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Below is a complete I Spy episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual I Spy episodes are listed along with the I Spy episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. I Spy episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Affair in T'Sien Cha” and “The Loser.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the I Spy episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

I Spy Returns Feb 03 1994 - Time passes and things change. So have Scott and Robinson. Scott has become a college professor and Robinson holds a high enough position with the S.S.A.. Actually, their children are now the ...more

Danny Was a Million Laughs Oct 27 1965 - A bodyguard assignment for a very unpleasant sort of fellow.

Always Say Goodbye Jan 26 1966 - A womanizing American hampers efforts to protect a Japanese economic conference from Communist sabotage.

Bet Me a Dollar Feb 16 1966 - They bet each other a dollar that one can evade the other for a week, but he's been contaminated with anthrax and must be found in 24 hours.

Tatia Nov 17 1965 - Vietnam has not seen three agents assigned there, and Scott suspects Robinson's girlfriend.

No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise Nov 10 1965 - A prisoner exchange requires a search for a double agent.

The Conquest of Maude Murdock Mar 02 1966 - A redoubtable Embassy figure in Mexico deals them a turn.

Affair in T'Sien Cha Dec 29 1965 - An American schoolteacher, an ancient walled city, a missing train and a valuable cargo lost in China.

The Time of the Knife Nov 03 1965 - An agent is killed, the microfilm is missing, his girlfriend is threatened.

Crusade to Limbo Mar 23 1966 - Infiltrate a revolutionary South American group, with Hollywood connections, that's the assignment.

So Long, Patrick Henry Sep 15 1965 - A defector in old Hong Kong claims the attention of Robinson & Scott.

A Cup of Kindness Sep 22 1965 - One of their own has joined the adverse party, so Scott & Robinson are sent to Hong Kong after him.

Tigers of Heaven Dec 15 1965 - An anti-American group in Japan menaces the last of the aristocracy.

Three Hours on a Sunday Night Dec 08 1965 - Missing microfilm must be paid for or Scott will be killed, but where to get the shekels?

A Day Called 4 Jaguar Mar 09 1966 - Quetzalcoatl has appeared in the Mexican jungle, or is it an AWOL cosmonaut pursued by his old comrades?

Dragon's Teeth Oct 13 1965 - A murder happens in front of them, and Robinson & Scott must investigate a mysterious organization.

One Thousand Fine Apr 27 1966 - Gold fever among old friends in the jungles of Mexico.

The Loser Oct 20 1965 - A nightclub singer is a pawn between drug smugglers (who have kidnapped Scott) and the pair.

Court of the Lion Feb 02 1966 - A Zulu (Oxon.) who trades diamonds for revenge, a gangster dominating a small village, and radioactive isotopes.

Turkish Delight Feb 09 1966 - Who is kidnapping the great agronomists in Mexico City?

The Barter Jan 12 1966 - Russian defector for American girl: good business or not?

My Mother, the Spy Mar 30 1966 - An agent abroad and pregnant with information must report to the boys back home after her affair with the adverse party.

The Tiger Jan 05 1966 - A definitive mission to Vietnam in order to rescue the daughter of a physician.

Return to Glory Feb 23 1966 - An exiled South American dictator has plans, or has he, really?

Carry Me Back to Old Tsing-Tao Sep 29 1965 - A businessman in Hong Kong owes the IRS; Robinson & Scott carry the loot.

Chrysanthemum Oct 06 1965 - A French spy hampers the search for missing files.

It's All Done with Mirrors Apr 13 1966 - Robinson is brainwashed to kill Scott, whose orders are to kill Robinson.

There Was a Little Girl Apr 06 1966 - Bodyguard work for a VIP's daughter. She buys an objet d'art, and hell ensues.

Weight of the World Dec 01 1965 - A Tokyo seminar on obesity is threatened with a new form of Chinese plague.

A Broom, a Whistle, and a Drum; Sky High Dec 21 2002 - A Broom, a Whistle and a Drum — Spyler and CeCe prepare for a big concert by searching for these important items. Sky High — features a space adventure, delayed when the countdown is missing a ...more

A Runaway Robot; A Little Lost Lamb Dec 12 2002 - A Runaway Robot — Spyler and CeCe want to build a robot. They'll need a tin can, a lightbulb for a head, two googily eyes and button that's red. A Little Lost Lamb — While out hiking, Spyler and ...more

An Out of Luck Truck; A Kite in Flight Jan 19 2003 - An Out of Luck Truck — Spyler and CeCe discover that their friend, Wheeler, is one stuck truck. How are they going to get him out of the sand? A Kite in Fight — It's a very windy day and Spyler ...more

Red She Said; One Quick Magic Trick Jul 27 2003 -

A Mumble Monster Movie; A Book Wherever I Look Jun 29 2003 -

The Best Car by Far; Something Fit for a Queen Aug 17 2003 -

A Mumble Monster Mystery; Cece's Special Scrap Book Dec 14 2002 - A Mumble Monster Mystery — The search for the Mumble Monster leads to a hunt for a shovel, a blanket that's blue, a rope and 20 sweet raisins to chew. CeCe's Special Scrapbook — calls for a bone ...more

A Bird I Heard; A Super Silly Pizza Jan 18 2003 - A Bird I Heard — Spyler and CeCe are having trouble sleeping because a crow won't stop squawking. They want to build a scarecrow, but how? A Super Silly Pizza — It's time for a pizza party at ...more

A Mumble Monster Mid-Day Snack; A Polk-A-Dot Puppet Princess Jan 11 2003 - A Mumble Monster Mid-day Snack — It's naptime, but Mumble's tummy is growling. Spyler and CeCe need to find him a snack so they can finish their nap. A Polka-Dot Puppet Princess — Spyler and ...more

A Campfire Light Night; Freewheelin' Fun Jan 25 2003 - A Campfire Night Light — Spyler and CeCe pretend they are explorers who have hike to the top of the world. But first, they'll need a few things to survive in the great outdoors. Freewhellin' Fun ...more

A Very Merry Musical; A Train Back on Track Aug 24 2003 -

A Starry Sky; Circus Things in Three Rings Dec 28 2002 - A Starry Sky — To look at the stars, help our friends find a tube to see stars up above, a brown blanket, a guitar, and a baseball glove. Circus Things in Three Rings — Spyler and CeCe need to ...more

Rhyme Just in Time; A Toe-Tapping Talent Show Jul 20 2003 -

A Rockin' Bronco; A Wish for a Fish Jan 12 2003 - A Rockin' Bronco — Spyler and CeCe want to put on a rodeo for all their friends, but they need help finding things to make it really cool and super funny! A Wish For a Fish — After building a ...more

A Superhero; A Silly Sleepover Aug 03 2003 -

A Bike I Like!; A Trick-illy Hiccup Dec 15 2002 - A Bike I Like — finds CeCe in need of a bicycle to enter the I SPY bike race, so look for a pencil and two spools of thread, a pillow and six funny shoes that are red. A Tick-illy Hiccup— When ...more

A Race in a High-Flying Place; Home Run Fun Jan 05 2003 - A Race in a High-Flying Place — Hip Hip Hooray, it's time to participate in the I SPY Up in the Sky Race! What will they need to take off? Home Run Fun — It's the opening day of the I SPY ...more

A Marble Maze Craze; Toys That Roam Jul 13 2003 -

A Game That's Not the Same; A Dinosaur with a Scritch-Scratch Itch Sep 07 2003 -

A Thing That Flings; Seashells by the Seashore Jan 04 2003 - A Thing That Flings — CeCe and Spyler decide to make a fetch machine for CeCe, but what do they need to make their Flinger Slinger? Seashells by the Seashore — It's time to play pirates with ...more

Fun in the Jungle; Juice on the Loose Sep 21 2003 -