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The Best Episodes of I Shouldn't Be Alive

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Featuring reenactments and real-life footage, the best episodes of I Shouldn't Be Alive feature unbelievable stories of survival. Some great I Shouldn't Be Alive episodes are about surviving avalanches and harsh winter conditions. A few good episodes of I Shouldn't Be Alive showcase the perils of being lost at sea.

What are the best episodes of I Shouldn't Be Alive? “Trapped in the Canyon” from season three is a fan favorite. This episode finds adventure racing champion Danelle Ballengee suffering life-threatening injuries, but – lucky for her – her dog saves the day. “Into the Heart of Darkness” is also a compelling episode of the Discovery series, I Shouldn't Be Alive.

“Kidnap in the Killing Fields” is another good episode from I Shouldn't Be Alive as is “Shark Survivor” which details the experience of five shipwrecked passengers stuck in shark-infested waters.

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    Shark Survivor

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    1982. Five people get caught in a tropical storm and their yacht sinks. They have to survive in the middle of the ocean on a raft with absolutely no survival equipment. To their horror they find the area of the ocean to be infested with sharks....
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      Escape from the Amazon

      Video: YouTube
      Three friends go to the Amazon for a trip but things get nasty when their guide leads them to jeopardy. As the four (three friends and guide) split into two groups, one pair faces disaster at every turn, while the other two are never heard from again....
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        A group of five teenaged scouts and three adult guides hike into the Grand Canyon during a heat wave. As their water runs out and the older members collapse in exhaustion, three of the teenagers must set out on their own to reach the Colorado River....  more
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          Dive Into Danger

          Video: YouTube
          Two divers get stranded in the Pacific Ocean when their boat has to leave them. As they believe help is not coming they make a decision to swim for shore miles away or die trying....
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