.

Our Little Champion Nov 19 1989 - Melody trains to become an Olympic champion. Can she handle the pressure?

Dec 10 1989 - The kids tell ghost stories.

Teacher's Pest Dec 17 1989 - Ted's English teacher visits the Bar None Ranch.

Superstar Jan 21 1990 - Melody falls head over heels for her favorite TV heartthrob who's visiting the ranch.

No More Mr. Nice Guy Jan 01 1990 - After being constantly taken advantage of by her friends, Melody decides to go on strike.

Killer Ernst Jan 01 1990 - Mr. Ernst becomes a professional wrestler to keep from losing the ranch's money.

Ex-Static Jan 01 1990 - Mr. Ernst's ex-wife arrives at the ranch.

Superstition Jan 01 1990 - Jake's superstitious nature prevents him from trying out for a TV game show.

Hey Cinderlla Apr 13 1990 - The Bar None Ranch is visited by a bunch of rich snobs.

Sewn At The Hip May 04 1990 - When an old friend of Melody's comes to visit, Melody finds that nothing ever stays the same.

Dueling Ranches Jan 01 1990 - The staff of the Bar None Ranch competes in a baseball game with the neighboring Snake Eyes Ranch.

Melody's Brother Jan 01 1990 - Melody helps her brother with a problem.

New Kid On The block Jan 01 1990 - Jake, Mr. Ernst's trouble-making nephew, comes to stay at the Bar None Ranch.

Inmates Run The Asylum Jan 01 1990 - Mr. Ernst puts Ted in charge of the ranch while he is out for the day. Chaos ensues!

Stick Around Jun 29 1990 - After meeting Brad, Kyle decides to stay at the Bar None Ranch for the summer.

The Bad Seed Jun 22 1990 - Buddy is put in charge of a trouble-making guest at the ranch.

Datenite Jan 01 1990 - Ted convinces Brad to go on a date with him before he leaves to go to summer school.

Do the Right Thing Nov 02 1990 - An archaeologist discovers a sacred Indian burial ground at the Bar None.

Dudesbury Jan 01 1990 - Danny writes an unflattering comic strip about the Bar None Ranch and its staff members.

Ride, She Said Sep 14 1990 - Bradley learns the true meaning of Christmas from her friendship with a disabled boy.

Some Like It Hot Nov 16 1990 - Danny and Jake's impersonations of visiting travel writers fool Mr. Ernst.

Magnum Ernst Sep 21 1990 - Mr. Ernst becomes sheriff, and Danny and Buddy work on the first living-desert museum.

Return of Ted Jan 01 1990 - Jake discovers the identity of a mysterious peeping Tom who's been bothering the gang.

Fear Jan 01 1990 - The pool at the Bar None Ranch will close unless the staff becomes certified in life saving procedures.

They're Back Sep 07 1990 - The Vlecks stay at the Bar None Ranch while the Snake Eyes Ranch is being repaired.

Mr. Moneybags Dec 07 1990 - Because of financial difficulties, Mr. Ernst considers selling the Bar None.