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TV episodes Full List of Hopalong Cassidy Episodes

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Below is a complete Hopalong Cassidy episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Hopalong Cassidy episodes are listed along with the Hopalong Cassidy episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Hopalong Cassidy episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “The Outlaw's Reward,” “The Renegade Press” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Hopalong Cassidy episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Guns Across the Border Sep 19 1952 - A fast-shooting woman marshal interferes with the efforts of Hopalong Cassidy and his sidekick Red Connors to track down the bandits who stole a shipment of Army rifles.

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The Knife of Carlos Valero Sep 25 1952 - Hoppy and Red hide an innocent young Mexican from a lynch mob and then go after the murderer who framed the boy.

The Trap Sep 26 1952 - Hoppy tries to help an ex-convict, hoping to go straight, who is being blackmailed into joining a plot to rob the Cattlemen's Association.

Alien Range Oct 01 1952 - Hoppy and Red combat a rancher and a crooked lawyer who are trying to drive immigrant settlers off their land.

The Feud Oct 28 1952 - Hoppy saves an innocent man from hanging and tracks down a murderer who's manipulating the feud between two rival ranchers.

Ghost Trails Oct 28 1952 - Hoppy tries to prove that a traveling preacher is behind a series of robberies by three men who have a habit of vanishing into thin air.

Marked Cards Oct 28 1952 - Hoppy uses an incriminating letter and a crooked card deck to hunt down the murderers of a small boy's parents.

Don Colorado Dec 01 1952 - Hoppy's efforts to save a young woman's mine from swindlers are complicated when Red Connors develops amnesia and claims to be a Spanish nobleman.

Black Waters Dec 01 1952 - Hoppy uses an intricately carved bracelet to trap some swindlers who are trying to cheat the Indians out of their oil-rich reservation lands.

Blind Encounter Dec 01 1952 - A blind Mexican woman asks Hoppy to help her fugitive son, who's been falsely accused of murder.

The Promised Land Dec 10 1952 - When Red Connors buys some arid land on the strength of a promised irrigation project, Hoppy investigates and learns that the promoters of the scheme are guilty of forgery, embezzlement and

The Vanishing Herd Dec 12 1952 - Hoppy helps government agents search for a herd of 625 stolen horses intended for the Spanish-American War, but when he finds the animals, he has to save them from a grass fire.

Black Sheep Dec 26 1952 - Hoppy and Red try to settle a dispute between cattle ranchers and sheep grazers.

Lawless Legacy Dec 31 1952 - Hoppy helps a young man and woman who are framed as counterfeiters just before they are to claim their uncle's estate.

The Devil's Idol Oct 09 1953 - Hoppy and a young minister try to convince a boy who's just committed his first holdup that his gunman idol has feet of clay.

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The Sole Survivor Oct 16 1953 - As they ride into an apparently deserted town, Hoppy and Red are shot at, and then discover the town's only resident, also shot and left for dead.

The Valley Raiders Oct 23 1953 - Hoppy and Red discover that two outlaws have ambushed the sheriff of Stone Valley and determine to help the local ranchers against an exploiter who wants to take over the valley and sell it ti ...more

Twisted Trails Oct 30 1953 - Hoppy fakes amnesia in an attempt to save the cattlemen's bank and the local ranchers from ruin springing from an embezzlement.

The Last Laugh Nov 06 1953 - Hoppy poses as a cattle buyer in order to break up a ring of thieves who are stealing gold from a smelter.

The Jinx Wagon Nov 13 1953 - Hoppy encounters bank robbers who are trying to recover the loot they hid in an old wagon inside the Twin Rivers livery stable.

Illegal Entry Nov 20 1953 - Hoppy and Red help the U.S. Immigration Service investigate the deaths of smuggled Chinese aliens.

Gypsy Destiny Nov 27 1953 - Hoppy tries to prove that a gypsy boy's dead father was not a thief so that the boy can marry his sweetheart.

Arizona Troubleshooters Dec 04 1953 - Assigned to guard the workers building Arizona's first telegraph line, Hoppy learns that a supposedly retired man who owns several stores will lose a fortune if the line is completed, and uses ...more

Death by Proxy Dec 11 1953 - Hoppy uses a health tonic to prove the innocence of a convicted murderer and the guilt of the real killer.

Frontier Law Dec 18 1953 - When Hoppy and Red try to conduct an honest election in outlaw territory, the outlaws retaliate by getting Hoppy's nephew into trouble.

Don't Believe in Ghosts Dec 25 1953 - Hoppy risks death to convince the family and friends of vanished rancher Tom Murdock that his ghost has not returned from the dead to haunt them.

The Renegade Press Jan 01 1954 - In his search for a gang counterfeiting Mexican currency, Hoppy learns that the Twin Rivers newspaper is printing more than news.

Double Trouble Jan 08 1954 - Hoppy tries to help a young Mexican laborer whose knife was found in a banker's back.

Copper Hills Jan 15 1954 - While investigating raids by white men dressed as Indians, Hoppy and Red find valuable copper on the Indians' land.

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New Mexico Manhunt Jan 22 1954 - Hoppy tries to clear an old prospector who's been found in possession of the gold stolen in a train robbery.

The Outlaw's Reward Jan 29 1954 - Hoppy steps in when a notorious outlaw tries to force his honest father and brother to help him collect the reward for his own capture.

Grubstake Feb 02 1954 - Hoppy helps an old prospector whose discovery of gold has earned him several new friends and enemies.

Steel Trails West Feb 12 1954 - Hoppy steps in when the nephew of a contractor building a railroad is killed and all the construction plans stolen.

Silent Testimony Feb 19 1954 - Hoppy helps an old settler and his son fight a land grabber who's determined to take over their ranch.

3-7-77 Feb 26 1954 - Hoppy frightens an outlaw gang by writing in prominent places the code numbers 3-7-77, the symbol of a band of vigilante terrorists.

Masquerade for Matilda Mar 05 1954 - Hoppy tries to trick an elderly woman's kidnappers by inducing Red Connors to wear her clothes.

Frame-Up for Murder Mar 12 1954 - Hoppy and Red arrest a young man whom they find wounded near the body of his uncle, but they soon learn that he's suffering from amnesia and try to clear him.

The Black Sombrero Mar 19 1954 - When a Mexican rancher accuses an innocent man of murder, Hoppy uses a black sombrero to clear the frame-up victim and save a wealthy young heiress.

The Emerald Saint Mar 26 1954 - While chasing a murderer, Hoppy and Red are locked in a shrine with an emerald religious statue during a Mexican festival.

Tricky Fingers Apr 02 1954 - Hoppy and Red are trapped in a burning house by a lovely young woman who has robbed a bank while posing as an old lady.