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Below is a complete Huckleberry Hound episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Huckleberry Hound episodes are listed along with the Huckleberry Hound episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Huckleberry Hound episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “Huckleberry Hound Meets Wee Willie,” “The Runaway Bear/ Judo Jack/ Skeeter Trouble” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Huckleberry Hound episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.



Apr 06 1988 - One of Hanna-Barbera's most beloved characters stands up for law and order in this fast, funny and furryous feature-length animated adventure. It may be the height of the gold rush but all ...more

Sep 12 1959 - Huckleberry goes hunting Thanksgiving turkey, accidentally shoots an Indian, and winds up eating knockwurst with the Indian and the turkey!

Nov 21 1959 - A take-off on "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

Oct 10 1959 - Big game hunter Huckleberry Hound recalls how he hunted the prankish lion, Leroy.

Sep 26 1959 - Huck is sent to sea to bring back a man by the name of Jolly Roger who's weakness is being tickled.

Nov 07 1959 - Huck is a giant killer.

Nov 14 1959 - Huck the vet has to help the Zoo Lion feel better.

Oct 24 1959 - Huck is a brave Pony Express rider who battles Indians throughout his mail route.

Dec 05 1959 - This is Huck's first night as a taxi driver, and he picks up his first passenger. Huck mistakes him for a bank executive, but what he doesn't know is that his first passenger is a bank robber, ...more

Oct 03 1959 - Jester Huckleberry gives a twist on the story of Robin Hood.

Nov 28 1959 - Huck explains life in the Hawaiian Islands.

Oct 31 1959 - Huck is a messenger boy who encounters a unruly Dog.

Sep 19 1959 - Huckleberry goes up against Ten Pin Pierre for the bowling cup.

Oct 17 1959 - Officer Huck is on patrol during the night to keep citizens of the city safe, and on his shift he investigates a flying saucer.

Dec 04 1960 - Secret agent Huck is sent on a mission to deliver top secret documents in a briefcase to Rutabaga.

Nov 13 1960 - Scientist Huck is forced to take a space test after he presents his ideas.

Sep 18 1960 - Huck, sergeant in the French Foreign Legion, is sent on a mission in the desert to capture Powerful Pierre.

Nov 06 1960 - The Huckleberry Kid is sent after an outlaw who is aiming to become the fastest gun in the West.

Sep 11 1960 - Professor Huckleberry Hound must stop a giant sentient potato from wreaking havoc.

Oct 09 1960 - Huck is drafted into Knight School, and manages to graduate. He becomes one of the Knights of the Round Table, and his first mission is to slay a fire-breathing dragon.

Nov 27 1960 - Deputy Huck has to get Dinky Dalton to Kansas City for his trial.

Oct 23 1960 - Huck becomes the Purple Pumpernickel to fight a tyrant who keeps increasing the taxes.

Sep 25 1960 - Doctor Frankly Stein brings a Wiener Schnitzel to life, and police inspector Huck is sent to capture the monster.

Oct 02 1960 - Nuts Over Mutts was the forty fourth in the Huckleberry Hound cartoon series. in the segment The Huckleberry Hound Show on 2 October 1960. It was produced and directed by William Hanna and ...more

Oct 16 1960 - Huck tells his nephew another story about how he fought Indian Chief Crazy Coyote for the second time.

Nov 20 1960 - Fireman Huck is hired by the circus to help get an escaped gorilla out of the tent and back in its cage.

Oct 30 1960 - Huck moves to the mountainside, where he learns the hard way that there is a feud going on between the Doodleberries and the Huckleberries.

Dec 01 1961 -

Sep 01 1961 - Jungle Huck is trying to survive in the jungle, while trying to save the other animals and live in peace with them.

Oct 20 1961 -

Aug 25 1961 - Strife Magazine photographer Huck is sent by his editor to take the picture of a leprechaun for the cover of their new issue.

Nov 17 1961 -

Oct 13 1961 - Huck is a TV repairman, who keeps getting into trouble thanks to a trouble making dog.

Aug 18 1961 - Caveman Huck goes dinosaur hunting, to feed his pet dog.

Sep 08 1961 - Huck is a matador, and tries to fight one of the toughest bulls in Mexico.

Sep 15 1961 - Ben Huck is fighting in the Coliseum, but his challenger is too tough for him.

Sep 22 1961 - French gendarme Huck is sent on a mission to capture Powerful Pierre, who has just robbed a bank.

Sep 27 1961 - Huck is the warden of Alkatrash Prison, the best prison in the world, from where nobody ever wants to leave. He is having trouble with a prisoner who is about to be released, but refuses to ...more

Oct 06 1961 - Salesman Huck is sent to the 13th district, in a desperate attempt to sell scrubby brushes to a grouchy man.

Oct 27 1961 -

Nov 03 1961 -

Nov 10 1961 -

Nov 24 1961 -


Oct 02 1958 - Huckleberry Hound Meets Wee Willie is the very first pilot episode of the Huckleberry Hound cartoon series, debuting in the premiere segment of The Huckleberry Hound Show on October 2, 1958. It ...more

Oct 09 1958 - Huck is a brave knight called on to rescue a fair maiden in distress. But a surly Black Night guards Hassle Castle where the damsel is held. After many ignominious failures Huck finally reaches ...more