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Below is a complete Hill Street Blues episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Hill Street Blues episodes are listed along with the Hill Street Blues episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Hill Street Blues episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features “Iced Coffey,” “No Body's Perfect” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Hill Street Blues episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Roll Call: Looking Back at Hill Street Blues (Season 1 DVD)

Politics as Usual Jan 22 1981 - Hill and Renko decide to split up as a team; LaRue is offered a bribe by a drug dealer who turns out to be a cop; Furillo tries to negotiate with the gangs to ensure a peaceful Presidential ...more

Presidential Fever Jan 17 1981 - Hill and Renko meet again for the first time since their shooting; Esterhaus tries to avoid Grace Gardner, the new police decorator; two transfer officers get themselves into trouble; Belker ...more

Jungle Madness (2) May 26 1981 - Neal continues to investigate the Weeks shooting, despite pressure from the Chief to drop it because of the bad publicity; LaRue goes from one shady scam to another as he tries to raise money; ...more

Fecund Hand Rose Mar 25 1981 - Esterhaus faces immense pressure as his wedding day to Cindy dawns and Grace shows him what he's giving up; Furillo resents providing protection for Ralph Macafee, who's now a state witness; ...more

Film at Eleven Feb 07 1981 - A television reporter rides with Hill and Renko; Washington and LaRue find the gun that shot Hill and Renko; and Belker busts Kevin Herman Dracula for biting a prostitute.

Double Jeopardy Jan 31 1981 - Neal continues to investigate Macafee's life as a way of clearing LaRue; Belker and several others go undercover dressed as women to catch a rapist; Esterhaus broods over his two women; and ...more

Rites of Spring (1) May 19 1981 - Furillo and Neal go out of their way to help clear an obnoxious, racist narcotics detective accused of shooting an unarmed black man; LaRue's drinking gets really out of hand; and Hill and Renko ...more

Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind Feb 28 1981 - The Dekker Avenue Merchants Association continues helping the police; Eddie Hoban finds himself out in the cold; Hill, Renko and Belker all have personal problems; Furillo tries to help a ...more

I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin Mar 21 1981 - Furillo pushes the investigation of Councilman McAuley; LaRue's business dream comes to a bitter end; Lt. Hunter gets his chance to test out an ""urban tank"" in sniper

Jungle Madness (1) May 26 1981 - Neal continues to investigate the Weeks shooting, despite pressure from the Chief to drop it because of the bad publicity; LaRue goes from one shady scam to another as he tries to raise money; ...more

Up in Arms Feb 21 1981 - Furillo gets orders to deal with a neighborhood merchants association; Esterhaus goes out to meet a criminal he helped put away; Harris and Santini get into trouble with the deadly black van; ...more

Rites of Spring (2) May 19 1981 - Furillo and Neal go out of their way to help clear an obnoxious, racist narcotics detective accused of shooting an unarmed black man; LaRue's drinking gets really out of hand; and Hill and Renko ...more

Choice Cut Feb 14 1981 - Hector Ruiz takes hostages again, this time at a supermarket; LaRue and Washington try to connect the gun that shot Hill and Renko with addict Eddie Hoban; and Cynthia Chase uses the hostage ...more

Life, Death, Eternity Mar 14 1981 - Furillo's chances for promotion are threatened when a city councilman is implicated in the murder of the teenage prostitute; LaRue continues to look for money for his ...more

Hill Street Station Jan 15 1981 - Precinct Captain Furillo tries to defuse a hostage situation despite the advice of his gung-ho Emergency Action Team leader and the temperament of a self-absorbed gang leader; public defender ...more

Gatorbait Mar 07 1981 - Renko gets put out when a Division homicide detective ridicules his efforts to learn who killed a 15-year-old prostitute; Furillo learns that he may be in line for a promotion to commander; ...more

Can World War III Be An Attitude? Jan 24 1981 - Furillo backs LaRue in the bribery case brought by Macafee; Hill and Renko bust a car thief who's a mechanical whiz; and Esterhaus sees Grace in a new light when they share a crisis at the ...more

Hearts and Minds Oct 29 1981 - A prostitute accuses a detective of blackmailing her for sex; Goldblume searches for a missing child; a former gang leader returns to the Hill as crusading social reformer; Belker busts a purse ...more

The Spy Who Came in From Delgado Jan 21 1982 - Hunter uses pedigreed hounds to track wild city dogs; the scam saloon begins producing results, despite Captain Freedom's help; Fay fixates on cemetery plots; Frank becomes incresingly disgusted ...more

Blood Money Nov 05 1981 - Goldblume meets a lonely woman while driving a cab undercover; LaRue and Washington use a desperate snitch to solve a prostitute murder; Virgil reports on Hudson's takeover of the Black Arrow ...more

Shooter May 06 1982 - Belker tries to renew his expired driver's license; Renko tries to take his father home from the hospital; LaRue rehabilitates himself with Furillo; and everyone follows the trail of the gun ...more

The Last White Man on East Ferry Avenue Nov 12 1981 - Hill and Renko handle a domestic call involving an old man threatening his neighbors with a shotgun; Hudson looks for the informer in his gang; and Joyce asks Furillo for advice about the Downey

Personal Foul Mar 25 1982 - Belker and Washington go undercover at a porno theater; Hill and Renko answer a domestic call concerning a suicidal man holding his wife and child hostage; a pickup basketball game between the ...more

Invasion of the Third World Body Snatchers May 13 1982 - Renko's father takes a final trip around the city; Belker goes undercover to find out who has been knifing winos; and Joyce finds her faith restored as she defends a nice young man accused of ...more

Freedom's Last Stand Jan 28 1982 - Bates plays in the interdepartmental poker finals; Fuchs refuses to help out one of his own men caught forging prescriptions; Henry goes undercover on a smash-and-grab purse snatching detail; ...more

The Second Oldest Profession Nov 19 1981 - Bates loses a junkie prostitute through an error in judgement; Hudson beats up his lawyer after his release on bail; Furillo and Joyce reconsider their separation; and Esterhaus ends his ...more

Zen and the Art of Law Enforcement Feb 18 1982 - Grace asks Esterhaus for help with a barking dog; LaRue suffers a crisis of confidence about the PCP lab bust and starts drinking; Renko's family problems hurt his performance at work; Hill ...more

Chipped Beef Dec 17 1981 - Furillo pushes Hill about his support of Nash; Belker goes under to catch a gang preying on automatic bank tellers; Fay's engagement ends abruptly; and a good samaritan faces arrest on old out ...more

Pestolozzi's Revenge Jan 14 1982 - The Captain meets LaRue and Washington when he returns from a purse snatching; Renko (who has lost his service revolver) and Hill are rear-ended by a wedding party; Bates gets mad at Coffey when ...more

Some Like it Hot-Wired Mar 18 1982 - Goldblume is bitter over losing a promotion; Joyce walks out of court while defending a repeat offender; Renko learns his father is dying; a stakeout to find a con team shaking down johns proves ...more

Cranky Streets Dec 10 1981 - Hill covers for an old friend with personal problems who uses excessive force on an arrest; Coffey arrests an old family friend during a visit to his old neighborhood; Fay introduces her fiance; ...more

Of Mouse and Man Feb 11 1982 - Joyce's fellow PD Pam Gilliam is gunned down; Hill's position as VP for the Black Officers' Coalition puts a strain on both him and Renko; Goldblume tries to deal with an abusive landlord; Fay ...more

Fruits of the Poisonous Tree Dec 03 1981 - Night court interferes with ""Monday Night Football"" as LaRue and Washington are accused of entrapping a mugger; Bates and Coffey look for gang members responsible for the ...more

The Young, the Beautiful and the Degraded Feb 25 1982 - Hill has enough of the BOC pressures; Goldblume finds a witness in the Gilliam case who seems too good to be true; Furillo demotes LaRue to the police motor pool; and Joyce grows bitter when ...more

The World According to Freedom Jan 07 1982 - Belker meets an eccentric calling himself ""Captain Freedom"" while on a stakeout; LaRue gets more than he bargained for as a cell plant when he overhears an arson suspect ...more

Phantom of the Hill Dec 02 1982 - Belker makes a bust while picking up a ring at a jewelry store; Furillo tries to make a murder case without a body or autopsy report; Renko gets dumped; the Phantom strikes one final time; and a ...more

Requiem For a Hairbag Nov 18 1982 - LaRue and Washington open Maizel's safety deposit box and find evidence of his corruption; Bates and Coffey try to help an abused child with her baby; Belker ends his insurance scam ...more

Spotlight on Rico Apr 28 1983 - The brutal Benedetto comes to the Hill on a loan sharking assignment; Furillo and Goldblume question a murder suspect who may have multiple personalities.

Domestic Beef Oct 07 1982 - Belker forgets his mother's birthday; Hill and Renko look into urban cattle rustling; LaRue and Washington apply for jobs in the Bahamas; and Furillo sits on a board of rights for a fellow ...more

Moon Over Uranus Jan 27 1983 - A veteran cop's daughter is raped; a terrified woman asks Goldblume for help with her vindictive ex-boyfriend; Hunter looks for the rat that bit Daniels; Bates and Coffey answer a call about a ...more

Santaclaustraphobia Dec 16 1982 - Washington's guilt over shooting a bystander resurfaces; Hill's vagabond father pays a visit; Belker goes undercover as Santa Claus; and Bates spends the holiday in the hospital.

A Hill of Beans May 12 1983 - Belker and LaRue learn that Washington was set up by someone in the station house; the long overdue cash payroll is hijacked; Joyce meets a really nice purse snatcher; and Furillo finds Jesus ...more

A Hair of the Dog Nov 25 1982 - The governor's dog is stolen; Renko and Theresa quarrel at a party; six rookies face hazing; LaRue and Washington try to chase down an autopsy report; and Eddie Gregg becomes Belker's snitch.

Little Boil Blue Nov 11 1982 - Belker goes undercover to investigate a scam using bums to collect injury insurance benefits; Coffey tries to relate to a Vietnam vet suffering from traumatic stress; and Daniels orders Furillo ...more

Officer of the Year Oct 28 1982 - Joyce humiliates an unprepared Bates on the witness stand; Renko pushes an assault victim to press charges; Furillo's son is missing; and Calletano expresses his true feelings at a luncheon ...more

Trial by Fury Sep 30 1982 - Furillo throws away the rule book when two young men rape and murder a nun during a church robbery; Belker befriends gay prostitute Eddie Gregg; Calletano faces a tax audit; and Joyce feels ...more

No Body's Perfect Dec 09 1982 - The governor's dog is found; Eddie's role as an informant leaks out; Furillo tries to stop coroner Nydorf from testifying; and Crawford decides on his future course as a policeman.

Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart? May 05 1983 - Washington goes undercover on Benedetto's loan shark scheme; Hill and Renko, desperate for cash since the payroll talks are stalled, find a suitcase full of temptation; and LaRue tries to clean ...more

Stan the Man Nov 04 1982 - At a condemned building site, Hill and Renko try to persuade a black grandmother that she has to move while Goldblume tries to keep an old man afraid of his new living arrangements from jumping ...more