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Below is a complete Highlander: The Animated Series episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Highlander: The Animated Series episodes are listed along with the Highlander: The Animated Series episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Highlander: The Animated Series episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Lord For A Day” and “The Sword Of Evil.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Highlander: The Animated Series episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

A Taste Of Betrayal Sep 18 1994 - Kortan sends forth his Hunters lead by Arak to confront the Dundees. Living among the Dundees is Quentin, who has lived his life as a Dundee. After Arak kills Quentin the Quickening restores him ...more

Melvyn The Magnificent Oct 02 1994 - Ramirez takes Quentin to meet Stevenson a once daring and powerful Jettator who built a dam before the Great Catastrophe that generates a special kind of energy called eletricity. However, ...more

The Last Of The MacLeods Oct 16 1994 - The Dundees are attacked by bandits with a terrible weapon used in a time before the Great Catastrophe. Ramirez learns it is a machine gun when he performs a magic called surgery upon a wounded ...more

The Last Weapon Oct 23 1994 - After encountering a burning water called oil, Ramirez and Quentin try to visit a Jettator named Errol who knows all the secrets of the Earth. They instead find a tortured and demented soul ...more

The Suspended Village Oct 30 1994 - Quentin is faced with a musical immortal, who drives people mad with bagpipe tunes, however, he soons overcomes this obstacle and defeats him. This episode is one of the darkest, and no doubt, ...more

Exodus Nov 06 1994 - Quentin has a fear of heights and must conqueror that fear before he recieves the quickening of the winds.

The History Lesson Nov 20 1994 - On an island where an Amazon like society exists is an unlikely hiding place for our little foursome. Both the women and our heroes have one thing in common, their enemies are the hunters.

The Cursed Nov 27 1994 - The Dundees contract malaria while traveling through the marshlands. In order to save the Dundees, Ramirez takes Quentin to the sixth cliffs to meet Ilric, the Genetor who has the knowledge of ...more

The Valley Of The Thorn Pods Dec 04 1994 - Quentin continues his training while questioning the history lesson attached to the ""Spanish Surprise"". Ramirez decides to take Quentin to see Lonsallez, the Genetor who ...more

Fallout Dec 11 1994 - Quentin's latest knowledge quest encounter a lesson in botany.

The Courage Of Love Dec 18 1994 - Ramirez shows Quentin how the Great Catastohphe came to pass. In doing so, Quentin decides the horrible knowledge of nuclear weapons is something he can not bear and runs away. They then meet ...more

The Setup Jan 08 1995 - Quentin helps an immortal who has lost his courage and receives the quickening of languages.

The Sound Of Madness Jan 15 1995 - Quentin journeys to meet Yashoda, the Genetor who holds the knowledge of the martial arts. When his vanity overcomes him, Quentin fails to pass Yashoda's test of readyness to receive his ...more

The Price Of Freedom Sep 05 1995 - McLedo begins to feel that he has no control of his life, and yearns for some form of freedom. Ramirez takes him to a city inhabited by gangs to show him just what freedom means since Kortan ...more

The Secret Prison Sep 06 1995 - Clyde is lost, but quickly found in what turns out to be an enourmous prison. Ramirez and McLeod get trapped and find themselves fighting an army of people who worship "The Almighty

Dead Ringer Sep 07 1995 - Kortan sends a duplicate of Ramirez to trick MacLeod into fighting him before he is ready.

Orion's Reign Sep 08 1995 - Ramirez takes Quentin and Clyde to an ancient stone calender, guarded by Cornell, the Jettitor with the power of Astronomy. Meanwhile, Kortan faces a slave revolt inpired by the great ...more

Rage Of The Hurricane Sep 11 1995 - After spotting the Hunters braving a tremendous storm close to a group of people known as "The Hurricanes", the Ramirez realises that Kortan seeks their knowledge of cosmic energy.

The Blood Of My Enemy Sep 12 1995 - Clyde, McLeod and Ramirez are pinned down by the Hunters, and Kortan himself decides to finish the job. During the fight, Esclipious is injured, and only the blood of an immortal can save him. ...more

The Sword Of Evil Sep 21 1995 - McLeod captures Kortans sword, and trades it for the release of Ramirez.

Lord For A Day Sep 22 1995 - Kortan seeks Volta, the Jettitor with the knowledge of Nuclear Power. While the Hunters race McLeod to the prize, Esclipious is given absolute control of Mogonda, much to Arak's persistant

The Eye Of Heaven Oct 02 1995 - We learn that the great castrophe occured when a meteor collided with the Earth, setting off the worlds nuclear weapons. Ramirez and McLeod find the satellite station and the immortal who could ...more

Oblivion Oct 03 1995 - Arak captures Neil Dundee, one of Quentin and Clydes kinsmen. Tired of his tomfoolary, Kortan decides to replace Malone with Neil. Wanting to keep his position as Kortans "Human Key", ...more

The Seige Of The Dundees Oct 04 1995 - Quentin, Ramirez and the Dundees are attacked en masse by Arak and the hunters, but the clan is more capable than they seem. Kortan himself leads the reinforcements

The Treasure In The Sand Nov 06 1995 - Esclipious and Valka discover a city under the command of 451, a renegade hunter, which Arak vows to destroy.

Orane Nov 07 1995 - Pursued by hunters across harsh water, quentin and ramirez make their way to the island home of Orane, the jettator with the knowledge of oceanography.

Ice Dwellers Nov 08 1995 - After escaping hunters in a frozen landscape, The trio find themselves guests of a tribe of people who are not aware of Kortan or even the great catastrophe.

The Revenge Of The Shantytown Nov 09 1995 - Kortan uses giant ant-like beasts to attack the rebels of shanty-town. Mahata passes the knowledge of entomology to Quentin, so he can help fight the creatures.

Trick Of The Light Nov 10 1995 - Kortan uses Eva, A woman with the knowledge of how to create and project holograms to spread his image and influence further.

The Double Nov 13 1995 - Fredrickson, the jettator with the Knowledge of genetics cloned himself to preserve his knowledge in case Kortan found him, but his clone turned evil and attacks Quentin during the night.

Playing With Fire Nov 14 1995 - Kortan orders the hunters and beuraucrats to work together, but with a new, powerful weapon under his command, Esclipious feels that Arak and his men an no longer neccesary.

Cult Of The Immortal Nov 15 1995 - Renegades from a cult of people who worship, and make human sacrifices to "the immortal" recognise Quentin as the cult's false god.

The Survivors From Outer Space Nov 16 1995 - A group of astronauts, including Emerson, a man who owes a debt to Kortan, return to a devestated earth after 7 centuries in space.

Countdown Nov 17 1995 - Kortan gains control of a system of missile bases, adding to his arsenal of terror

Tricks Of The Mind Nov 20 1995 - Ramirez loses his memory after a fall, and forgets his oath, the hunters, and even McLeod and the catasrophe.

Matsuda Nov 21 1995 - Matsuda, a Jettator with the knowledge of robotics, lost a hand to Kortan. He builds a cyborg warrior to kill Kortan for him.

Valka Nov 22 1995 - Tired of the bickering between the hunters and the beuraucrats, Valka enlists the help of the Highlander in her fight against Arak.

King Of The Ants Nov 23 1995 - While taking refuge in a subway system, Ramirez and McLeod meet Zac, an old man who has learned to live and communicate with the Anomas.

Isle Of Grans Nov 24 1995 - McLeod, Ramirez and CLyde find a society of Grans living wild, and learn that while they are actually very intelligent, wild Grans have an inherant distrust of both humans and their domesticated ...more

Eagle Valley Jan 05 1996 - The heroes find a young man in the aftermath of a hunter raid. Rather than abandon him, Mcleod convinces Ramirez to take the boy to his grandfather in the Eagle Valley