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Full List of House Hunters International Episodes

Below is a complete House Hunters International episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual House Hunters International episodes are listed along with the House Hunters International episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. House Hunters International episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “A Couple Looks for a Home in Nicaragua, Reminiscent of the Hollywood Hills,” “Settling Down in Paris” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the House Hunters International episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 1

    Vacation Home in Paris

    Mar 27 2009
    New Yorkers Jeff Ballinger and Mary Schiller recently began the first steps toward making their dream together a reality. After honeymooning in Paris, they knew they wanted their own vacation
  • 2

    32-Year-Old Moneca Pinkett is Buying Her First Home on the Island of St. Thomas

    Nov 10 2009
    Moneca Pinkett has lived on St. Thomas for five years and she's ready to make the Virgin Islands her permanent home. Since she runs her own internet business, she is looking for a home where she can
  • 3

    A Search for a Multi-Million Dollar Vacation Property in St. John

    Jun 08 2009
    Harith Wickrema and his wife Grace currently reside in a stunning five-bedroom, French-style mansion outside of Philadelphia. Harith is keen on finding the a vacation property in St. John that will
  • 4

    Number Four

    We asked and you voted! Now see which of your favorite international destinations made our top five. Tonight, the number four location in all of the world is revealed!
  • 5

    Number Three

    We asked and you voted! Now see which of your favorite international destinations made our top five. Tonight, the number three location in all of the world is revealed!
  • 6

    Hunting for an Apartment in the Heart of Rome

    Jun 10 2009
    Pharmacy student Jacopo Reynaud has lived in Rome most of his life. Ready to buy his own place, with a budget of $600,000, he hopes to find an apartment close to downtown, near the metro line and
  • 7

    Real Estate Consultant Ina Hapke Shows her Dear Friends Patrick and Diane Beach Getaways in the Dominican Republic

    Nov 12 2009
    Patrick and Diane love life in their large, comfortable home in the suburbs of New Jersey. But when the winter days get longer, darker, and colder, they find themselves dreaming of beach chairs and
  • 8

    Number Two

    We asked and you voted! Now see which of your favorite international destinations made our top five. Tonight, the number two location in all of the world is revealed!
  • 9

    Number One

    We asked and you voted! Now see which of your favorite international destinations made our top five. Tonight, the number one location in all of the world is revealed!
  • 10

    Vacation Home in Spain

    Mar 25 2009
    Lesley and Clive have been together for more than thirty years. Both lovers of music, dogs and travel, they've decided it's time to look for a second home in an exotic location. Tired of London's
  • 11

    Number Five

    We asked and you voted! Now see which of your favorite international destinations made our top five. Tonight, the number five location in all of the world is revealed!
  • 12

    Looking for a Traditional Style Villa on Italy's Amalfi Coast

    Jun 09 2009
    Young and energetic, Ronda and William Perks love Italy, and they dream of owning a special getaway on its famed Amalfi Coast. In search of a traditional villa. William's biggest desire is a
  • 13

    Costa Rica Vacation Home

    May 11 2009
    Mark and Carolle Cotter love living in Northridge, California and find it to be the perfect place to raise their six-year old son. However, life is all work and not a lot of play, so after visiting
  • 14

    Dominican Vacation Home

    May 18 2009
    Throughout their fifteen years of marriage, Steve and Susan Miller have traveled the world, with trips to sites such as Sicily, Panama, Tahiti and Australia. At present, the Millers reside along the
  • 15

    Vacation Home in Italy

    Mar 26 2009
    Peter and Beverly Moule live in Goff's Oak, just outside of London, in a guest house while their Georgian style three-story main house is under construction. Looking to get away from the work and
  • 16

    Hotel Owners Search for a New Home on Harbour Island in the Bahamas

    Jun 12 2009
    Toby Tyler and Tracy Barry, owners of a boutique hotel in Harbour Island, Bahamas are looking to find a new home quickly for themselves and their four children. With a budget of up to one million
  • 17

    In the Market for a Vacation Retreat in Bali

    Jun 11 2009
    Adrian Hidaka, an options broker in Tokyo, discovered Bali when he went there for a colleague's wedding. Now in the market for a vacation retreat there, he wants the open feel, large windows, wooden
  • 18

    British Couple Buys Vacation Home by the Beach in Thailand

    Nov 09 2009
    Sweethearts Julie and Mark Taylor got married 5 years ago and currently live in a long narrow house that used to be the local sweet shop. They fell in love with Thailand while on vacation there and
  • 19

    Arizona Fitness Pros Want to Escape the Heat by Buying a Second Home in Fiji

    Nov 11 2009
    Nichole and Jeremy both work in the fitness industry - she's a personal trainer and he runs a fitness website. They live in Chandler Ariz., which is great for about six months of the year, but the
  • 20

    A Couple Want to Escape the Brutal Canadian Winters and Buy a Vacation Cabin on the Placencia Peninsula in Belize

    Nov 13 2009
    Canadians Antonio and Alison Marquez have been living in Victoria, British Columbia for more than 10 years now, traveling to warmer climates during the vicious winters. They decided to buy a vacation
  • 21
    After attending college in the United States, 27-year-old Tyson Ennis returned home to Costa Rica and moved back in with his parents, who own a place in the city of Escazu (southwest of Costa Rica's  ...more
  • 22

    Honduras Home Hunt

    Mar 06 2006
    Gary Howorka and his girlfriend, Rebecca Anderson, love the laidback lakefront home they live in on Minnesota's Lake Minnetonka. But with cold temperatures half the year and crowded tourist-filled
  • 23

    Sao Paulo Search

    Mar 13 2006
    After living with his sister for five years, Sao Paulo resident Vinnie Porto de Oliveira is ready to buy a place of his own. Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, with a population of 17 million,
  • 24

    Picking A Place In Prauge

    Mar 20 2006
    Martin Michajluk and his fiancee, Eva Dakovova, live about 45 minutes from each other in the outlying districts of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. When they want to spend quality time
  • 25

    More Room Needed In Malmo

    Mar 27 2006
    Charlotte Stromwall and Karin Tingstedt are longtime residents of Malmo, Sweden, a small cosmopolitan area on the southernmost tip of the country. Six years ago the couple and their dog, Yellow,